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20 Brilliant and Most Useful DIY Fashion Ideas

20. DIY Bold And Glittery Shoes

DIY Bold and Glittery shoesDo you seem to have a pair of plain, faded heels lying around? Do they seem to be boring? Well you need not to worry! All you need are 4 things to turn those plain old shoes into something bold and exciting: Glue, gold glitter (or any color you prefer), paint brush and newspaper. Lay newspapers on the floor for easy cleanup, cover your worn out heels with a good amount of glue with a paintbrush, sprinkle generous amount of glitter and put them aside for at least 4 to 5 hours to dry. Voila! You are ready to rock any party!

19. Funky DIY Pants

funky pants

DIY fashion ideas can be exciting and easy to try, just like this one. All you need is a faded pair of jeans, some sand paper, blade and funky fabric marker such as shown in the above picture. Take a piece of sand paper and rub it on areas where you want to stain, no particular order is required – a couple scratches here and there would do to make the jeans look funky. Second, with the help of a blade, scrape the areas you rubbed with sand paper. Lastly, with the help of a marker, ink the roughened patches with your favorite color. Your funky DIY jean is ready to wear!

18. Statement DIY Bracelet

Statement DIY BraceletAre you out of space or out of budget to buy those statement jewellery pieces, all high priced brands have to offer? But your heart still longs for one? We have one amazing yet budget friendly DIY Fashion Idea just for you! All you need are two zips, a couple stick buttons, decorative ornament such as a chain and lastly a thread and needle to stitch it all in place. Put two pairs of zips, half an inch apart. Place the chain overlapping the two in a pattern that looks good and stitch away, Place buttons on all four corners of the bracelet, to make wearing easy.

17. DIY Laced Pumps

DIY Laced pumpsAre you thinking of tossing away those plain pumps, just because they are one colored and well boring? If so, then this DIY fashion idea is made just for you. DO NOT! I repeat, do not throw them away. We have just the right thing to turn those old and dainty shoes, into new and trendy, trust us! All you need is some beautiful lace and a transperent glue. First of all clean your shoes off any dirt, and apply a thin coat of glue. Then take your chosen lace and carefully put the lace over the shoes, making sure the edges are covered. Put extra glue on the edges and make sure they stick well. Let dry for atleast 6 hours, after which they are ready to be flaunted!

16. DIY Carry Bag

DIY Carry bagEver imagined what one can do with an overly used, faded t-shirt? There are a hundred things that you can do, including making a beautiful hand carry. Yes, you read it right! And surprisingly this DIY fashion idea is not only down-right amazing and conveniently easy, but also a healthy choice for the environment, as they can easily be used as a reusable grocery bag, without compromising on style! All you need is a pair of scissors and some sewing to be done to ready the bag. As shown in the picture above, cut the shirt, sew it around, flip inside out and voila!

15. DIY Edgy Cut-Out Shirt

DIY Edgy Cut-out shirtDo you have a shirt lying around that seems to be boring and lacks the edginess that defines your personality? Well read this DIY fashion idea, which will guide you towards designing your very own cut-out shirt that brings out the edginess in you! All you need is a shirt, a fabric cutter, a fabric chalk and a design that you want to cut out on your shirt. With a chalk, draw the design wherever you want over the shirt. With the help of the cutter cut the cut-outs, leaving behind your desired pattern. Wear it when you hangout with friends next time, and watch them drool!

14. DIY Shinny Tipped Flats

DIY shinny tipped flatsThis very DIY fashion idea turns your casual flats into some classy ones. You don’t believe? Try them out yourself, by following a few easy steps. Things that you will need to give your shoes a classy makeover include translucent paper, a pair of scissors, pencil and a can of golden spray paint. First of all put the translucent paper over the tip of your shoes and draw a design such as a heart shown in the picture. Second step is to cut out the shape drawn on the paper. Put over the shoe again and apply a nice coat of paint on the area that is exposed. Let dry for an hour and you have one trendy pair of shoes ready to wear!

13. DIY Lace-y Shorts

DIY Lace-y shortsAre you tired of wearing the same old styled shorts every summer? What if we design your old shorts into something new and beautiful? If you are interested, read this DIY fashion Idea and you will be amazed at how easy it is! All you need is a new or old pair of shorts, a pair of scissors, two small pieces of beautiful lace or net and a set of needle and thread. Now what you got to do is, cut the shorts from the corner diagonally as shown in the picture, place the pieces of lace and secure them in place, with the needle and thread. Wear am to the club or wear am to the beach, they are sure to turn heads!

“From pricey sunglasses hack to designing your own July shorts, we have got it all covered! These DIY Fashion Ideas are so easy and light on the pocket that you can try them all. So grab your tools and start working, to attain the most gorgeous looks this season!”

12.  DIY Artsy Shoes

DIY Artsy shoeAre one-colored or neutral colored shoes your type? Or are you more interested in getting your hand son those tri-colored, patterned shoes? If so, here’s a DIY Fashion Idea that will help give your old and boring shoes a colorful, funky and cheerful look. All you need are some fun colored sketch markers or fabric markers, a stencil for creating patterns and your wild imagination for a variety of patterns. That’s it! Take the markers in your hand and start inking your shoes!

11. DIY Beaded Shirt Collars

DIY beaded shirt collarsBefore going to a party, do you ever feel your shirt is just simple and requires a bit of bling? The style may be good but being plain and boring sometimes makes it look old fashioned and out of trend? If so, then go through this DIY fashion idea and learn how to turn your shirt into something pretty and well bling-y! All you need for this project are some beads of your choice, thread and needle or glue, depending on the sort of beads that need to be attached. Make sure to get beads which compliment the shirts color well. Place each of them carefully in line over the collar and secure in place with thread or glue. Voila! The shirt is ready!

10. DIY Printed Shorts

DIY Printed shortsAll what you need for this DIY fashion idea, is a pair of shorts, a stencil of your chosen pattern and a fabric marker. If you can get your hands on a ready-made stencil, great! If not, here’s how you make it. Print your chosen pattern on a sheet, now with the help of a blade cut-out according to the pattern and the stencil is ready to use. Now as for printing your shorts, put the stencil over the shorts, and start filling color in the in the patterned cut-outs. You can apply the very technique to your jeans or even shirts!

9. DIY Pearled Channel Glasses

DIY Pearled Channel GlassesDo you think these channel glasses Rihanna is wearing look down-right gorgeous? Do you not have the budget for it, but need it and want it by all means? Well, then sit back and go through this DIY fashion idea, which is so undeniably easy and oh so cheap! All you need is a pair of inner-circle sunglasses, a string of pearls and glue that has the tendency to hold plastic together, such as jewelry glue. What you got to do is very easy, put glue on the rim of the glasses, neatly place over it the string of beads and let dry for at least a day.

8. DIY Lace-y shorts (take 2)

lace y shoIf you have 10 similar pair of shorts and there is nothing unique about any of them. You have got to try this DIY Fashion Idea! All that you need is a classic pair of shorts and some uniquely designed pieces of fabric and glue of course! Lay your shorts, and decide where you want to put the extra frill and design. Once decided, cut the designed fabric, such as net that is used in the picture. Apply glue to the area where it needs to be stick and well stick it! Make sure you use transparent glue if you are using fabrics such as lace or net, for opaque fabrics you may use any. Let the shorts dry for a couple hours and they are ready to be flaunted!

7. DIY Glittery Heels

DIY Glittery HeelsDo you have a pair of one-color heels that are just not exciting enough? They tend to dull your outfit? Is there a spark missing? Well, glitter can fix it all! Get those shoes out, a bottle of glue, paint brush, a put full of glitter and a can of varnish. That is all you need to create a fashion statement! With the help of a brush, apply glue to the heel making sure you leave the small black portion, as shown in the picture. Sprinkle loads of glitter on the glued heel, let sit for a while and then shake off. Make sure there is enough glue applied and also enough glitter. Lastly, put a single coat of varnish over the heel to keep the glitter in place and also giving your heel a sheer glow! With these beauties, you are bound to make heads turn!

6. DIY Faded Beach Shorts

DIY Faded Beach ShortsFor these beautiful shorts that give you the beach-y feels, you would require a pair of shorts, a bottle of fabric bleach and a plastic sheet for no mess. Yup that’s all you need! Lay the plastic sheet on the floor; place your shorts over it. Now in no particular pattern, splash little quantities of bleach all over the shorts and let stay for a while, or until the color starts to fade. When the desired pattern and color has been attained, wash the shorts to get rid of the excess bleach, dry them up and they are ready to wear!

5. The Braided Donut Bun

The braided donut bunFor this DIY fashion idea, you do not need anything other than two to three different sized hair bands, a few bobby pins and a spare sock! First what you need to do is put all your hair into a high pony and secure them with a small sized hair band. Now take the spare sock and cut the close end, roll into a donut and place over the small band. Now put hair over it as shown in the third picture, and secure another band to give your hair a bun shape. Take the extra hair that is left and braid them, tie them around the bun and secure with a bobby pin. Any loose ends should also be secured with a pin, attaining a neat and stylish donut bun. Best for the summers!

4. DIY Musical Nail Art

DIY Musical Nail artYou need to attend a party, you are well dressed but you forgot to take an appointment from your nail artist? That is complete nightmare! Well don’t worry, here’s a DIY fashion idea with which you can learn to create a beautiful musical note nail art in just 4 simple steps! All you need is black and white nail color, a small sized brush for details, a cotton bud and a top coat for the perfect finish. So to start, apply the white nail color using it as your base. Then take the black color and with steady hands and a size0 brush draw three lines on the tip of your nail. Now with a cotton bud, apply a dot with the same color on the top most line, partially covering it. Place another dot on the third line. With the brush make three lines and complete the musical note as shown in step 4. Lastly, put the top coat and you are done!

3. DIY 4th Of July Shorts

DIY 4th of July shortFourth of july is near and you need to be prepared with a patriotic pair of shorts? Or a shirt or pant for that matter? Well we have one amazing DIY Fashion Idea for this! What u need is a pair of shorts, some shiny studs, a star stencil, masking tape and fabric paints according to the color of the flag. Put a plastic sheet on your work area for easy cleanup. Lay your shorts and decide over what design you require. Now with the help of a masking tape paint your shorts front into red and white alternatively, as shown in the first figure. Now cut out a star on a card paper and use it as a stencil. Put stars over the other half of the shorts. Decorate with some studs and you have indeed created a master piece in no time!

2. DIY Perfect Summer Shoes

DIY Perfect Summer ShoesFor this DIY Fashion design, which is so easy and looks stunningly beautiful, all you need is a spare silk scarf, casual flats and a pair of scissors. Cut the scarf into two. Knot both pieces in the front end of the shoes, twisting the scarf all the way to the end. That is it! Now wear the slippers and wrap the scarf neatly over your feet. These sandals would look good on anything, be it a skirt, a short frock or your DIY Faded shorts!

1. DIY Statement Bracelet

diy statement bFor this particular DIY Fashion Idea, all you need are some pearls, a ribbon of your choice, some nylon string and a needle. To start of put some nylon string in the needle and secure one end of the ribbion. No put the needle through the ribbon, place a pearl in between, pass the needle further through the ribbon and go on doing it as shown in the figure above. When you have reached your desired length, secure the end and tie a knot. The bracelet is ready to wear!

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