7 Best Inspirational Movies

Inspirational movies are essential for you whether you are an adult or an amateur. Such movies work best to uplift your ego and make you feel brighter and more motivated in your everyday tasks. Hollywood has seen lots of such movies, but here is a short list of the best inspirational movies the box office has seen.

7. Patch Adams


This is by far one of the most widely appreciated and best inspirational movies. The late Robin Williams took the role of a medical student who, with warmth in his heart, believed that good conduct was essential in his profession. This led to an unmatched devotion towards his job and his patients. Although the young doctor faced many a problem in his endeavor, it never belittled him. This old movie is good enough to inspire people from all walks of life.

6. The Help


Harking back to the 1960’s, this movie is about black house servants who face discrimination and problems in their lives and how a young well-to-do white girl comes to their aid and gathers their stories into a book all the while defying all the standards placed by white people against black ones. This is one of the best inspirational movies that you should watch with your family.

5. Moneyball


A baseball team owner hires an exceptionally brilliant mind. Together using computer generated data to evaluate players, they assemble a team of previously dropped players who score a chain of shocking victories against the country’s largest and strongest teams. It features Bradd Pitt and other prominent actors, and it’s great for all people.

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