30 Maternity Dresses for Special Occasions 2016

Being pregnant means one can no longer wear her normal dresses, and that often becomes a hindrance when something comes up such as a party or a similar event. In these cases, it is important to maternity dresses that suit you well so that you don’t lose your grace and glamour, and so that you can make a strong impression on friends and family.

With the latest trends in mind, this collection of the maternity dresses for special occasions 2016 features articles approved by critics, and which are currently high in demand. The right dress should suit you as much as it suits the occasion that you are wearing it to.

30. Knot Front Maxi Maternity Dress For Special Occasion

Knot Front Maxi Maternity Dress for Special Occasion

You will find maxi dresses to be a more common choice for maternity dresses for special occasions. This particularly exotic entry features a comfortable and elegant knot front with a round neck. It makes you look lithe and sweet. The sleeveless design with the waist band further add to the beauty of this look so that it can become your new favorite.

29. Mesh Plunge Bodycon Maternity Dress For Special Occasion

Mesh Plunge Bodycon Maternity Dress for Special Occasion

This dress is an exclusive look that gives you an exotic feel. The broad round neck is created out of mesh, while the remaining dress is a simple and elegant medium length dress which will suit all formal occasions perfectly.

28. Maternity Maxi Dress With Sequin Embellished Waist

Maternity Maxi Dress with Sequin Embellished Waist

This is one of the most enticing maternity dresses that will win your heart as soon as you try the trendy waistband look. It is sleeveless which will only boost your looks on a summer or spring occasion. The sequin waist band is the star attraction because it is artfully designed and placed at the right spot to avert attention from the belly and to make you look just like before. Try this look for weddings and similar occasions for a chic look.


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