This Is The Best Thing You Can Do For Your Child’s Brain

Every parent wants their child to be healthy and sound from the mind. While you think that it is god gifted to be talented, still there are a lot of exercises that could be taken in order to boost up the brain of your child. You do not need to accuse your child for performing a bit lesser; you can always encourage your child because that’s the only thing that will help them flourish. You shall help your child build and help your child find motivation with your actions and words. This is the key factor above all.

Home is the place form where the child starts having his initial education and for sure it is the basic to everything. So, focus on the overall way of living and this is the best way you can alter a child’s over all self.
Here we will tell you about a few points that shall help you with the better building of your child’s brain. Read here and see what could be the best possible suitability to do it.

7. Books


The best known thing yet is to introduce your child to books. When your kid is young and still learning to explore things around him, this is the best time to give him an introduction to the world of books. Yes, at the moment you might say that how insane to put a book in a toddlers hand while he is unable to even differentiate between a tiger and a lion. Well, parents this is the correct age for your child to get familiar with the important things as well. Although at this point your child is unable to grab any knowledge at all, but this is the time he would know that there is something existing in this world which has colourful pictures and is tangible.

  • You must try to bring the most colourful books as possible.
  • Try and grab a book that is water proof and put it on the lowest possible shelf, or a place easily reachable to the child.
  • Give your child a book in his hand while you are feeding him.

6. Teaching Words With Expressions

Teaching words with expressions

Most of the times we do not notice that while we are trying to have a baby conversation we do not concentrate in the way of teaching them. Well, it’s never like to always act as a teacher for your kid, but there must be times when you should be teaching more rather than just being playful.

But, saying this doesn’t at all mean that you can not be playful with your child while making him learn new things. There are always variations and there are always different ways to! You just need to be innovative and creative enough to assemble things in an interesting way for your child.

  • Your child notices everything that you do, even the way you speak.
  • Hence, you can help your child here with the facial expressions to learn new alphabets and words.
  • Making a sound of an ‘o’ by rounding your lips and constantly repeating it will help your child grasp it easily rather than just randomly saying the alphabet.

5. New Words

New words

When your child comes on a stage of speaking, you must now add a few different ways to enhance your kid’s learning. What could be the easiest way to teach your child with new words? Well, you can try a very effective yet an easy way for that.

  • You can try and use new and easy words while having a convo with your child.
  • When you introduce a new word in your conversation try and speak a familiar word of the same meaning along with the new word.
  • For e.g. if you are saying, ‘wow, look at the elephant he’s so big’ and then you should try the other way, ‘wow, look at the elephant he’s so big, see how huge!’
  • So you introduced a new word to the kid’s vocabulary this way.

4. Bed Time Stories

Bed time stories

Now, this is a really interesting part. How? When you make a habit of your child of listening to bed time stories then your child is automatically tuned to fall asleep while you do it. So, you do not have to make much of an effort to make your child sleep not even those lullabies to sing that might be a bit of an exercise for the vocal cords after a long day. Reading is the best thing option towards increasing the listening and concentrating capabilities of your child.

  • Your child would love to listen to those bed time stories when once in the habit of doing so.
  • Once you have started off with this lovely habit, now you child would be eager to hear the stories from you and this would definitely make the bond between you two more stronger.
  • The bed time stories will be the best way to help your child initially to be able to concentrate while someone is speaking, improving his listening capabilities.
  • Might as well your child become a good listener later.

3. Visit Libraries

Visit Libraries

Take your child to a library once in a weak. Fix your time and make it a point of taking your child to the nearest kid’s section of the library. Taking your child to a library and spending atleast an hour there will help your child develop a good interest for books.

As they say you are the first teacher of your child and hence being that you must teach by example. Because, it is also believed that in order to make the other do what you like you have to show it first how to do it. So, grab a book for yourself and start reading! Your child will build his interest in his own.

  • You do not need to force you r child to read.
  • You just have to take him there the rest will all be shown by your actions.
  • If not once than after two or three times your child will surely pick a book and start reading it.
  • And this is all you had always wanted.
  • So, be patient if it requires that.

2. Talk With Your Child

Talk with your child

Now, when your child is big enough to talk and read you must take a new step towards his learning. This stage requires some active sessions of you with your child. You can ask your child the things of his interest; you can have his views over different things. Increase his knowledge while you both are talking.

  • Once that you have started talking with your child on daily basis you can then give topics of discussions to your child for the weekend or so.
  • This would help the child to know how to research over things and would also help in the incremention of his knowledge.
  • Besides knowledge will enlighten his mind and conversations will be good for his speaking abilities.
  • Your child will be at expressing things in a proper way too.

1. Television


You should try and keep a limited access of television or internet to the child. Your kid must be more interested in outdoor activities rather than being a couch potato and watching television or internet. Provide alternative to your child for this, make him interested in other activities.

You can try and develop some good inters of your child in sports by watching along with him on the television.

  • Well, here you need to sacrifice a little. Make it a habit of your child to watch television only an hour or so or as long as you are there.
  • That means if you are watching your child can watch some knowledgeable stuff in your presence.
  • So, make sure if you are watching television you are actually making him watch what you want him to, otherwise you can always watch it later when your child is asleep anything of your own choice.
  • Spending limited time infront of the screens will automatically lead him to do different activities.

Facts And Tips

  • It is believed that little babies need more than just their stroller to make them develop better physically and intellectually.
  • One can provide the child with car seats and interactive toys to give them a good start.
  • Remember when your child is babbling he is actually building his brain.
  • Talk to your baby as it helps in brain building.
  • It also helps in encouraging language development.
  • A child has a direct consequence of what he hears and has a significant implication in the long run.

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