16 Best And Effective Home Remedies For Neck Pain

It is true to say that neck pain is not rare; it is usual condition next to headache and stomach pain. Some of the reasons of the stiff neck pain are wrong posture while you are sitting or lying, the highly bouncy and soft mattress or pillow, stress and tension, sitting with putting your head down for long time. Neck stiffness is produces by the severe contraction of muscles that makes you unable to move your neck around easily. These are the neck pain causes that lead to the stiffness of muscles and result the pain of shoulders, neck or the surrounding area. It can be spread towards the shoulder and around the neck area. It can influence your upper arms back as well. You can have severe headache in result of the neck stiffness moreover sometimes it creates the difficulty in swallowing. You can treat the pain with the medication but these are the effective pain killers that remove the pain temporarily but cannot provide a safe solution. If you need to get the proper neck pain relief from the pain then you must use the home remedies that will provide you complete comfort from this situation. You can follow these remedies at home and you will get rid of this muscle pain with regular use. Here are some important and useful ways that help you in treating the neck pain, the regular use of these remedies will help you out in reducing it gradually and will provide you comfort properly.

“It is proved through above mentioned way that it is the great support and wonderful remedy for reducing the neck pain. It is prescribed by the doctors to the patient to live the style that leads to the healthy life and a great quantity of water. The significance of home remedies and balanced diet cannot be able to deny in all aspects of life.”

16. Gentle Massage

Most important is massageMassage is the most effective therapy for the treatment of neck pain. It is the best way for pain reducing. It needs regularity and consistency for this purpose. It is a slow procedure but it will help you out in keeping your muscle in proper function. It is the useful way that gives relief to your muscles and if you spend some time on it, then you will get your required results in two weeks. It is the fantastic exercise that helps to get rid of the pain by relaxing your contracted muscles. Here how you can use to it to get an instant neck and shoulder pain relief:

  • Use lavender or coconut oil for massage your neck.
  • You must massage your affected area gently by pressing it with fingers.
  • It should be practiced up daily for 15 minutes.
  • Deep Digging, Kneading and grasping are the useful massage techniques then can be used to get proper relief.
  • It will help to relax the muscles and enhances the blood flow as well.

15. Neck Stretching

Neck StretchingIt is another effective DIY remedy that gives you a comfort from the pain. Neck Stretching is the wonderful workout that is helpful for neck pain relief. It helps to enhance the stamina and the metabolism of the body. It gives the proper relief to the muscles without making any extra efforts for toning it up. If you are stretching lightly your neck regularly for some minutes you can get sufficient relief in a day. It will help you in fast pain reduction. When you use your hands and neck during stretching, then the muscles of hands and neck are getting toned.

  • Move your neck slowly left and right.
  • Move your chin towards right and left shoulders.
  • It is a great way to reduce the pain through simple neck stretching.
  • Try to move your neck back and front for relaxing the muscles.
  • You can use your hands to give a support to your neck.
  • Massage the contracted muscles with your fingers gently, in this way you will get little relief during the stretching.

14. Cold Compress

Cool CompressIt is another effective remedy that gives you neck and shoulder pain relief . It needs determination, but is the most wonderful way that helps to relax the muscles in a dramatic way. You can relax most of your body muscles through cold compress in any part of the body. It needs regularity along with great passion. If you want to lose your pain rapidly then you must go for a cold compress therapy. It is the better and easier form of remedy that boosts up your stamina as well as blood flow. Cold compress in the morning time is 70% more beneficial than the therapy in the evening. It helps to strengthen your muscles of the shoulders and neck as well.

  • Ice compress is the effective method to cure the pain in some minutes.
  • It will help you in getting rid of the pain in 15-20 minutes without any effort.
  • Do not apply ice directly to the neck; wrap the ice cube in a cloth of cotton or in a towel.
  • It should be repeated two times in a day.

13. Hot Compress

Hot CompressesThe other effective remedy of getting comfort immediately is using the hot compress. The most desiring and the most refreshing activity is hot compressing. It helps you to maintain your muscle health, loosing stress and tone up your body muscles. In this way of treatment you have your determination stronger and empowering it. It gives results very quickly. The hot compresses are suggested for reducing muscles tension because this technique enhances the blood flow and that activate your muscles in the form of energy. The best way to reduce pain is the hot compress therapy. The proper and regular practice is the source to relax the muscles of your body effectively and provide neck pain relief.

  • In this way you will be able to contract your neck.
  • Now it is the time to relax your neck and muscles of the neck and then repeat the hot compress.
  • Relax and repeat the step again.
  • Do this exercise 20 times in a trail.
  • Do it two times in a day.

12. Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar ...9Apple Cider vinegar is very useful for treating various problems. It helps to get rid of pain related to muscles due to the anti-inflammatory nature as well. It has the tendency to relax them out and make them movable effectively. The great wonder of Apple Cider Vinegar is to boost up the blood flow of the muscles of the affected area. It helps to feel you relaxed. It is suggested to drink and apply on the skin or the influenced muscles two to three times daily. It is the best strategy to get neck and shoulder pain relief. On the other hand, if you use the remedy of the apple cider vinegar it will help to provide you enough relief in one trial.

  • Soak a cloth in a cup of vinegar and apply it directly on your pulled muscles.
  • It should be repeated for 15 minutes.
  • Do it two times in a day or until you get complete relief?
  • You can use apple cider vinegar by pouring 2 cups in the warm water and take bath.
  • It will be more helpful than any other technique of relaxing muscles.

11. Castor Oil

CASTOR OILThe use of Castor oil is highly beneficial in this regard. Castor oil is very efficient in healing the wounds and highly useful in getting rid of the pain of contracted muscles. You can use or mix coconut oil, vitamin E oil, almond oil and olive oil with castor oil. If you need to enhance the energy of the muscles, then you must massage plenty of castor oil in a day. It reduces the feeling of being exhausted, it helps to refresh you. It decreases the risk of dehydration due to the hard work or sweating due to the exercise. It helps in reducing pain due to its anti-inflammatory nature which makes it perfect natural remedy for neck pain relief. It helps in increasing the blood flow by activating to the blood cells. Castor oil is the perfect source to give the comfort to the muscles; the wonders of castor oil are very amazing in this regard. Some facts and wonders of castor oil are given here that states that how using and applying of castor oil is beneficial for neck pain reduction.

  • Take a hot shower or take a warm water bath.
  • Now apply 2 table spoon of castor oil on your neck.
  • Massage it gently in circular motion.
  • Repeat it daily two times.

10. Heat Application Using A Rice Socks

Wear Socks to BedIt has very soothing effect on your contracted muscles. Stress is behind every physical and mental disorder, especially pulling muscles. Stress is also known as one of the main neck pain causes. Heat application using a rice socks is the great support against stress, by providing oxygen to rain cells through the stream of blood. It boosts up the energy level of brain cells and they come out of the phase of stress as a result. It has the tendency to dissolve the sore muscles and reduces the contraction as well. It is the best source of increasing the transportation by making the flow better as well. It takes all the toxic material out of the body due to easy flow in the form of sweat and urine.

  • Take straight socks and fill it with unripe rice.
  • Now tie it from the upside.
  • Warm for a minute in a microwave.
  • Do not warm it more than a minute.
  • Now apply it on the affected area.
  • Do the step for 15 minutes in a trial.
  • Repeat the therapy twice a day.
  • It will give you immediate relief.

9. Steam Bath

Steam BathSteam bath is an effective home remedy for the treatment of the contracted muscles. In this way you can be able to release sweat that will help you in relaxing and washing the salts and toxins out of the body. It is very helpful and efficient way to remove the extra water from your cells. For a soothing neck and shoulder pain relief, make sure to use steam bath every now and then.

  • It washes the salt and harmful minerals.
  • It helps to reduce the excess quantity of water through sweating.
  • It increases the blood flow and relaxing the muscles as well.

8. Applying The Ice Packs

ICE PACKSApplying the Ice Packs on the swollen parts of the body can cause to get relief immediately. It is highly effective and powerful way to cure the sore neck or muscles. It helps to improve health easily. These Ice packs are easily available in the market and can be used to treat it.

  • Place ice cubes in a plastic bag or tie it in a cloth
  • Now tie it on the swollen area
  • Press it lightly and repeat it three or two times
  • It is highly effective for muscles swelling.

7. Take Vitamins And Calcium To Strengthen The Muscles

Vitamin D and calciumDeficiency of Vitamin D and calcium is behind the contraction of muscles because they help to break down the molecules of starch and sugar. It helps to strengthen the muscles and helps you in lessening the pain. They help in hormone replacement therapy as well. It helps to have the sufficient amount of vitamin and calcium in your daily routine.

  • Use fruits that are rich in this nutrient.
  • Use balanced diet
  • It will help you to wash way harmful mineral from the body
  • Provides you sufficient amount of nutrient for the maintenance of the muscles.

6. Exercise Regularly

exercise...Exercise is the ultimate solution of the problem because it helps to reduce toxic material from your body. There are several types of workout that can help you in it. Walking, cycling, running, playing and jogging are the cause to sweat. It helps to relax your muscles and makes them easy in the movement. It is very simple and easy to do. Changing the posture is very helpful in this regard. Exercise makes the muscles of the whole body flexible and fluent. For neck pain relief and also for avoiding it , make sure to exercise regularly.

  • It helps to reduce salt and other toxic material.
  • It helps to reduce weight as well.

5. Drinking Water

Use of Warm WaterThe use of water is very helpful due to certain reasons. It provides fluid to the muscles for the easy movement. It prevents you from the muscles pain either in neck or in the other parts of the body. It provides the lubricant to the joints of the body as well. It Strengthen the joints and muscles as well. Water gives the support to the joints as it is providing the lubricant to them moreover, it helps to maintain the positive amount of nitrogen for their proper performance.

  • Drink water as much as you can.
  • Eat vegetables and fruit that contain water.

4. Turmeric

Turmeric....Turmeric is an ideal herb for this purpose because of the anti-inflammatory and anti bacterial nature. It provides relief to the pain and comfort to your neck muscles. 16. Turmeric: This spice also has the abilities of antibiotics as well as an anti-oxidant.  Turmeric is the herb that is full of medicinal qualities. It is antiseptic, ant analgesic, antinflamatory and antifungal. It is the best source to treat the pains and infections.

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  • Use this herb after grinding it and take it in hot water or tea.
  • It can be taken in the hot milk as well.

3. Eat Food That Contains Fatty Acids

Omega-3 fatty acidsEating food that contains omega3 and fatty acids is the perfect treatment and prevention from the stiff neck pain. It provides lubricant and easy movement for the muscles.

Nuts are the true source of providing these nutrients.

  • Seeds are providing the same ingredients as well.
  • Massaging with oils can also treat the neck pain.

2. Epsom Salt

Epsom saltIt is the good pain reliever that contains magnesium and lactic acid. It provides sufficient relief from the neck pain. For a quick neck and shoulder pain relief, use following method:

  • Take bath in the warm water by putting little amount of Epsom salt in it
  • It is effective reliever from muscles pain as well as tiredness.

1. Avoid Smoking And Alcohol

Reduce intake of AlcoholSmoking and Alcohol is the source to develop toxic material in the body. It produces the situation that leads to killing the cell and tissues.

  • Do not smoke in the stiff neck pain.
  • Do not use the drinks that contain alcohol.


  • Try to adopt the good posture.
  • Sleep on the firm mattress while you have pain.
  • Get a sound sleep with right posture.
  • Do meditations and yoga for permanent relief and prevention.
  • Take balanced diet.


  • Avoid taking stress.
  • Do not put more strain on the sore muscles.
  • Do not use extra firm or soft pillow. Make sure to get the best pillow for neck pain relief.
  • Do not use alcohol or smoking to relax you.

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