15 Impeccable Home Remedies For Black Spots On Your Face

Skin changes are a part of one’s course of life. This is usually caused by ageing as tighter and younger looking skin is replaced with a wrinkle filled face. However, before this phase there are other skin problems that can occur such as formation of dark spots on the face. Dark spots as a whole seem unappealing, unattractive and act as a demerit to one’s facial beauty. These small dull colored spots appear on the face due to an increase in melanin which is a pigment in the body that affects the skin tone. This melanin pigment occurs on those areas of the face where the skin has been damaged due to acne, sun damage, scarring or even ageing. Moreover, ehveryone’s varied skin types and their exposure to the sun depends on the way those black colored spots emerge on their beautiful faces.

However, most black spots won’t cause any harm to your face or the skin but they seem unattractive and it becomes a great task to cover them up with foundation or makeup. So in order to avoid going for a medical or a laser treatment and not going through the hassle of buying expensive makeup to paint up your face just to cover black spots, there are several simple and easy to do remedies listed below which can be done in order to get rid of those dark spots on face.

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15. Lemon Juice


Lemon is widely known for its acidic properties and consists of Vitamin C which makes it act as a bleaching agent as well. Consequently, it’s a vital factor which helps in reducing the black colored ugly looking spots on one’s face. However, after applying lemon juice one should stay away from the direct exposure of sunlight as it’s known to cause significant sunburns. Furthermore, lemon juice can be used solely or along with sugar or honey in order to remove black spots on the face. The steps to use it as black spots remover are as follows,

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  • Take one lemon and roll it under your hand so that it’s ready to release the juice.
  • Next, cut the lemon in half and squeeze out all the juice inside it against a cheesecloth.
  • Pour the lemon juice in a bowl.
  • Dip a cotton swab in the bowl and apply it on the black spots of your face.
  • Later, after it dries rinse the face clean and get rid of black spots on skin.

 14. Sandalwood


Sandalwood is a wood taken out from the trees in Santalum. It’s widely known all across due to its great aroma which is certainly eternal and can go on smelling in the same refreshing manner for centuries. Moreover, it has been understood as a good source for beautifying one’s skin too and sandalwood oil is known for this purpose too. When all of the beauty products that are available in today’s times didn’t even exist in the ancient era, women made use of sandalwood as a cleanser and skin enhancer. Nevertheless, brides at that time were regularly scrubbed with it to smell as well as look beautiful too. It’s known to be a great antiseptic and a source of anti-ageing too. Most certainly, it can act as a dark spot remover too as all you need to do is apply a sandalwood mask and you’re good to go. The simple steps to make this mask are,

  • Nicely mix sandalwood powder, lemon juice, glycerin and rose water.
  • Gently apply this homemade face pack on the dark spots on face and leave it to dry.
  • Later, wash it clean with cold water.
  • Massage over the dark spots with sandalwood oil and let it stay overnight.

 13. Papaya Mask


As much as a papaya is delicious to eat, it makes one’s face utterly gorgeous and beautiful to look towards which grabs everyone’s attention in the crowd. Its yellow pulp consists of certain enzymes which lead to a removal of acne, skin blemishes, dark spots and age spots too. Its application on the skin leaves a long lasting effect of a brighter, shinier and naturally glowing skin. Usually papaya masks are made which is a perfect home remedy to reduce the risk of an emergence of black spots on the face. The steps to make a papaya mask are noted below.

  • Scoop all of the pulp out of the papaya.
  • Mash and mix it will so that it becomes of a smooth texture.
  • Later, use a cotton swab to apply the mask over the areas affected with black spots.
  • Next, leave the mask over the face until it dries.
  • Lastly, rinse it off clean with cold water to get rid of black spots on skin.

 ‘For the odds to be ever in your skin’s favor, use these simple home remedies and have a clean face pure of any black spot or blemish.’

12. Onion And Garlic Juice


Onion and garlic apart from adding a zestful taste to a dish are also known as natural skin products which are quite inexpensive as compared to the expensive beauty products in markets nowadays. Moreover, they are readily available at home as they’re a vital item to be shopped while going for grocery shopping. The use of onion and garlic juice together helps brightening the skin tone of the face, lightening the color of the black spots and helping in having them completely fade away. Together they work as an effective dark spot remover. The ways to apply their juice for the latter purpose are described below.

  • Extract the garlic and onion juice and mix them together.
  • Apply the juice on the dark spots using a cotton swab.
  • Have it on for 15 minutes.
  • Later, wash it off thoroughly until the smell goes.

 11. Pineapple Mask


Pineapples are used as a prime ingredient in fruit salads and cocktail tins. Their specialty lies in Pinna Colada drinks and cream Pineapple cakes. A pineapple isn’t just a universally liked fruit and a favorite of many but is also widely known as a skin enhancer and black spots remover. It works as a source of natural home remedy which helps in reducing dark spots that appear on the face. All you need to do is make a pineapple mask and apply it over the black spots on your face and voila! You’ll notice them soon fading away. The steps to make a pineapple mask are as follows,

  • Extract pineapple juice and pour it in a bowl.
  • Next, using cotton swabs apply it over the area of your face which is affected by black spots.
  • Later, rinse off with cold water.
  • Or you can even slice a pineapple into pieces and make a smooth mixture of it by mashing them and applying it on the black spots on skin.

 10. Red Currants


A red currant belongs from a gooseberry family and is used for culinary purposes. It’s often used in making jams, salads, drinks, deserts and even for garnishing. Moreover, it specializes in redcurrant jelly and served on different events and occasions. However, I’m sure that most of you didn’t know that red currants are known to be good for the skin as well and helps in removing black spots on the face naturally. And even a mixture of a red currant, lemon, orange and parsley juice helps in reducing dark spots that exist on the face. But there’s a sole red currant mixture that combats against black spots. The procedure to make this dark spot remover is as follows,

  • Mix a half cup of mashed red currants with one tablespoon of honey.
  • Gently apply it on the black spots of your face using your hands.
  • Later, wash it off clean after an hour or so.

 9. Honey And Raw Potato


Potato and honey are well known items that are added as a primary part of a facial mask to enhance skin tone and help against any sort of skin blemishes. They’re considered as vital elements that work towards a fine looking skin at one end and removing black facial spots on the other. When used together, they help in making the dark spots slowly and gradually fade away. Make sure to use this simple remedy to get rid of dark spots on face. A honey and potato mask can be made by,

  • Taking one potato and grating it nice and hard.
  • Next, add enough amount of honey which will help to make a paste.
  • Later, apply it on the dark spots that are visible on your face.
  • Wash it off with cold water after a while.

 8. Aloe Vera


Aloe Vera is God’s gift to His people for a better, brighter and glowing skin.  Especially, for skin health It’s really magical. Aloe Vera sticks are extracted from its plants which can be normally sown and grown in the backyard of one’s house too. Although it has sharp edges but the gel that’s stored inside it is extremely nutritious. It sure has healing powers to make facial black spots fade away within no time! Moreover, it’s effective in healing stings, scars, rashes, blackheads and is even applied on the hair to make them appear extra shiny. To apply Aloe Vera as a safeguard against dark spots on your face what you need to do is explained below.

  • Apply Aloe Vera gel on the dark spots.
  • Leave it on for not more than an hour.
  • Later, rinse it off clean and see the magical results of this amazing dark spot remover.
  • Or you can apply Aloe Vera juice for better results too.

 7. Sugar Cube


Were you aware of the fact that sugar cubes can be used as a natural scrub on your face? Sugar cubes help a great deal in scrubbing your face against all the impurities and can be used as an alternative for all those commercial scrubbing products being sold in the market. A sugar cube consists of Glycolic acid that acts as a natural dark spot remover.  All you need to do is scrub the sugars cubes against the black spots on your face and gently remove the dead skin.

6. Chickpeas


Until now you would be considering chickpeas as just another ingredient added in a dish while cooking it. Chickpeas have a history of culinary purposes in the Subcontinent from chickpeas grains, chickpeas curry to chickpeas sweet dishes. However, they quite efficiently help in removing dark facial spots too. You need to follow a few simple steps to make this effective dark spot remover. These steps are listed below,

  • Boil half cup of chickpeas in half cup of water.
  • Boil until they’re soft.
  • Next, remove them and put them to cool.
  • Once they’re cooled, mash them nicely to make a paste.
  • Later, apply the paste on the black spots.
  • Rinse off with cold water after a while.

 5. Buttermilk


As sweet and nice as buttermilk smells, quite efficiently and nicely it helps in removing black facial spots too. Moreover, it’s used as a face cleanser as well which helps removing all the impurities saturated on the face and leaves a glowing gorgeous looking face with zero impurities. It’s even used as a perfect bleaching agent. Follow the steps listed below to remove black spots on skin and enjoy a shiny, glowing skin.

  • Pour some buttermilk in a bowl.
  • Next, dip a cotton bud into it.
  • Later, gently scrub against the dark spots using that cotton bud.
  • Leave it for 15 minutes and then wash it off.

 4. Tomato Juice


I vividly remember one of my aunts used to eat a raw tomato every day. Due to curiosity, I gathered my confidence together and asked her the reason behind this. She smiled and told me that, ‘this dear, is my secret to a fresher and younger looking skin.’ Come to think of it, she was actually right. Not just a raw tomato but a tomato juice combined with lemon juice can help combating against blemishes, discoloration and dark spots on face.

 3. Yogurt


Yogurt along with buttermilk is a dairy product which works well for skin. Yogurt is widely recognized as an efficient element of the facial masks which cleans the face against blemishes, dark spots and makes the face appear more sparkly and glowing just like one fine bright diamond. Furthermore, it will help you in removing black facial spots in a natural manner. Follow the steps listed below to attain a free of dark spots skin.

  • Apply one tbsp. of yogurt with equal amount of lemon juice and two tbsp. of oatmeal powder.
  • Apply the prepared face pack.
  • Leave it on the face for 30 minutes.
  • Later, wash the face with cold water
  • Next, apply a moisturizer on the face to get rid of black spots on face.

 2. Coconut Oil


Coconuts are God’s creation that serves a great purpose. They’re used by adding them as a powdered form or even raw in sweet dishes, drinking coconut water, using coconut body butters, shampoos and body mists and applying coconut oil. It is also very effective in removing dark spots on face. Coconut oil on one end is effective to make the hair shine and keep them strong and healthy where as it works as a skin purifier and enhancer on the other.  Coconut oil consists of powerful anti-oxidants which make it a strong dark spot remover too. Applying it on the dark spots regularly will help them fade away soon enough and will prevent them from reappearing.

 1. Water


What most of us lack in is ample consumption of water. Either we tend to keep a water bottle with us while going for work or school or are just ignorant towards drinking water. It’s suggested that one must normally drink six to eight glasses of water a day but most of us hardly drink two even. What we don’t tend to realize is just by drinking water more than half of our internal issues are cleared as it’s an intense purifier. Furthermore, consumption of water helps reduce dark facial spots and even freckles. It is the simplest but effective dark spot remover you can find. Long story short, drink water regularly over the course of a day to have a skin which makes you look younger, beautiful and drop dead gorgeous.

 Precautions To Avoid Black Facial Spots

  • Drink 6 to 8 glasses of water a day.
  • Clean your face with a cotton bud dipped into butter milk every night before going to bed.
  • Eat half a bowl of yoghurt after dinner.
  • Avoid going out in the sun without applying a sunscreen.
  • Thoroughly wash your face with a good face wash after coming back home from somewhere.
  • Make sure to completely remove makeup before going to sleep.
  • Avoid using a face wash more than twice a day to prevent dark spots on face.
  • Make a face mask at home and apply it once a week.

‘Do you want your face to look like those of the actresses that we see on television every day? So just follow these simple steps and have your way to a perfect face similar to that of your beauty icon.’

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