17 Best And Essential Home Remedies For Gout

It mostly affects the different parts of areas that are:

  • Small joints on the Ankles, Wrist and Hands.
  • Ears.
  • Smaller bones of the feet.

The Cause of Gout

It is caused by the large amount of accumulation of the uric acid in the blood. It is also refers to be hyper-uremia. The exact cause of the gout is still unknown. But it is considered that it may occur due to the defective genes. The crystals are being formed by the uric acid and these deposited in the joints. This lead towards the pain and the other symptoms may also appear.

The Gout may without any of the specification. They may occur due to the:

  • It may occur due to over weight problem, the diet rich in the seafood’s and the meat.
  • The consumption of a lot of alcohol.
  • Some of the medicines may also increase the amount of uric acid. Such as the aspirin.
  • The drugs used for the derrises may also cause the Gout.
  • The rapid weight loss.
  • High blood pressure.
  • The neonate born with low levels of the uric acids. Due to the lack of enzyme that controls the levels of uric acid.

The Symptoms of Gout

  • Pain.
  • Warmth.
  • Swelling.
  • Tenderness in the joints.
  • The itching and the peeling effect on the skin appears at the area that is been affected.
  • The movement is limited around area which is being affected.

Note: The pain starts at the night time and it start worsen. It becomes more worsen and it last for hours.


The skin becomes purplish or red in color. The joints appear to be infected.

Variation in Symptoms

The symptoms of the gout vary from person to person and condition to condition.

  • Some of the people suffer from the chronic gout. It mostly appears in the adults and it may be confused with the other forms of the arthritis.
  • It may leads towards the inflammation. The inflammation appears in the elbows and knees.
  • The variation may appear after the surgery or the illness.
  • The classical symptom of the gout is appears of the nodule.

Why Gout Occurs?

The crystal of uric acids build up in the joints of the tissues that are been surrounded. The act of gout:

  • The attacks stop mostly about in a week.
  • The mild attacks are being stopped after days or hours.
  • The sever attacks are being last for about weeks.

Stages of the Gout

There are three stages of Gout. The third stage is being experience by most of the peoples.

First Stage

  • No symptoms but the presence of High uric acid in blood.
  • Before the attack of Gout the patient suffering from kidney stone.

Second Stage

  • In the big toes the crystals of uric acid are being formed.
  • The gout attack occurs.
  • After the attack the joints feel the same as normal.
  • The time of the attack is of small duration.
  • The afterwards attack are sever and they last longer.
  • They involve more than one joint.

Third Stage

  • The symptoms vary and they go away.
  • The nodules are been found they are known to be tophi.
  • Tophi forms under the skin.

Here we go with the Home remedies that we can adopt for treatment of Gout.

“The natural remedies should be adopted. Do that the suffering from the gout disease will be relieved through it. These remedies will help to relief the inflammation and that of the pain.”

17. Vinegar Of Apple Cider

apple cider vinegarIt is being used for the treatment of the headache and the stomach acidity. But now it is used for the treatment of the gout and the arthritis.

The acute pain is being relieved by the acidity of the apple cider. To boost up the anti-inflammatory effect you can add honey to it. Make sure to include it in your gout diet for quick relief.

Quick link = Benefits of apple cider vinegar

Procedure to be followed to use this effective DIY remedy:

  • In a glass of water add about one teaspoon of the unfiltered, raw of apple cider.
  • Drink in about 2 to 3 time in a day daily.

If it is effective then you can move towards the two table-spoon of the apple cider.

16. Cherries

cherriesFor the treatment of the gout you can use the sweet or sour cherries. They have the anti-oxidant properties. In the cherries the Anthocyanins is the most important chemical constituent. This constituent reduces the inflammation and it also minimizes the blaze of the gout. For an effective gout treatment follow these tips:

  • About fifteen to twenty cherries daily intake is being recommended to the patient of gout.
  • For the better results you should take cherries in early morning.
  • You can take a glass of black cherries juice on daily bases.
  • In the juice you can add the clove or the minced garlic in it.

15. Root Of Ginger

Root of GingerThe roots of ginger have the anti-inflammatory property. This property helps in relieving the inflammation and pain. It is highly recommended to use this treatment if you’re feeling gout symptoms. For the treatment of the gout ginger can be used in many ways:

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  • The fenugreek powder, dried roots of ginger powder and the turmeric powder is mixed in the equal amount. Take one teaspoon of the mixture along with warm water. Take it two times daily.
  • Eat or add the roots of ginger in the recipes or eat it daily.
  • In the one cup of boiling water add about one and the half tea spoon of the ginger root and mix it well. The solution should be drink once daily.
  • On the affected area apply the mixture of the paste of ginger root with addition of water in it. Then leave it for about half an hour and do the procedure once daily.

14. Salt Of Epsom

Epsom saltFor the home treatment of the gout the salt of Epsom is useful, t is also useful in the arthritis. It has the ability to improve the hearty and the lower the high blood pressure because of the presence of the magnesium in the Epsom salt. In the warm water mix the Epsom salt and soak the affected body part in it. This relaxes the muscles, aching and also relieves the pain. Its effectiveness make it one of the best gout remedies you can find.

  • For the relaxed bath, add about two cups of the Epsom Salt in to the warm water.
  • Soak the body parts in it. Until the water start losing the heat.

13. Baking Soda

baking sodaThe baking soda is helpful to lower the amount of the uric acid in the body. The pain is being relief through it.

  • In a glass of water mix the one tea spoon of baking soda in it.
  • Drink the solution for about 4 times a day it should not exceed from it.
  • The procedure should be continued for about two weeks.

12. Lemon Juice

Lemon JuiceTo neutralize the excess of uric acid in the blood you have to alkalize the body so that you can get some relief from the gout pain. This can be done with the help of the fresh lemon juice in addition of baking soda. Fruits rich with the vitamin C should be taken along with the lemon juice. Mixture of both strengthens the tissues of body. The healthy gout diet can’t be complete without adding lemon juice.

Quick link = Benefits of lemon water

  • Take one and the half teaspoon of baking soda and mix juice of one lemon in it.
  • Until the fizzing stops let it to be sit.
  • Immediately drink it.
  • You can also add the juice of the one lemon in a glass of water and then drink it for about three times a day.
  • The procedure should be followed up if you are suffering from the sever Gout and try to take it about 3-4 times a day.

11. The Soda And Sugar Should Be Eliminated

Soda n sugarThe elimination of the sugar and the soda will drop the gout experience will be dropped dramatically.

10. Reduce Intake Of Alcohol

Reduce intake of AlcoholThe alcohol has the property to cause dehydration hence it raises up the level of uric acid in the blood.

“This is not a quick way of cure the time and that of the will is required to treat the gout disease.”

9. Take The Bromelain

pineappleIn the pineapple the bromelain is present or you can take it in the form of supplement. The people suffering from gout are being frequently recommended to them. They have also an anti-cancer property. You can use pineapple as en effective remedy for gout treatment.

8. Juice Of Beet

Juice of BeetThe acidosis is being prevented by the juice of beet and it ultimately stimulates the liver and it clears the bile duct. It is highly recommended if you’re feeling gout symptoms.

7. The Intake Of Vitamin C

The intake of vitamin CThe increase uptake of vitamin C can reduce the amount of uric acid. You can get it from the rose hips or some other foods. The supplements can be choosing.

6. The Caffeine Intake Should Be Lower

CaffeineIf you take caffeine, then you must lower the quantity in order to cure your gout in a better way.

5. Avoid The Sardines

Avoid the SardinesThe organ meats Anchovies and the Sardines should be avoided

4. Intake Of Bananas

Intake of BananasFor the treatment of the gout bananas are effective. The bananas contain the high content of potassium that is help in scenes that they will convert the crystal of uric acid in to liquids. And it will untimely flush out from the blood and then removed through urination. It is very effective in the pain management and that of the swelling. Follow these suggestions for an effective gout treatment natural way.

  • Eat about one to two bananas daily.
  • In one cup of yogurt add about one banana in it and eat it. It will keep you away from the diarrhea.

3. Intake Of Apple


Apple is good for health. It has very beneficial effect over the gout disease. You should have to take an apple once in a day. The apple contains malic acid that has the ability to neutralize the uric acid in the body. This wills relief you from the pain.

If you are not taking up the apple then you should have to take an apple juice. In addition to apple you can take carrot.

2. Activated Charcoal

Activated CharcoalThe activated charcoal has the ability to absorb the uric acid. So the patients suffering from the gout should take the charcoal bath. It is recommended to take the bath twice or that of thrice a week to complete  your gout treatment.

Procedure to be followed

  • In some water mix about one and the half cup of charcoal in it, the paste will be formed from it. Now put that paste in a bath and add more water in it. The affected area of the body should be soaked in the water. It should soak for about half an hour. It is good solution for the gout and for the joints.
  • The paste of the charcoal should be applied on the affected area of the skin. And you should then leave it for about half an hour. Then you should wash it with the tap water.
  • The capsules of the activated charcoal are available. This is done for relieve of the gout pain and that of the inflammation.

1. Chilled Cold Water

Chilled Cold WaterThe affected area is when placed in the chilled cold water it will help to reduce the pain and the inflammation. Make sure to follow this procedure if you’re feeling gout symptoms increasing.


  • In the cold water put the swallowed part for about ten to fifteen minutes. For the several days repeat the procedure.
  • The ice packs can be used for the treatment purpose. But you should have to wrap it in a towel then place on the affected area. This procedure should be done two times a day.


  • For applying the home remedies you should considered with your status. The people that are suffering from the hypertension should be careful before taking the treatment.
  • Make exercise in routine.

Do not’s

  • Do not use the chilled water directly on skin it will damage your skin.
  • The use of turmeric for above 60 year of age people should be avoided.
  • The exercise must be done but not in the excess amount so that it may cause any difficulty.

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