7 The Best Sad Romance Movies

Most of us miss the people whom we loved so much and failed to develop a life-long relation with them. Watching the following sad romance movies will provide you the best opportunity of remembering those golden moments of life that are no more with you. These movies are also the best source for catharsis for your broken hearts.

7. A Little Bit Of Heaven

A Little Bit of HeavenMarley Corbett (Kate Hudson) plays a memorable role in this movie. Her life was full of colors, even knowing across that she has got colon cancer. She never stayed low, but Marley can’t control herself and started loving her doctor Gael. However both of them are not so lucky enough to deal with Marley’s cancer, ultimately ending up with sadness and despair. It will be the one of the beautiful movies that make you cry every time you see them.

6. The Best Of Me

The Best of MeThis story was inspired by the novel of Nicolas Sparks. It is one such sad romance movies that will remind you of your childhood friends, lost somewhere around. Amanda and Dawson were two friends in school, perfectly suitable for each other. However they do fall apart, but after the time span of 20 years they reunite on their mutual friend’s funeral. Sooner they got realized that, the forces which let them away previously still exist. One of the best romantic and sad movies you’ll ever see.

5. If I Stay

If I StayMia Hall was in the state of confusion to choose either her love for life or to pursue her dream to become a prestigious Julliard. You can’t have a control on your fate that’s what happened to Mia, when she got a severe car accident. Almost gone to death Mia regains her life and now she has got a clear vision of what to chose for her remaining blessed life.

4. An Affair To Remember

An Affair to RememberQuite an old but one of the highly sad romance movies is probably none other than an affair to remember. This is a movie, in which two people of opposite gender fall in love with each other on a cruise from Europe to America. Both of them assured each other to meet again but unluckily due to some reasons lady can’t make it so leaving guy with so many doubts floating all over his mind. It is also known for its melodious movie songs.

3. Love And Honor

Love and HonorA one week secret trip back to U.S has unrevealed so many bitter truths to two soldiers Liam Hemsworth and Austin Stowell. These two of men were fighting bravely in Vietnam but unfortunately, they lost something bigger back in U.S that let them learnt true values of love and honor. It is surely will be one of the best inspirational movies you’ll ever see.

2. William Shakespeare’s Romeo + Juliet

William Shakespeare’s Romeo + JulietThe love birds Romeo and Juliet can never be left untouched when there a discussion going in about sad romance movies. Shakespeare pen down this story and Baz Luhrmann showed the world true meaning of love between two people. Regardless of Juliet happiness, her father arranged her marriage to Count Paris for business propositions. The unhappy Juliet never knew that she is going to meet the most charming person Romeo in the upcoming masked ball party. Meanwhile if you’re looking for some of the most amazing and the best quotes ever, you must watch this movie.

1. Brief Encounter

Brief EncounterYou’ll never know how and when you’d be starting loving to someone. Yes, that is the story of Laura Jesson (bored housewife) and Alec Harvey (virtual doctor). A surprising encounter between these people let them to meet several times in future, resulting in some sort of strange yet dependable attachment to each other. If you’re looking for some romantic and the most inspirational movies, this one is a must watch.

The end result of sad romance movies might not be so good because of separation and all that stuff. But it doesn’t necessarily mean that these movies are always depressing. They actually encourage you to strengthen yourself and carry on life even after losing the dearest person of your life.

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