What! You Already Have Consumed Much? Oh No! 32 Foods to Never Eat

Everyone enjoys indulgence in sweet or fatty foods. However, if you give this list of foods to never eat a glance you will certainly think twice before taking such foods. The food items on this list are truly damaging to the body despite the fact that some of them taste amazing. If you are looking for an inspiration to start eating healthy, this list is just the ticket for you. Try to cut down as many of the items listed as possible.

32. Corn-Fed Meat

Corn-fed MeatGoing against nature is always a bad idea! To ensure high productivity and capital, farmers nowadays nourish their cattle with soybean and corn that falsely cause the animal to swell up earlier than the normal growth span. Customarily, this is accompanied by the loss of essential nutrients in the meat in contrast to that obtained from grass-fed cattle. Try to buy genuine meat even if you have to travel extra miles!

31. Processed Baked Goods

Processed Baked GoodsProcessed bakery items are although flavorsome but not worth your health. Most of the items are foods to never eat due to their harmful effects. Oodles of calories and surplus processed sugar await your attention every time leading to excessive indigestion, skin irritation and various inflammatory responses. Do not compromise your fitness and catch up with fresh and wholesome fruits instead!

30. Farmed Salmon

Farmed SalmonFarmed fish is a food to never eat as it causes serious health concerns. Its vitamin content is extremely low and is highly flooded with noxious chemicals including mutagens, pesticides like DDT, the use of which has already been banned. Moreover, antibiotics used to cure these salmons also enter our food chain creating serious situations of multidrug resistance among individuals. Therefore, always watch out for wild salmon rather than farmed one.

29. Soda

SodaSoda is the reservoir of sugar; it contains even more sugar content than water, hence a food to never eat! According to a health expert, a single can of soda alone constitutes ten packs of sugar dissolved in water that is way more than an individual’s normal daily requirement of sugar. Simple water being the best choice can be changed to taste by addition of fresh lemons or any of your favorite fruit’s flavors. Always avoid disastrous drinks like soda!

28. Canned Tomatoes

Canned TomatoesTomatoes packed in cans pose serious threat to the consumers that is not even considered while buying such items. It is scientifically proven that the acidic nature of tomatoes trickles down the bisphenol A into the food that constitutes the resin coating of the cans ultimately leading to severe diseases. So, the canned food is listed among foods to never eat.

27. Nonorganic Potatoes

Nonorganic potatoesPotato, all time favorite vegetable! But growing potatoes in a non-organic way entails the exploitation of various chemical treatments to inhibit the growth of pests, herbs and attacking fungi. These chemicals robustly get absorbed into the tissues through roots and even washing wouldn’t help get rid of them. The best alternative is organic potatoes, just go with that!

26. Soy Protein

Soy ProteinSoy products and their health concerns have been under consideration lately, as a matter of fact, to people’s surprise U.S cultivated soy is entirely genetically modified. It involves synthesis of an in-build pesticide to fend off pests and also long term usage of GMOs leads to severe disorders like cancers and allergies. Soy protein should be taken a food to never eat!

25. Micro Waved Popcorn

Micro Waved PopcornFond of flavored processed popcorns! Watch out they are one of the foods to never eat! The major constituent used in the packing of popcorn is perfluorooctanoic acid that when micro waved, gets evaporated and blended in the food. The major concern is the related consequences in the form of various types of cancers and infertility problems which necessitate the usage of naturally acquired kernels of popcorn rather than processed ones.

24. Milk Synthesized Artificial Hormones

Milk Synthesized Artificial HormonesAn increasing trend of deliberate milk production from cattle pre-treated with genetically recombined growth hormone, recognized as rBGH, has been observed during past few decades. This is attributed to enhanced milk production on one hand with increased rates of pus formation in milk and infections of udder surfaces on the other hand. Additionally, when consumed, the increased levels of hormone IGF-1 from milk are not completely degraded leading towards the risk of different types of cancers.

23. Bagel

BagelBagels! Have ever thought that your preferred breakfast is a food to never eat! Do have a look into its chemical composition before grabbing one! Associated with the bagels are colossal amounts of sugars and extremely elevated glycemic index, enhancing the insulin levels in the body and also generating various inflammatory responses, which in turn exacerbate skin problems like acne and speed up the process of aging.

22. Margarine

MargarineExcessively eaten in all parts of the world, margarine, despite all the buttering of good words spoken in its favor, is considered one of the foods to never eat. It is majorly synthesized from Trans fat that is notorious for causing various cardiovascular diseases and also diabetes. Butter on the other hand constitutes loads of vitamins and saturated fats which lower the bad cholesterol from body. Replace margarine with healthy butter!

21. Vegetable Oils

vegetable oilsVegetable oils have been linked to a wide range of extreme health concerns including bone defects, diabetes, cancers, obesity and many others. The reason by and large is attributed to the fact that these oils undergo partial hydrogenation and are also frequently genetically modified. Try to use oils other than those labeled as processed vegetable oils!

20. Conventional Apples

Conventional ApplesMajor shortfall of using farmed apples is that they are drenched in pesticides excessively sprayed throughout the sowing and harvesting seasons. An obvious proof lies in the reports which suggest that people working in farms have been highly associated with cancers. The increased intake of pesticides by human body has also been related to Parkinson’s disease according to recently published reports. Opt for organic apples instead and shun conventional apples as foods to never eat!

19. Sweet Cereal

Sweet CerealSugary cereals may be a delight to eat for many people but it can lead your body towards chaos through its high sugar and gluten constituents. Enhanced inflammatory reactions have been observed with their usage. The individuals having skin sensitivity suffer a lot because gluten worsens skin irritations to extreme levels. If you are fond of cereals, always look for gluten and sugar free alternatives.

18. Processed Tomato Sauce

Processed Tomato SauceExtensively stuffed with sugars, tomato sauce loses its basic purpose and merely represents an artificially thickened and preserved mixture. What concerns the nutritionists most is the utilization of sugars from various unknown sources because sweetening the recipe is never the purpose. So, instead of going for ambiguous stuff, make home-made sauces and avoid confusions and avoid tomato sauce as a food to never eat!

17. Bacon

BaconUsing bacon in your everyday items, falsely thinking of it as a nutritious component is always a bad idea. A single bacon strip, although moderate in calories, has awfully enhanced levels of sodium, fats and also preservatives causing digestion problems and heart disorders. Avoid bacon as one of the foods to never eat and use excessive amount of good vegetables and nuts routinely.

16. Table Salt

Table SaltThe usage of typical table salt should be avoided as the trend of original salt making from sea salt has greatly shifted towards artificial salt processing. Producers nowadays have started focusing on various chemical production protocols which render the salt depleted of its natural minerals. Addition of huge amounts of additives, extensive heating, usage of potassium iodide as substitute for natural iodine and bleaching constitute marked contingencies in salt making. Therefore, never recommended!

15. Maraschino Cherries

Maraschino CherriesPreserved fruits like maraschino cherries are highly loaded with preservatives and additives to make them look fresh without getting disintegrated for a longer period of time. Ample sugars are added to save them from microbial attack and artificial dyes are exploited to maintain the colors that are also linked with extreme side effects in human body. Always go for fresh fruits for your salads and cocktails and shun maraschino cherries as food to never eat!

14. Breakfast Toaster Pastries

Breakfast Toaster PastriesToaster pastries, one of the extremely unhealthy stuff to choose for your breakfast! Looking into their composition, they are just stuffed with white flour, artificial fruit flavors and myriads of sugars. That means you are filling yourself up with loads of unhealthy sugars at the start of your day and end up in an energy crash soon. Look for healthier and nutritious surrogates with real fruits and flavors and ban pastries from your intake as foods to never eat.

13. Artificial Sweeteners

Artificial SweetenersAlthough recommended by many physicians, artificial sweeteners pose serious threats to human body that have been published in recent research reports. Paradoxically, they can interrupt the normal gut flora and also lead to diabetes instead of acting as replacement for sugar to prevent it according to latest investigations. They are also related to various types of allergies, cancers, obesity and hypertension, that’s why an artificial sweetener is a food to never eat.

12. Soy Sauce

Soy SauceExcessively used item at home, soy sauce, although contains less calories and fabricated with minerals and vitamins, still poses high risks of hypertension due to its tremendously enhanced sodium levels. Low- sodium alternatives can be opted to reduce the risk but sodium-less option is not available other than completely restricting the use of soy sauce as one of the foods to never eat.

11. American Cheese

American CheeseTo many people’s surprise, American cheese is not considered even cheese, in any respect! Beautifully and artificially synthesized in the shape and form of cheese, it contains milk fats, emulsifying agents, whey protein and synthetic food colors. It has been found to be enormously flooded with fats and sodium which are the leading cause of many severe disorders prevailing these days.

10. Sugar-free Candies

Sugar-free CandiesPlaying with the mentality of consumers, manufactures earn a lot by simply adding a “sugar-free” term to the selling goods. Even if they are fulfilling the requirements of not using the sugars, they must be exploiting artificial sweeteners to maintain the taste of candies and other items. The dose and type of sweetener added may vary and affects all individuals differently. It is for sure, not giving any health benefits at all; hence must be taken as foods to never eat!

9. Food Items Containing Propylparaben

Food Items Containing PropylparabenCertain food products like muffins and corn tortillas are packed and preserved with this special ingredient that is customarily employed in cosmetic industries. Any item product labeled with propylparaben is a food to never eat and must be avoided. It is highly disastrous for your body as it works like estrogen. It can muddle up with individual’s fertility and also increases the risk of breast cancer, a commonly encountered disease.

8. Cream-Based Salad Dressings

Cream-based Salad DressingsGenerally, salads stand for healthy and nutritious entities with least calories to be absorbed. Nevertheless, the trend of healthy salads nowadays has shifted towards those sodden in high creamy dressings on top which limit the purpose of eating salads. Albeit the flavor can be enhanced by creamy additions, but tons of fats and calories await your interest. Do not let yourself surrender for less health. Try light oil based dressings instead!

7. Non-Organic Strawberries

Non-organic strawberriesDrenched in excessive amounts of hazardous pesticides, these farmed fruits are among foods to never eat. The pesticides when sprayed extensively in “on and off” seasons, get absorbed inside the fruit tissues and enter the edible parts which when eaten by consumers pose severe health problems. Organic strawberries are always the best alternatives!

6. Bread

BreadBread, a common item in every household, does not resemble even a little bit with its older healthier version. The bread we eat today is the result of extensive and repeated genetic manipulations since long time. The purpose of these alterations at genetic levels majorly is to increase the yield at industrial scale rather than nutrition and health benefits. It provides the chief explanation why we are prone to many disorders like obesity, IBD, celiac disease, asthma and cutaneous problems.

5. White Chocolate

White chocolateSelection of a good chocolate precisely not only relieves your craving for sweets but also acts as a brain-activator. The remarkable phytonutrients present in it tend to enhance blood flow towards brain, activates your mood and attention, guard blood vessels also. While talking about white chocolate, surprisingly, it lacks all these effects and goodness. It is an organic version offered by different companies and is a food to never eat!

4. Sprouts

SproutsRaw sprouts have been associated with many food-borne disease manifestations and have appeared as epidemics lately. Research suggests the contamination of young sprouts with disease causing bacteria as both require moist and warm habitat to grow. Hazardous bacteria when eaten with food cause serious illnesses. Even if you have to use sprouts, do not use them without cooking.

3. Food Dyes

Food DyesFood color, although an important aspect does not necessarily benefit you hence is listed with foods to never eat! Farmed and artificially fabricated food items are loaded with synthetic colors to make their presentation better. But they have been proven to be the cause of various types of cancers when tested in murine models in labs. Avoid the use of unnatural stuff like this as much as possible, because staying close to nature always helps!

2. Packaged Foods with BHT and BHA

Packaged Foods with BHT and BHAThe constituents such as butylated hydroxyl-toluene and butylated hydroxyl-anisole act as preservatives in many foods. These chemicals when tested in animal models reveal severe dysfunctionalities including elevated production of hormones that interfere with your reproductive systems and also stimulating the production of tumors. It’s always in our best interest to restrict the use of item labeled with these components as a food to never eat.

1. Energy Drinks

Energy DrinksReadily available energy sources and hydrating agents, energy drinks are among foods to never eat. They are not at all healthy for you and can be the reason for a number of health issues. Drenched in tons of sugar, they act as sugar factory and to be precise “sugar poison” for your body. Make your water flavored by adding fresh drop of citrus fruits but do not buy energy drinks as a trigger for false energy generation!


It takes great courage in admitting that the food you are eating is not doing justice to your body. The fact that you are looking for the known foods to never eat means that you are trying to change your lifestyle. To begin with, these are some of the foods you must eliminate first and foremost from your diet. Either these have too much caloric content or these foods are teeming with cholesterol. None of them will do you any good and their consumption will leave you with many medical conditions.

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