7 Most Encouraging Ways Of How To Grow Your Hair Fast

Attaining luscious and long hair is like a dream come true for most of girls. Today’s generation is always looking for shortcuts in life; be it in terms of studies, career or even accessing beautiful outlooks. You would definitely be looking for how to grow your hair fast; right? Because that is the very reason you are reading this article. Without further delay let the seven most encouraging ways for hair growth be revealed to you!

7. Eat Appropriate Diet


Long hairstyles can only be grown and maintained if you are in good health, which demands balanced nutrition for your body and hair. The diet that encourages hair growth must include protein rich foods like eggs, meat etc. along with proteins vitamins and micro nutrients are also important that can be gained from spinach, alfalfa, bell pepper, cabbage, broccoli, grapefruit, avocado etc.

Remember your hairs are also a product of what you eat and this should be the first element to work on when considering how to grow your hair fast; no way is going to work on your hair unless you improve your diet.

6. Keep Yourself Stress Free


Stress is one of the biggest enemies of healthy hair; it leads to hair fall, weakening hair follicles and reduces the hair growth process. Be sure to meditate and exercise to release stress as it lis almost unavoidable element in today’s fast paced life. Say goodbye to stress and get yourself healthy and long hair.

5. Massage Scalp With Castor Oil


Now the real secret on how to grow your hair fast; the magical castor oil with an amazing quality of promoting hair growth as it is rich in omega 9 fatty acid and vitamin E. Castor oil should always be used in combination with other oils preferably olive or coconut oil as it is little viscous and makes massaging difficult. You need to massage your scalp for five minutes with the mixture and then leave it on hair for an hour or so followed by washing to remove the oil. Massaging enhances the blood flow to the scalp in turn stimulating the hair follicle for growth.

4. Potato Mask


Sounds weird? But this is incredibly useful when it comes to hair growth. All you need is a tablespoon of pure honey, juice from two medium sized potatoes and an egg yolk; whip them to form a homogenized blend and apply on roots and relax for thirty minutes before washing your hair. It also makes your hair silky and soft which helps in making beautiful hairstyles of your choice.

3. Apple Cider Vinegar


Rinsing your hair with apple cider vinegar can effectively promote hair growth and also serves to condition your hair.

2. Egg Mask


Egg mask is unforgettable simulator when answering how to grow your hair fast. Just whip two egg yolks with little olive oil and apply for fifteen minutes and then wash off with regular shampoo. Consistent application will lead you to the results.

1. Herbal Wash


Rosemary, horsetail, nettle, sage and catnip are herbs that stimulate the hair follicles and promote hair growth. Infuse the herbs in water for half an hour and wash your hair with that after shampooing to get the results.

Try out the tips on how to grow your hair fast and experience the change yourself! Nothing is impossible all you need is a little bit of effort and patience.

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