2 Exciting Ways About How To Ombre Hair?

Have you been mulling over to get ombre hair? Are you impressed by the girl next door who enjoys a lot of attention due to her ombre hair? Has your partner asked you to ombre your hair and add spice to your looks? May be it is time to go ombre.

And if there is a decrease in the attention you had been getting at your workplace and from your spouse it’s probably time to ombre your hair to give a new definition to your look. Ombre hair is a coloring technique for hair which makes the color of your hair lighter at the lower portion of hair and darker at the upper portion. So in a way the color of your hair lightens in grades from top to bottom.

How to ombre hair may seem tricky and confusing but it is not if you follow the correct steps in the right way. Doing it in the wrong way may ruin the look of your hair and create an unappealing contrast out of your hair. Read carefully and follow closely the steps given below about how to ombre your hair, if you don’t want any of these things to happen.

Techniques Of How To Ombre Hair


Actually, there are two techniques of how to ombre hair. One is a traditional one and the other is a reverse. In the traditional technique, the color of your roots is darker and the color at the ends on your hair is lighter. The reverse ombre hair technique is just opposite to it, i. e, the lighter color at the roots and darker at the tips.

You should avoid choosing a color that is radically different from your natural hair shade. But if you have long hair then you can choose any color because you have the advantage of fading the chosen color gradually throughout your hair length. You should try to make the color change subtle and sober so that it looks more natural on your hairstyle.

The more natural it would look the better look you will achieve. Lastly, you should consider using mild or natural color dyes ombre hair so that the damage to your hair is minimal. So select your color keeping in mind all these considerations.

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2. Bleach And Dye Method


How to ombre hair is best answered by the bleach and dye method which comprises of three separate steps or parts. Each part has its own importance and should be followed accurately as mentioned. The three parts namely are: getting started, bleaching your hair and coloring your hair. All three of them are discussed in detail below in order to know how to ombre hair.

First Step: Getting started


The first step is selecting the color you want. This is the base of every other step. You should be careful about selecting the color to ombre hair and should select the color which works well with your natural hair color. You have an option of different colors like a light shade of brown, a light shade of red and a light shade of blonde. The second important thing is to decide where the two colors should meet. If you make the two colors meet at a place too high on your hair length then it would look like your hair roots have grown out.

So you should go for a safer option. The safer option is the jaw line. The two colors should meet at the jaw line. This will give your hair a better look than any other point will give.

If you feel uncomfortable with this meeting point you still have the option of adding more color as and when you like.


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