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7 Amazing Jelly Nail Polish Options

Nail polishes and nail arts are rapidly growing as essential part of beauty and fashion.  If you need variety in your nail embellishment and cute nail designs, Jelly nail polish would definitely be the best choice in this regard. It is a jelly-like substance that is closer to shimmers, crèmes and glitters but more attractive in appearance. Select jelly nail polish from the list below to make your nails look brilliant.

7. LA Girl Zesty Citrus


This nail polish smells like lemons and has glitters also in it. You must give two or three coats to your round nails to have a decent finish. It takes about three to four minutes for a one coat to dry.

6. Ruby Kisses Jelly Nail Polish


It is available in an extensive range of promising colors that have the luster of mirror shine. You can use glitters with it as well, particularly on red the glitters appeal a lot. For gorgeous look, of this nail polish, apply at least three coats.

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5. Pure Ice Jelly Nail Polish


It s one of the best jelly nail polish that has many shades to cater your fashion needs. The glitters in Pure Ice polishes are diamond-shaped. The base is transparent that mirrors the shade with full gleam. Moreover, the glitters are very chunky, some pieces are smaller and some are bigger. Pure Ice polish does not take much time to dry.

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4. Zoya Roxy Nail Polish


Zoya is the one of the most eminent brand with its best formula and color range. Roxy is sure to impress you. Thought it is necessary to have three to four coats to help the glitters display fully but the opaqueness of jelly can be lessened applying magenta cream.

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