17 Effective Home Remedies For Diarrhea

Diarrhea can be caused by;

  • Bacteria entering your body,
  • Intestinal ulcer,
  • Fatigue,
  • Thyroidal issues,
  • Intolerance to some certain food,
  • Over exercising or lack of absorption.

It can result in watery and frequent stools that make you visit your toilet much more often than usual. Differing from person to person, you may also suffer from vomiting and nausea. The last time I fell prey to diarrhea, I told my mom to install a TV in the toilet so that I don’t get bored there, since I used to spend half of my day there (sarcasm intended).

It is a very painful situation and can result in severe weakness if not treated on time. As soon as diarrhea is diagnosed, it is suggested that you act fast. I do not mean to scare you; but there have been cases when people have lost lives to the hands of diarrhea. Some home remedies for diarrhea are shared for your convenience. However, if it does not stop within 2 – 3 days, you must visit a doctor for further diagnosis.

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17. Ispaghula Husk

Ispaghula husk

Whether you are passing loose faeces or having constipation, isphagula husk is the solution to all your stomach woes. What it does after being ingested is; it absorbs water and becomes bulky making it easier for you to pass stool. It is also beneficial during abdominal ulcer. Its property of sticking comes into handy when you consume it during ulcer, as after reaching the abdomen it sticks to the stomach and intestinal lining and soothes the ulcer. Ispaghula husk also controls the pH of your stomach, for instance, if it is too acidic, the husks will absorb the excess acid and if the acidity level is below the required level, it will induce the stomach to produce more acid.

  • Have a teaspoon of ispaghula husk with cold water.
  • Do this after every few hours and it shall suffice.

16. Have Lots And Lots Of Water

Drinking water early in the morningYou can’t find the simplest DIY solution for diarrhea other than water. Water is literally your best friend, a best friend that can be replaced by none. It has so many benefits that a whole book can be written, solely based on nothing but how water is beneficial for our body. Water provides a medium for all bodily processes to occur. Water maintains the pH of your stomach, therefore controlling the digestion process. Water maintains and regulates the temperature of your entire body. More than 75% of our entire body weight is water. All in all, water is essential for your survival.

Diarrhea is passing loose faeces a little too frequently. It dehydrates your body so much that it can take your life. You are supposed to have 8 glasses of water when you are completely healthy therefore when you have diarrhea, doctors recommend having 12 – 16 glasses to overcome the water loss.

15. Oral Rehydration Salts (ORS)

Oral Rehydration Salts (ORS)Diarrhea causes a lot of dehydration in your body. Dehydration is basically the loss of water and dissolved mineral salts from your body. ORS, abbreviation of Oral Rehydration Salts, contains the necessary mineral salts which your body loses during diarrhea.

  • As soon as diarrhea or any other form of dehydration is diagnosed, get about 6 packs of ORS from the nearest medical store.
  • Mix ORS with water as suggested behind the packet. Mostly a packet makes 1 litre of ORS juice.
  • 1 litre of ORS juice shall be finished within 6 hours which means you MUST finish 2 litres of ORS in a day.

14. Papaya

papayaPapaya is a good source of fibre and useful mineral salts, both of which are beneficial during diarrhea. Consuming papaya can help you overcome the loss of mineral salts that your body is going through. Papaya also has soothing properties in it, when ingested it soothes and regulates the abdomen. Papaya is mostly suggested when you have constipation problems, however my father insists having it even during diarrhea. The logic behind this is; diarrhea usually occurs when bacteria enters your abdomen and disrupts the digestive routine. Papaya being a rich source of fibre eases passing stool. The diarrhea causing bacteria rot whatever food is inside your abdomen so it is necessary to get rid of all that rotten food and the associated bacteria. Papaya helps you get rid of those bacteria and the rotten food.

  • Cut a medium sized papaya into two halves.
  • Consume one half to get rid of those unwanted bacteria.
  • Preserve the other half for the other day.

13. Loose Leaf  Tea

Loose Leaf TeaLoose leaf tea is a remedy for diarrhea suggested by herbal doctors. Loose tea puts a break on the frequent passing of loose and watery stools. I do not really know the logic behind this but I have tried it and it really works.

  • All you have to do is take a teaspoon full of loose tea with a glass of cold water.
  • Do this twice or thrice a day to get results.
  • As far as I know, it does not really have a potential drawback so you can even have it four times a day.
  • However, I do not suggest opting for it on the very first day of diarrhea. You want to get rid of the bacteria and the rotten food first and then put a break on the excretory process.

12. Avoid Milk

milk....Milk and other dairy products are said to make it worse during diarrhea. The bacterium that causes diarrhea makes you lactose-intolerant and your body is unable to digest foods containing lactose. Consuming milk or other dairy products can further irritate your bowels and make it worse for you.

  • Avoid milk and other dairy products during diarrhea.
  • It is suggested that you do not consume milk and other dairy products for 4-5 days even after the diarrhea is gone, until your bowels are completely healthy again.

11. Have Yogurt

YOGURT...Unlike other dairy products, yogurt is beneficial for you during diarrhea. It contains probiotics and good bacteria that are necessary for your body. Unlike the other dairy products, it does not contain lactose. It contains lactic acid that comforts your abdomen. Usually doctors will suggest you some antibiotics that kill the bacteria inside your body, even the good bacteria that are beneficial for you. Yogurt puts those good bacteria back into your body. These good bacteria maintain the bacterial balance in your digestive system and regulate the abdominal lining.

  • Have a cup full of plain yogurt or lassi after every six hours.
  • You may add salt and sugar to your bowl of yogurt to add some taste.
  • Chop and add some bananas to make your bowl of yogurt all the more interesting.

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10. Bananas With Least Black Spots

Intake of BananasBananas are another useful remedy for diarrhea. They soothe the abdominal lining. Bananas are a rich source of useful minerals like potassium and chloride. They are also very nutritious, therefore being a good option during diarrhea when you have already lost a lot of water and nutrients. They are rich in fibre content and easy to digest which makes them the ideal food for both; adults and babies, during diarrhea.

  • One thing that is worth mentioning here is that if you are consuming bananas as a remedy for diarrhea then the ones that are 75% ripened, 25% raw are the ideal ones.
  • How to differentiate between a completely ripe banana and a partly ripe banana? The lesser the black spots on its peels, the more chances of it being raw. More the green on its peels, more chances of it being raw.
  • However if you are consuming bananas in place of food, in order to satisfy hunger then ripe bananas are good enough.

9. Take Rest

Good RestTo get a good sleep is a body’s health need. Apparently when you are sick, the need to rest and/or sleep is further increased. While you are resting, your brain gets a little rest too. The rest of the bodily processes come to a halt and the healing process works faster as well as more efficiently.

  • Let it be diarrhea or whatever, whenever you are ill, take rest.
  • Make sure you sleep well at night because sleeping is the time when your body is fighting the foreign bodies that made you sick.

8. Eat Light Foods

Eat light weight foodDuring diarrhea, the negative feedback mechanism of your body slows down the digestion process. Therefore it is advisable to eat light foods that can be digested easily.

  • Fruits get digested faster than any other category of food. Eat more of juicy fruits.
  • You can have biscuits too.
  • Have bran bread with plain sweetened yogurt.
  • Make boiled rice while adding some salt to taste. Have the boiled rice with plain yogurt, it tastes good.

7. Say NO To Spices

CAYENNE...Spices and spicy food are a big no-no. They will only make it worse for you. Avoid them as far as possible. Especially if you have diarrhea due to abdominal ulcer, spices are your worst enemy. They will further aggravate the ulcers and make you sit in the toilet for much longer. They will also irritate your bowels and make you rectal area burn.

6. Take Fruit Juices With Their Pulp

Healthy Beverages fluidConsume more and more of fluids to overcome the water loss from your body. Fruit juices are the second best option; they will fulfil the body’s glucose needs, they have minerals in abundance and they are very yummy.

  • Try and have juices of fruits along with their pulp.
  • Their pulp is a source of fibre which you really need during diarrhea.
  • You can be creative and make a yogurt smoothie too.
  • Or else mix a few fruit juices and discover your new home-made cocktail.

5. Black Tea With Honey

Black tea with honeyWhile milk tea aids digestion, black tea puts a temporary halt to diarrhea. When you add honey to your cup of black tea; it becomes an undoubted home remedy for diarrhea. Honey soothes the internal abdominal lining and helps you recover faster.

  • Make a cup of black tea with one cup of water and ½ a teaspoon of loose tea. Let it steep for 5 – 10 minutes.
  • Sieve it and add a teaspoon full of honey to it.
  • Mix it and let it cool to room temperature.
  • Drink this tea thrice a day to let it work as a remedy on you.

4. White Petroleum Jelly Or Haemorrhoid Cream

Apply petroleum jellyDiarrhea can sometimes become very painful. It may cause you to have pain in the rectal area due to frequent bowel movements. Sometimes, in severe cases, it causes bleeding in the rectal area and you may see blood in your stool.

  • In case of discomfort in the rectal area, apply a haemorrhoid cream or petroleum jelly to the rectal area.
  • If the bleeding continues, it is advised that you consult your doctor for further assistance.

3. Consult Your Doctor If Condition Persists

Avoid Paying A Visit To A Foot DoctorDoctors are not really your last resort but mild diarrhea can be treated at home therefore I would not suggest you to consult a doctor when you have mild diarrhea. However if it is prolonged, say for more than 2 days then consulting a doctor would be wise since they can diagnose the causes better and therefore suggest a better treatment.

2. Eat Fresh Food

Consume healthy, lung-cleansing foodsFood that is a day or two old has chances of being invaded by bacteria. Always go for fresh food! Food poisoning is one of the reasons behind diarrhea. To have fresh food is not just necessary while you are suffering from diarrhea but even after it; to make sure you do not catch any other form of food poisoning. The best way to make sure that you are consuming fresh food is to have home-made food. In restaurants, you never know whether if it is freshly cooked or not, nor do you know about the ingredients used in it.

1. Have Nourishing Foods

Have nourishing foodsOnce the diarrhea has left you alone and has been treated, go on a healthy diet. Have more of nourishing foods, to cover up for the weakness it caused. Include bananas, apples, milk, almonds and mangoes to your diet. They are said to be very nourishing and energizing for the body.

  • Have bananas, mangoes and apples as it is or put them into a blender and make a chilled shake with milk and ice.
  • You can also make a fruit salad with them while incorporating some almonds for even more nourishment.


  • Do not consume your black tea hot, hot tea can irritate your bowel. Cool it down room temperature before having it.
  • Whatever you drink or eat, have it chilled. Hot food and fluids can irritate your bowel.
  • Do not walk or sit too much during diarrhea. When you walk or sit, gravity works on the food and pulls it down. Lie down straight and rest as far as possible.
  • Do not have your ispaghula husk with warm water; it aids digestion when consumed with warm water. Have it with either cold water or water that is at room temperature.

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