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7 Fabulous Nail Tape Designs

Nail paints have always a great importance to the beauty and stylish looks of hands. The latest trends in painting nails widen your choice in nail décor. The most amazing trend in nail tape designs is to apply the nail polish with different designs and colors. In the following, you can find 7 top methods to polish the nails with tape that will impart trendy look to you nails.

7. Lace Nail Tape Design

Lace Nail Tape DesignThis is one of the most favorite nail tape designs. To make it, you just need a scotch tape, a pair of scissors and a tool to make dots around the curves of the design. Cut the scotch tape to make an edge like a lace. Paste it on your nails as you want to design your nails. Then apply the paint and let it dry. After that remove the scotch tape and make dots with contrast shade.

6. Geometric Nail Design

Geometric Nail DesignIt’s another very simple and easy way to apply and to look elegant. All you need a little bit practice and fine cutting of geometric shapes on scotch tape. Place these cutting with different angles and then apply the nail paint. Gently remove the tape after getting it dry and you will find an amazing and stunning design to make you feel happy.

5. French Nail Tape Design

French Nail Tape DesignFor French manicure, you can also use tape on both sides of nails for a straight line. It’s up to you determine the space that you want to paint for a perfect french tip. If you have no practice to make fine lines you should not be scared because the scotch tape helps you to make a nice boundary.

4. Heart Decals Nail Design

Heart Decals Nail DesignIt’s a very lovely idea to make superb designs. You just need a shape puncher that is easily available. Punch a shape on the strip of the scotch tape. Paste the tape on your nail according to the design you want. The last and final thing is to paint the nail and then peel out the tape after getting it dry.

3. Nail Stickers Design

Nail Stickers DesignIt is another very interesting way for nail tape designs. You just need to take a strip of scotch tape. Paint it with different shades of nail polish and let it dry. After that cut it into small shapes and paste on your nails as you want to design it. After that, apply a top coat of clear nail paint to fix the nail stickers on the place.

2. Patterns Nail Tape Design

Patterns Nail Tape DesignTo draw patterns on nails is also a fun and gives your hands a cool and stylish look. You just need scissors. These are also available in many kinds of design. So you can add a variety of patterns with these scissors. Cut the scotch tape and apply the cuttings on your nails and then paint it. It’s all your choice that what the position of the patterns should be on your nail as you want to design it.

1. Straight Lines Tape Design

Straight Lines Tape DesignStraight lines of any kind also give a smashing look to your nails. With scotch tape you can paint the lines no matter straight or vertical or diagonal. It’s very simple, just place the tape where you want to make a line and polish it as the requirement of the design.

Before making the nail tape designs keep one thing in your mind is to remove some of the stickiness of the tape. For that, put the tape on your palm first. It is a precaution for the damage to the nail paint of the base coat.

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