27 Best And Effective Home Remedies For Bruises

Much care should be taken when dealing with bruises because these are sometimes very dangerous and their after effects can also be very menacing. This sometimes ends up into big loss if immediate precautionary measures are not taken.

Injury also depends on age. Mostly infants and elderly people have more chances to get bruise because of their thin skin or very delicate skin, so they get injured very also depends upon the portion of the body; which part of body is injured. For instance the delicate part like near eyes, sometimes neck, face, gets injured very quickly. And the least fragile portion does not get injured swiftly. Sometimes the least fragile part like nose, it is least fragile than eyes, but when it get damaged it is one of the worst bruise that one can ever come across. And later on its consequences may become worst. There are many kinds of bruises, some of them are very light but some are very dangerous that one has to go to the doctor too. Most possible causes of bruising are as follows:


  • Bleeding is basically the loss of blood from your body. It causes due to many reasons. For instance while working in kitchen you cut your finger from knife and bleeding starts.
  • Similarly sometimes the paper of notebook is so sharp that when you accidently turn it all of sudden without being cautious that also can cut you hand. There can be an internal bleeding and external bleeding. Above are the examples of external bleeding.
  • Internal bleeding can be in the form of bleeding from your gums, from your nose. Whatever bruise you come across it is necessary to consult a doctor because sometimes you consider a bruise small but it can have long lasting effects and it may lead to death. Particularly in accidents, the internal bleeding can lead to death.

Ankle Sprain

  • This is also the most common type of bruise when an ankle moves inward and you lose your is sometimes not severe when you lose your balance, you feel comfortable and continue what you were doing. But sometimes it can be very severe that your foot starts swelling.
  • This is most likely to happen in sports liker soccer, can be diagnosed through X-ray. But mostly that’s not a fracture.

Muscle Strain

  • This normally causes as you grow up, also known as muscle pull.
  • The main cause of this bruise is when you lift something heavy while working and your muscle get pulled badly. Either there is swelling or constant pain while you do work. This also occurs while playing any sports. It is recommended specially for women to not to lift up anything heavy while working like can of water if they cannot lift them up, so don’t force themselves up to lift it up.
  • Because these bruises can also damage blood vessels and in the long run it may be injurious to health. The cure can be taken by applying ice pack on the swelling part and when this swelling reduces hot water bag can be applied. It is to be notified that on swelling one should not apply hot water bag or ice pack directly but instead take a towel or some sort of thing and then apply it.

Animal Bite

  • This happens in rare cases because animals usually do not bite unless or until they are sick, or protecting their babies etc. pets have more chances to bite. If they bite it is mandatory for you to consult a doctor immediately because of the harmful bacteria in them.
  • They can cause infection. These kinds of bruises should be washed with soap and if necessary or need arises consult is recommended not to feed any unknown or stranger animal. Keep a close eye on your child when they are playing with animals or pets.
  • Avoid annoying them while they are eating sleeping. And never try to touch or annoy their babies too.
  • Worldwide rabies virus is transferring from dogs and cats when they bite so care should be taken.

We can see in the picture it’s an animal bite and how dangerous it is. It is on the knee and there is a lot of swelling. Your body can still swell if the bite does not damage you internally. Animal bite can be on face, arms, legs, knees as shown above, elbow, neck.

Human Bite

  • Yes! Human bites too. While fighting or sometimes if you are drunk and you are not aware of it. Bruise from human bite can be very injurious. Especially in terms of tetanus booster.
  • If you are being bitten by someone and that persons does not have an up to date tetanus booster then from biting it can transfer in you. Human bite can also be on any part of your body.
  • Human bite can be in the form, when two people collide with one another and one person’s tooth hit another person tooth and the resulting cut can cause infection.
  • Sometimes you cannot recognize a human bite may be because you are scared to tell about the fight or when you are drunk, so there are two cases, either the bite is relatively harmless or it is very severe. If it is harmless,some home remedy will heel it in a day or two but if it is harmful it can cause redness, pain and at one time the pain will stop but after some days, it will increase and goes on increasing.
  • Therefore in this case it’s better to get recommendation by the doctor.

These are some of the bruises discussed. The question arises is how should one take care of them or how to get rid of bruises if these are serious. Yes indeed one solution is to consult a doctor but another easy and convenient way is home remedy. Sometimes medicines do not work so in these times home remedies work. Following are some home remedies that highly effective and affordable.

“Bruises can be either very harmful or relatively harmless. In both cases it is mandatory to consult a doctor. Or if you cannot afford one then consult a home remedy immediately. Prevention is better than cure. Follow the above home remedies and they will work for sure. These are indeed very necessary because one should know the first aid, that what to do if some serious case arises and you don’t have a hospital around you should be able to do something rather than waiting for an ambulance.”

27. Toothpaste And Warm Water

Toothpaste and warm waterTake toothpaste and slur it on your bruises.

  • Keep it for like fifteen to twenty minute and then wash it with hot water.
  • Repeat the process until your bruises has gone or faded.

26. Hot Compresses

Hot CompressesHot compresses provide effective DIY treatment for bruises.

  • Something like Hot water bottle or a towel is much helpful in fading out the bruises.

25. Chap Stick

Chap StickChap Stick is another way to remove off the bruises.

  • Apply it in circular motion until it gets discolored.
  • Purple bruises will turn into red and will fade out soon without any pain.

24. Salt Bag

salt-bagFor bruises, make a salt bag of about one table spoon.

  • Dip it in hot water and apply it on affected area.
  • Repeat the process for two days to heal the contusion.

23. Lavender Oil

Lavender Oil..Learn how to get rid of a bruise using honey and lavender oil. You can Try lavender oil mixed with honey butter or any other oil.

  • Apply it on affected area not too much and smear a bandage over it.
  • If it starts burning or hurting then it means you have apply the oil too much on the affected area.

22. Coin Technique

Coin techniqueCoin technique is very common to get rid of contusion.

  • Press the coin gently on affected areas.
  • Let the blood gathered over there.
  • The bruise will turn brown next day and will completely fade out without any sign.

21. Potatoes Slice

POTATO SLICES FOR ITCHY EYESPotato is also very helpful in removing bruises.

  • Apply three to four fresh potato slices on the area and when it dried change the slice.

20. Chinese Egg Rolling

Chinese egg rollingHere is how to get rid of bruises using boiled eggs. Boil some couple of eggs and peel them properly.

  • Apply them on bruises, roll it back and forward direction.
  • It will lessen the swelling.

19. Cold lotion

Cold lotionAny sort of cold lotion is much affected for bruises.

  • Apply it on affected area for three days and you will feel the difference.
  • It hurts but it will work for sure.

18. Heat a Towel

Heat a towelIf you want to know a very simple remedy about how to get rid of a bruise effectively, learn this simple towel technique. Heat a hand towel in microwave or soak it in hot water.

  • Smear it on the part, which is affected for twenty to thirty minute.
  • Repeat the method three times a day. Within two days your bruises will get removed.

17. Freezing Spoon

Freezing SpoonFreezing spoon is an interesting cure for bruises.

  • All you have to do is to put the spoon in freezer for two to three hours until it gets very cold. Apply it on bruises, it will work and won’t hurt you.

16. Vicks Vapor

Vics VaporVices vapor is very old and good method to heal contusion.

  • Apply Vices on affected area with slight pressure. It works.

15. Banana Peel

Banana PeelCut the Banana and make a paste of it.

  • Apply it on affected area or cover the area with peeled banana.
  • Band-Aid the affected area.
  • Bruises should be gone next morning.

14. Rubbing  Alcohol

Rubbing ALCOHOLRubbing alcohol in the bruises is another good method.

  • It will make the bruises disappear.

13. Ice pack Remedy

Cool CompressThis is also a very effective and simple remedy if you want to learn how to get rid of bruises using simple ways. Place an ice packed on your bruises and then removed it.

  • Let it warm up naturally of its own and repeat the process for few minutes.
  • After the first few times the bruises will get lighter and lighter and after some days they will be gone without leaving its color.

12. Comb It

Comb itComb the affected area with a simple comb or brush.

  • Do not scratch it too hard otherwise blood will spread out.
  • This will make the bruises go much faster.

11. Ice Cube

iceA small ice cube is also very helpful.

  • Rub the ice cube over the affected area and keep it there for few minute, this will result in the discoloration of the bruises.

10. Tea Bag

Tea bagSoak the tea bag in hot water.

  • Rub it on the bruises and after two days it will turn yellow and after couple of days more it will be gone.

9. Cabbage

CabbageCabbage can help to finish the pain and remove the bruises. So learn this simple remedy  if you really want to know how to get rid of a bruise.

  • Apply the leaves of cabbage on affected area.

8. Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera GelApply the gel of Aloe Vera in affected area.

  • It will heal the swelling and lessen the pain of a bruise or contusion.

7. Garlic

garlicTake two cloves of garlic for free days it will help in finishing of bruises.

  • Garlic contains antibiotic properties.

6. Onion

OnionLearn how to get rid of a bruise by using onions from your pantry. Cut the onion in two pieces and apply its inner part on the bruises.

5. Pine Apple

pineappleEating pineapple will really help in lessen the bruises or consume the pine apple juice.

  • This will surely help out.

4. Expose in Sun

Expose in sunIt is good to expose yourself to the sun as sun heals the bruises much faster.

  • It is heard that exposing too much to sun may damage your skin.
  • To some extent it is true but by using sun block cream and different heat protecting lotions we can easily expose ourselves to sun.
  • Sun has the capacity to cure burn and bruises, it is the natural treatment given to us my nature.

3. Massage

MassageTo cure anything, it is important to take rest .Relaxation is very vital for the body.

  • Some oil massage contain flower extracts are very effective for the body.
  • Massage will not only reduce the pain but it will also make your skin spotless within few days.
  • In this way there is no need of proper medication or outdoor treatment, just a good massage will be very helpful.

2. Gravity Method

Gravity MethodIt sounds like scientific treatment but it’s not actually.

  • Gravity method is a simple technique used in everyday life to remove bruises and finish pain caused by bruises. So basically it is a method in which we slow down the flow of blood.
  • The body parts should be elevated in such a way that forces the blood to move backward with the help of gravitational force.

1. Vinegar


  • Vinegar is another good home remedy for bruises and contusion.
  • Vinegar is available in every kitchen.
  • It reduces the pain and helps in discoloration of spot. It should be applied on the bruises.
  • Vinegar will kill the germs and gives relief to the pain.
  • Mix the vinegar with warm water and apply it on affected area; this will increase the flow of the blood in upper surface of the skin.


  • before taking any medication consult doctor
  • before buying product read instruction
  • keep your self-relaxed
  • take rest
  • stay safe


  • Avoid feeding unknown pets, animals
  • Keep close eye on children while they are playing with children
  • Don’t do any stunt that can cause damage
  • Don’t go for any unusual home remedy, like applying salt on your bruise.

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