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7 Best Types Of Fake Nails

Beautiful nails are the part of your impressive personality. Some women prefer fake nails on special occasions to look more stylish and trendy. Fake nails are also used to cover up the broken nails, so that your fingers look beautiful. If you are using special types of fake nails, they will appear natural and will hide the unpleasantness of your own nails. Here you can find 7 best types of fake nails that you use as per your needs to make your fingers appear more gorgeous.

7. Gel Nails

Gel NailsGel nails look natural and glossier and give your fingers a smart and chic look. Gel nails are considered quite safer and do not disturb the actual nails at all. However, some of the fake nails cannot be made at home and gel nails are among them. You should be very careful while using gel nails because they are hard to fix a broken nail.

6. Acrylic Fake Nails

Acrylic Fake NailsAcrylic fake nails are like hard protective cover over your natural nails. While using these types of fake nails, you should remember that they get hard when they are exposed in air. However, if you succeed in caring for them properly, they last for a long time. Do not try to remove them by yourself rather prefer to go to some professional, if want to remove them completely.

5. Silk Wrap Nails

Silk Wrap NailsThis is another fantastic option in the extensive range of fake nails. Silk is used to make your nails attractive and look healthier. This is excellent choice for those who have weak, cracked or damaged nails. Silk wrap nails strengthen your nails and give them gorgeous looks. They are light weight, thin and very delicate and hence beautify your fingers.

4. Wrap Fake Nails

Wrap Fake NailsWraps fake nail are made up of various textures such as silk, linen, tissue and fiber. But in all these forms, they are perfect for your finger nails and especially the best to repair the spoiled and injured ones. You can cut them into any shape and create designs of your choice. They are soft in nature, smooth and light weight and look natural nails.

3. Sculptured Nails

Sculptured NailsThis is one of the popular types of fake nails. These covers are applied on your actual nails with an acrylic or fiber glass gel. With the help of a foil form, you can produce the desired shape and length. Sculptured nails are last longer and give nature looks. But you must be very careful in their maintenance on regular basis in order to save their natural appearance.

2. Artisan Crystal Clear Nails

Artisan Crystal Clear NailsThey are easy to use and mold without the fear of breaking them. This will give strength to your nails. For the use of this you use crystal clear nails powder. These are perfect for nail arts and French manicures.

1. Solar Nails

solar nailsThese are upgraded version of acrylic nails. They are very durable and hence are preferred to those which are very fragile. Wearing these, nails give an amazingly smart look. The solar nails are also liked for their shinning and luster that is far more stunning than other types of fake nails.

There is no problem in using type of fake nails; they just multiply the charm of your femininity. They also prove to be the best substitution of spoiled nails and provide you the opportunity to adorn your fingers in the best possible way.

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