11 Home Remedies For Scabies

Skin infections are already a nightmare; you do not want to have a skin with different sizes of rashes. Going to the dermatologists, looking for appointments and waiting in the long queues to have your turn is not what we all enjoy. Spending money over this is one more of an unneglectable issue. To cut this expense down there are a number of home remedies to help eliminate the disease. Scabies is a skin infection that is caused by a microbe called Sarcoptes Scabiei. These little mites can stay in your skin for about a period of two months where they lay eggs and produce extremely itchy rashes on the skin. Person who has scabies must remain very conscious so that h/she doesn’t transfer this to the others around. As scabies is highly infectious and could be transmitted either via having a direct skin contact or through clothing and bedding, one must make sure to treat this highly contagious infection as soon as possible.

In order to treat scabies there medical options available and some home remedies as well. You can choose from anyone of them depending on the severity of infection. We have collected a few home remedies for you to treat scabies and help yourself curtail the infection easily.

11. Neem


This tree is quiet useful in so many different ways. Not only the leaves that could be utilized but its bark, its seeds and the flowers as well. The trio of neem tree i.e. its bark, the leaves and its seeds are used to make medicines. Whereas talking about its fruit, roots and flowers they are less commonly used as compared to the other components discussed. Talking about its various different advantages there is a lot more to add up to the bucket list. Like if we take an example of upper respiratory tract infections we would see neem has a role to play there as well to treat certain degree of infections. Two of them that we can tell you are cough and the other one is asthma. This is to deal with the internal health of a person, talking about its relation to the skin we have some findings related in that regard. Poison ivy causes rashes on the skin and neem is one of those remedies that could be used in order to help with that! Reason behind it is mostly the coolant nature of these leaves.

  • Neem leaves provide a soothing and a cooling effect on the skin.
  • Hence in case of scabies and a few other skin reactions that is accompanied by rashes, neem leaves could be grinded and pasted to be applied for a soothing effect.

10. Turmeric


Since the ancient times till now turmeric has been used as a medicinal spice. No one really new up till now that turmeric can help fight fatal diseases as well. There have been researches carried out in order to study various benefits of this yellow spice. Successfully a number of advantages are revealed till now.

In the previous era where medicine was not so advanced and back then when people had to rely on the home remedies, herbs, fruits and vegetables were the commonly used options for the treatments.

Turmeric is widely known for its anti analgesic effect. One of the most extensive use of turmeric apart from the culinary usage is actually its quality to extract the pain away from the affected area. Some use it directly on the surface of the skin wrapped in a bandage, while the others like to drink it homogenized in milk. Both the ways show the same effect, no more and no less.

  • Applying turmeric on the skin helps to fight rashes especially the ones due to scabies.
  • One can make a thick paste with water and apply on the affected area in order to get rid of the itchy rashes on the skin.

9. Garlic


This strong tasting and smelling spice is known for its extensive usage in the Asian countries. Garlic gives its own distinctive flavor to the dishes prepared. You can either sauté a few garlic cloves in a little olive oil to enhance the flavor or you can either grate a few garlic cloves and mix them in sauces to create a distinct strong flavor. There is a home remedy to treat the extra fats that includes the usage of garlic in it. To follow this fat reduction remedy one must keep in mind that he/she must chew on the garlic cloves on an empty stomach to have a the desired effects. This little spices more than you can imagine, it has a role to play in different medicinal domains and treat the diseases. It can reduce the risk of cardio vascular diseases and also help to lower down the blood pressure progressively. It is said that if someone is experiencing a rise in blood pressure he/she can immediately chew on a few garlic cloves immediately to counter the effect. Although chewing these cloves is a hell of a task but it’s surely worth it. Garlic is also used to treat skin infection ‘scabies’

  • With its commendable properties of being anti parasitic and anti microbial it could be used to treat scabies.
  • One can chew on the cloves of garlic or either intake garlic capsules.

8. Mustard Oil

Mustard Oil

Mustard oil is an extract form the mustard seeds. During the season of harvestation of mustards, the agriculture area gives a look of yellow land. The yellow land looks amazing and so good to the eyes. Besides its yellow beauty, we see its big time use in the Asian countries. There are a few countries that only prefer mustard to be the oil of choice when it comes to cooking. Although this vegetable oil has a very unique smelling aroma. Due to this aroma many people do not like to prefer cooking food in mustard oil.
Besides discovering about the cooking aspect we further discuss about the how it is preferred to be used as hair oil. There are surely a number of hair oils to enhance the growth if hair and mustard oil is supposed to be suitable for every other person. There are people who have only used mustard oil as their hair oil since the beginning and showed tremendous results with long and shiny hair.
Mustard oil is even preferred to be used on the skin. It has a great healing effect on it. People with cracked heal can try this oil religiously every night daily for a month to see evident results.

  • Applying mustard oil on skin infections works wonders.
  • In case of rashes and cracked skin, mustard oil works as the best.
  • One can apply mustard oil on the affected area and help the skin heal over the period of time. This even helps with the itchiness.

7. Walnuts


Dry fruits! Yes we do have certain dry fruits gifted by nature not only to add nutritional values to our food but also to help for medicinal purpose. Walnuts have one of the hardest shells when talking about dry fruits. Its brown hard shell could not be broken easily till it is crushed by a tool to break the shell apart. Inside the brown hard shell lies a bi-lobed dry fruit which is having a light brown shade. Walnuts if you look closely resemble a lot to the sulci and gyri found in the brain. These sulci and gyri are actually the depressions and elevations that make up the brain structure. And, astonishingly it is found that these walnuts work amazing for the brain health and one must have them in their breakfast as routine diet.
Apart from being healthy nutritionally walnuts are supposed to helpful during the skin infection like scabies

  • A chemical found in walnuts known as ‘juglone’ is known to get rid of mites.
  • Hence one can use walnuts in case of scabies infection.
  • Soaking the lesion for a while in walnut water helps heal quickly.
  • Walnut water is obtained by boiling a handful of walnuts in 2 cups of water until the water remains half of its original volume, which could then be cooled before using.

6. Aloe Vera

aloe vera

Aloe Vera is known for its numerous qualities. This green little plant doesn’t really need much of a pampered environment to grow. If given a favorable environment aloe Vera could grow at a fast pace, producing so many gel filled leaves. Aloe Vera leaves are single and elongated and of different sizes form long to short and medium lengths. These leaves are then plugged to squeeze the gel out of them.

The transparent gel is bitter to taste and sticky in nature. With its various advantages people prefer having its gel on regular basis. While some only prefer applying it on their skin.

  • One of the qualities of aloe Vera is that it helps to heal burns.
  • It could be used to heal the inflammation caused by skin infections hence during scabies the itchiness could be countered by applying aloe Vera on it.

5. Tea Tree Oil

tea tree oil

Tea tree oil is sure to be a familiar one in the world of relaxing spas. Now why did I say that? Tea tree oil since a long time has been used as an essential oil and is still getting used for the similar reason. Essential oils like tea tree oil, lavender oil etc are used to provide with a soothing effect. More over, it’s not just the massage by using these oils that helps getting relaxed but it’s even then aroma that keeps the nerves smoothened and calm/

  • Tea tree oil is one reliable home remedies for scabies.
  • It helps to get rid of the rashes in not more than a period of two weeks, provided applied regularly and along with the treatment told by the doctor if any.
  • It will also get relieved from the itching sensations.

4. Petroleum Jelly


The other home remedy that we can use applying some petroleum jelly on the lesions. Petroleum jelly is usually a concept of the cold season. It is considered to protect the skin from the dryness that usually we experience as the weather changes towards the colder side. This is also a lubricating agent and is used in that regard as well. Sometimes petroleum jelly is also used as a separating medium that will not allow two surfaces (like hard and marble) to stick together.

  • One can apply petroleum mixed with sulphur in the ratio of 9:1 to treat the disease.
  • One can even apply it to the other parts to avoid any contagious effects.

3. Onion


Onions are natural blood thinners. Hence, because of this quality onions are used as a doctor’s recommended vegetable for the ones who undergo high blood pressure issues or the ones who have a raised level of low density lipids in their blood.
Apart from talking about this advantage onion is used in some many ways cooked or raw to add its taste to the food.

  • Skin of onion has a chemical stored known as quercetin which gives a soothing effect.
  • Applying about 12 onions and boil their skins in 1 quart of water for half an hour.
  • Soak the lesion with scabies in this water.

2. Cold Water


Cold water is an amazing bliss during the day of hot summers. And also when you want to take a refreshing bath after you come from the scorching heat of the sun. Cold water is used to provide with a soothing effect temporarily.

  • The ones who have got an itching sensation on the skin can help themselves temporarily with cold water.
  • You can soak the lesion in cold water for a while to get some relief and feel better.

1. Lavender Oil

Lavender Oil

This essential oil is again a treat to the nerves. It helps them provide with the best of relaxation and hence promote a better sleep. People prefer their rooms to have an aroma of this particular oil as it brings calming effect to the nerves.

  • To help with scabies and itchiness one can add a few drops of lavender oil in warm water and soak in it for a while.
  • Doing this would bring great soothing effect.


  • If you know anyone around you is affected with scabies infection you must avoid any physical contact with him.
  • Besides the physical contact you must also avoid sharing the stuff of that individual.
  • Always concern a doctor if the home remedies don’t seem to work within 10 days.

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