7 Most Inspirational Movies That You Must Watch!

Submitted By Jazlyn Hunt  

A good movie will make you laugh and perhaps even reduce you to tears at the right moment. A great movie however, will inspire you. It will make you take a step back and look at life from a different perspective. Here are 7 most inspirational movies that you must watch!

7. A Beautiful Mind


Starring Russell Crowe in the lead as an aspiring young mathematician who gets into MIT after getting a revolutionary new idea in governing dynamics and is approached by the government to help them crack codes and find patterns. However, the dark side of genius settles in and madness seems to be the end of the great Professor Nash.

6. Fight Club


One of the most inspirational movies of all times, Fight Club tells the story of a young man who becomes addicted to attending support groups and pretending to be a victim after he’s diagnosed with insomnia. He finds a friend who sets up a fight club with him but when the situation gets out of hand, it turns out that the friend exists only inside his own head.

5. V For Vendetta


In this movie, a freedom fighter’s struggle to rid the world in 2020 of a fascist regime, with the help of a young man that he saves and later falls in love with. Definitely one of the most inspirational movies, it follows the classic battle between good and evil since time immemorial.

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