20 Trendy Themes For Short Ombre Hair

After all the rush towards shading your hair whatever way you like, hair color has evolved into this new fashion statement, and people are wildly embracing the new trends in hair color. What began from hair color used to taint your entire head of hair in the color of your choice out of a very narrow variety, is now all about the right texture for your hair and the right gradient to compliment your hairstyle and your face.

The common instinct is to crave for complexity, but there is no shame in keeping things simple ever once in a while. Here is a list of simple, elegant yet deluxe themes to make your short ombre hair charming.

20. Honey Ombre


This is an amazing way to die your hair at home, without the need of any pricey accessories. It is characterized by brunette hair, strong black at the top, and gradually evolving into a rich honey brown at the tips. Simply apply a highlighting kit for blonde hair, mix the bleach and the developer, and apply to brushed dry hair. The ombre hair effect is generated by applying the solution first to the tips, b picking random sections of it. After the tips, go back to the beginning and move higher up the hair, to the top.

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Now, let the hair rest for as much time as you wish the color to sink in to obtain the desired shade and gradient. A common method to speed the process up is by covering your head with aluminum foil. The best way to make the style suit dark hair, is by straightening them. Curls would make the smooth gradient non-uniform.

19. Medium Brown With Auburn And Pale Blonde Ends


Medium blonde hair tend to look boring, but with the slight adjustment and a gentle of touch of blonde at the tips, it can be evolved into an amazing combination. This ombre short hair theme looks great on straight short hair. However a slightly wavy texture will also do the auburn justice. Section the hair from the top portion of your hairline backwards, clip it away. Then prepare a dark brown hair color of any brand you desire to use.

Start from the top of your head, and slowly begin descending, keep applying decreasing quantities down to the ear line, and then gently rub the rest of your hair with gloved fingers dipped in the solution. Then, gather hair from the top area of your hairline, and secure it atop your head. Proceed with the rest of your hair, covering them up. This creates the rich texture that makes your ombre hair look so amazing.

18. Sun Kissed Ombre


This short ombre hair technique makes your hair look subtle and soft, with the tips lightened and gentle short waves that make your hair look exotic. It is best to make your hair tips curve outwards to make the look more posing. Wear this ombre theme to proms and parties. It will make your short hair look gorgeous. You need to prepare the color in three intensities. First remove tangles from the hair, and make three sections, on top of each other. The lightest color goes to the ends.

Take small sections of hair, separate them from the rest of your hair by using aluminum foil. For each section, apply the three colors in the correct order. To let the colors hold, fold the foils and clip them in place. After about thirty minutes, remove the foils. Voila! Sun kissed ombre hair is finished. Although it takes a bit more skill but the result is always satisfying.

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