20 Most Convincing Reasons To Make Running A Routine

To make running a routine sounds so tedious and exhausting, doesn’t it? Adding to it; the post-workout tiredness!

Yes, it sounds like a really hard job to run daily but just wait till you hear its benefits.

  • Running is an exercise that people of all age groups can do without the need for any additional machines.
  • It does much more for your health than just shedding off some weight.
  • It can actually increase your life span by more than 3 years!

Let’s accept it; we all need some motivational reasons to help us do something tedious. Now I’m going to give you some huge reasons and benefits of running PLUS the science behind it, so that you know that it won’t have any side effects on you. Hopefully, this will get you up, moving and ready for running daily!

“Top 20 reasons to run and keep running unless you start evidencing the results yourself. The reasons that make running so healthy and the most commonly practiced exercise throughout the world. Find out the benefits of running.”

20. Losing Weight Of Fats

Lose WeightStarting with the most basic one that everyone knows about! Running is one of the best calorie-busters out there. It doesn’t cost you anything but time, and you can easily burn off that extra fat. No more worrying about catching weight, while eating your favourite foods.

The science of losing weight is simple as explained at Epicraze numerous times. Running requires energy. Energy comes from metabolism in our body which is simply the burning of calories. The kinetic energy from running is converted to heat energy for burning the fats in our body- more energy means enhanced metabolism. Also, you lose those extra calories without any side effects.

19. Reducing High Blood Pressure

Blood pressureMany people relate blood pressure to running as running increases blood pressure because of exertion. Well they are totally wrong! Although regular running causes spikes of high blood pressure while you are running but it also decreases the chances of getting a high blood pressure problem or cholesterol problem. Yes, it means you can now enjoy even more of your favourite foods.

Running improves blood flow throughout the body and reduces the risk of getting a high blood pressure. Now the science behind this might be a bit difficult to understand. Let’s just say that;

  • The veins in your heart expand by about 20% to increase blood flow when you are running.
  • This clears out all the veins and arteries inside the heart and throughout the body and results in a smoother blood flow.

18. Reduces Chances Of Cardiovascular Disease

Reduces Chances of Cardiovascular DiseaseCardiovascular disease is just a scientific name for one of the most dreaded diseases of the world – A heart attack. Heart attacks are sudden and have no predictive symptoms. They are painful to such a high extent that many people are unable to bear it and die due to it. Now no one would want that, would they? Well, the simplest and easiest method of reducing chances of a heart attack by 50% is making running a routine.

  • Heart attacks are caused because of blockages inside the heart due to blood clotting or fat material carried by blood into the heart.
  • As mentioned earlier, running improves blood flow through the body which removes any blood clot or cholesterol from the arteries inside the heart.

17. Increases Brain Performance

Increases Brain PerformanceThe two main components of a body are the heart and the brain! Running not only helps the heart but it also helps the brain. Better brain performance makes you intelligent and helps in studies and all sorts of daily activities. The main thing that brain requires to function is oxygen. With improved blood flow to the brain, the flow of oxygen to the brain also increases, which helps in better brain performance.

16. Improves Mood

Improves MoodA good mood, at first, might not sound as a very attractive benefit of running. What you need to know that a good mood means that you get along better with your boss, your clients, your family, your friends etc. Running will boost your spirit and will push you to do more in everything. Means you perform better at your job and you have a more peaceful and happier life.

  • The science behind it is accredited to certain brain chemicals that signal pleasure and satisfaction.
  • Endurance activities such as running result in release of these chemicals to encourage us to do more of our daily activities.

15. Gets You A Better Sleep

sleepTrouble in sleeping and a disturbed sleep is one of the most common issues worldwide. Researches have been carried out to tell us that, instead of using those addictive and full of side-effects sleeping pills, people need to have a regular running routine. How does it do this?

  • Running improves your mood.
  • It creates fatigue in your body.
  • So you tend to fall asleep easily and more peacefully at night.

“About 20 reasons why ladies should run instead of walking and benefit hugely from it. Motivation to keep you running and to make it a daily routine. Run to gain a healthy heart, sharper brain and a beautiful skin.”

14. Makes Bones Stronger

Bones StrongerStrong bones are necessary for survival. A person with weak bones can do nothing. No working, no travelling, even walking is painful! You must have heard that ‘if you want to keep your bones strong, exercise and drink milk.’ Well, running is a simple yet effective exercise that doesn’t even take a lot of time. Running increases the bone density of the body as the bones bear more fatigue every day while running. This prevents bone diseases like arthritis from affecting you.

13. Helps Digestion

DigestionEver had the problem of not feeling hungry at times or feeling sick due to something you ate? Well, now you don’t need to go to a doctor or take a medicine. Just start a running routine! It will drastically increase your appetite and you will have less digestion problems. Our stomach mixes food with acid to break down food. Running strengthens stomach muscles which ensure better mixing of your food to digest all types of meals you take. You will feel your stomach muscles work out when you run and off course any kind of work out makes you hungry so running routine also helps with hunger problems.

12. Improve Lungs Functioning

Improve Lungs FunctioningYou would have seen people with a lung capacity of a 3 year old. People who cannot walk even 20 steps without taking rest. These people are usually smokers but some of them are non-smokers too. If you do not have a regular exercising routine or have job where you have to sit all day long in a chair, your lungs tend to weaken out as they do not function much.

Running daily gives your lungs a reason to use their full capacity keeping them in good shape and healthy form. This doesn’t mean that you can smoke and have good lungs at the same time, but this will help smokers get relatively better and for non smokers with lesser lung capacity; running is a must try for it might let them completely recover from it.

For non-smokers:

  • Start with a 5-10 minutes of running initially.
  • Exceed it to 10-15 minutes of running.
  • Gradually increase the time of running to increase your lungs’ capacity.

11. Improves Memory

Improves MemoryThe increased brain performance keeps the mind sharp and improves both; the long term and short term memory. As the brain stays fresh and gets an ample supply of oxygen, the part of the brain associated with memory stays active and in good shape. This is important because the victims of diseases like Alzheimer have been reported to be increasing with time. If you don’t want to be a part of a reporting of Alzheimer, then your best solution is to start a running routine immediately.

10. Get A Better Skin

Splash Cold Water on Your FaceBelieve it or not but a secret to having a beautiful skin is having a running routine. All the models and actors run daily not just to keep their body in shape but also to keep their skins glowing and smooth. This might sound gross but the sweating that is invoked while running actually cleans up your skin. During sweating, pores of the skin open up and the water of sweat cleans up those pores. It is one of the reasons why sweat leaves a mark on clothes. Running daily and then taking a bath cleans your skin as much as an expensive skin therapy does.

9. Improves Balance

Improves-BalanceYou might not have noticed it but balance plays a very important role in life. From playing with friends to working on field to crossing a road, a good balance is very important. People are seen to get dis-balanced just by strong winds blowing. Yes they are a function of the person’s weight, but you might have seen extremely slim Chinese fighters to be balancing unbelievably on movies. They do get a lot of training but you can also get a part of that training by simply running daily.

  • While running, the balancing fluids inside your ears have to work hard to keep your balance.
  • This gives your brain a good practice and trains it for a good balancing of the body.

8. Keeps You Active

Keeps You ActiveDo you feel sluggish or are you always late for your job and in your assignments just because you were feeling too lazy? That is because your body is getting used to just sitting or lying around. It might be because you have a job where you have to sit all day long.

  • Running daily gives your body energy boost every day to keep it from going into lazy mode.
  • Running keeps the blood circulation intact throughout your body and therefore keeps you active.

7. Improves Posture


Getting your body into shape doesn’t just mean getting that extra fat off. It also means that your body muscles are strong enough to give you a better posture while standing or walking. Improved balance and strengthening of muscles of mid-section and limbs, which all are the outcomes of daily running gives you a good posture.

6. Increases Stamina

Increases StaminaStamina is the ability to perform an action for a long period of time without getting tired and giving up. The more stamina you have, the longer you can work or do things. Stamina usually depends on the activity of the body. Stamina can increase or decrease with time and it affects the overall productivity of any work that you do and makes every work enjoyable.

  • The best activity to keep your stamina high and in control is running daily.
  • Increase your running time to increase your stamina.

5. Strengthens Immune System

Strengthens Immune SystemImmune system of a body is the system that resists or fights against germs and bacteria trying to infect your body. A strong immune system is very important if you don’t want to get sick every now and then as we face germs and bacteria in every single step of life.

  • Running keeps the organs in our body healthy including the organs that fight against germs.
  • Keep running and keep fighting those germs off.

4. Saves Time and Cash

Saves Time and CashNow this might be one of the lesser useful facts of running but relating to the increase in prices of everything nowadays, saving money has become more and more difficult. It does not help when you have to buy expensive medicines for diseases and health maintenance, when you have to pay expensive membership fees for gyms or when you have to pay doctor’s fees when you face small every day problems. Running everyday frees you up from many of these costs as mentioned in the points above.

3. Improves Hearing

Improves HearingThis is one of the most mystical advantages of a running routine. Scientists have yet to discover the reasons behind the fact that a person with a regular running routine has generally better hearing capabilities than other people. One of the proposed theories is that the increased blood flow to the ears results in better sensitivity of low and high frequency sounds by the ear.

2. Protects Against Cancer

CancerThe biggest reason that a person should have for having a daily running routine in my opinion is that running daily protects against cancer. We have deduced up till now that running gives an active and healthy lifestyle, but it is particularly interesting to hear that a daily run helps to fight off the “evil” cancer. Extensive researches have been carried out to find remedies or preventions to cancer, and it has been deduced that people who are physically active are less prone to cancer.

  • Running daily can reduce the chances of developing a cancer to more than 50%.
  • Run to fight off the risk of cancer.

1. Living More

Living MoreIt’s already mentioned above that a running routine can get you some extra years of life. Now who wouldn’t want that? It’s a proven study that the average life span of people with daily running habits are about 3 years more than the average life span of people who rely only on their expensive medicines and doctors. The science behind living more due to running is related to a lot of other benefits that a body gets from running. All of the benefits listed above contribute to the ultimate wish of every human being to live longer.

So, what are you waiting for? Go get your jogging shoes and boost up that schedule of yours to get a daily regular running time in it. It doesn’t matter if you are able to get only 10 minutes off of your daily schedule, running daily is what is important. The duration of run can be anything between 10 minutes to 60 minutes. Just start running and use these benefits as a motivation whenever you feel like running is too tedious for you and have a healthy, active and happy life.

OLWOMEN Motivating Facts

  1. Running keeps you in shape.
  2. Running makes your skin glow.
  3. Running maintains your body posture.
  4. Running keeps you away from numerous diseases
  5. Running reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases and brain strokes.

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