30 Movies Sure To Make You Cry

Movies which are also known as films are a form of visual and mental communication that uses the help of sounds and moving pictures to transfer stories        and information to the people. Movies are seen as a part of entertainment by everyone in the entire world. It is a great way of fun and entertainment which keeps people busy and kills their spare time. For many people, a fun movie can be the one that can make them laugh while some other sad movies can certainly make them cry. It is just the emotional aspect of the story that makes the one watching it cry badly or make them feel scared.

Movies are basically made to be shown on the big screen that is called a movie theater or cinema. At first these movies are shown in cinema for a specific period of time but after that they are available on TV as well as sold through DVDs and video cassettes, so that people can easily watch them while sitting at home. Nowadays movies are also available online for streaming and to download.

Emotional and sad movies are all about digging out all your emotions and if the film you are watching is that powerful then it will surely make you ugly cry. You will certainly shed your precious tears and you’ll forget it for the rest of your lives. So next time you are going to watch a drama or sad movie keep a tissue box with you, you might know that you will start crying in the middle of it. For your love of the movies, we have compiled a set of 30 emotional and saddest movies that make you cry and will make you extremely emotional.

30. The Time Traveler’s Wife

THE TIME TRAVELER'S WIFEThe Time Traveler’s Wife is one of the movies that will make you cry. The time you step in to see the movie, the very emotions start at the beginning and you will start shedding tears when the time traveler works hard to bring back his wife from the past but this goes all in vain and he experiences some new things while traveling through the time from past to future. The movie was released in 2009 and by that time it has won many hearts even till now. The film is a romantic drama with some sad movie aspects, showing some time traveling experiences and complications.

29. The Green Mile

THE GREEN MILEThe Green Mile is a crime drama film starring Tom Hanks and John Coffey. This film was released it 1999 and was originally inspired by a novel written by Stephen King. It is a murder story where the black criminal brutally kills two sisters and Paul who is Tom hanks starts a series of question from the criminal whether he was involved in this crime or not. The ups and downs of the film made his viewers cry a lot and made it one of the saddest movies of all time.

28. Marley And Me

MARLEY AND MEMarley and Me is a beautiful movie that was plotted successfully. This movie was released in 2008 and revolved around a pet dog that was really mischievous and naughty. The movie portrays how a family introduces a pup in their lives and after being an adult he took his entertainment to another level by failing obedience and destroying the furniture. Later on the dog gets sick and doesn’t survive. The dramatic storyline between the family and the dog made this film a cry forever.

27. Seven Pounds

SEVEN POUNDSWill Smith starrer Seven Pounds has won many hearts. The movie is an emotional drama film released in 2008. The film portrays a life-shattering story about a guy who has gone through several life experiences. He then devotes to change the lives of seven people to compensate the harm he gave in the past. The film is one of the emotional tragedy movies and makes you cry for anything. The performance of Will Smith is just unforgettable and made each and every part of the movie flawless.

26. The Vow

THE VOWThe Vow is a beautifully constructed movie between newlyweds who face a big tragedy when a car accident leaves the wife in a coma. This movie was released in 2012 and is categorized as a sad romantic movie. When the wife wakes after a long coma state, she has a severe memory loss and doest even recognize her husband. The emotional background is way too strong and made everyone cry on their seats. The film is inspired by a true story and did quite a good business.

25. Armageddon

ARMAGEDDONArmageddon is an American science fiction thriller movie and involves an asteroid that threatened to collide with the Earth. The film was released in 1999 and shows a complete strategy determined by the actors to stop reaching it the Earth and to detonate it with a nuclear bomb while it is in the space. The bond shown between the two lovers along with a father and his daughter is very emotional and can make anyone cry at the end.

“The most emotional movie of all times is Titanic that will surely make you cry for long.”

24. P.S I Love You

P.S I LOVE YOUThis movie is a romantic drama movie released in 2007. The movie plot portrays a series of love letters written by a husband to his wife who died due to some illness. To compensate her grief he writes letters to her for every year on her 30th birthday and onwards. The film is a sad romantic movie and makes you cry after small intervals as the way the wife remembers her husband and the emotions she shows are just out of this world.

23. My Sister’s Keeper

MY SISTER'S KEEPERMy Sister’s Keeper is an emotional drama film release in 2009. The film is originally adapted from the novel written by Jodi Picoult. The movie revolves around two sisters who have a strong emotional bonding. The little one is extremely ill and has gone through several medical surgeries. The elder sister later sues her parents due to their unorthodox decisions that have cracked the entire family. It is one of the saddest movies of all times and will make you cry because of it strong story plot.

22. The Blind Side

THE BLIND SIDEThe Blind Side is a movie based on a true story about a homeless black teen guy whose life involves drifting in and out of the poor schooling system that makes him hopeless about his life goals. This homeless teen is then legally adopted by a couple who take cares of him and transforms his life with some amazing new goals. The film was released in 2009 and is a semi-biographic sports drama with a twist of some appreciating emotions. One can never stop shedding some tears after watching this movie.

21. Brokeback Mountain

BROKEBACK MOUNTAINBrokeback Mountain is a 2005 romantic drama movie between two cowboys who keep their secretive love relationship hidden for about 20 years. The movie is involves two guys who are married but shows a form of interest in each other. The forbidden story and relationship stays hidden from quite a long time between the family and the emotional upbringing makes you cry for the good reason. The movie can be easily compared with the movies like The Vow as the storyline is based on love and emotions.

20. Bambi

BAMBIBambi is a classic Disney animation movie that was originally released in 1942. It involves around a fawn named Bambi who joins some new rabbit and skunk friends. She also faces some dangers in the forest and meadows which make this film heartier to watch and the emotional effects make anyone cry. The cute Bambi has won many hearts after this movie and still children remember her.

19. Bridge To Terabithia

BRIDGE TO TERABITHIABridge to Terabithia is an American fantasy adventure drama film filled with emotions and lots of twists and turns. A film starts with a young boy who befriends a girl who is a class outsider. They both create an imaginary world named Terabithia which is inhabited with loads of magical creatures. The film is a fantasy and emotional roller coaster showing what friendship is all about.

18. Flowers Of Wars

FLOWERS OF WARChristian Bale starrer movie Flowers of War is a Chinese adaptation. This film was released in 2011 based on a Chinese historical drama where an American tries to save few Chinese students and prostitutes from Japanese soldiers in 1973 Nanjing. The movie plot is quite strong with some emotional background to make you shed some tears. They refuge in a church to hide from the soldiers which make this film an amazing compilation.

17. A Walk To Remember

A WALK TO REMEMBER2002 released movie A Walk to Remember is an American extreme teen romantic drama involving two high school students. These two form a love bond between themselves that most people take a lifetime to learn. This movie is an emotional roller coaster and can be compared with movies like The Last Song. You will never regret watching this movie and it will surely make you cry.

“A movie is tagged as a drama film when the story plot is emotionally strong and the one watching it cries at any point of the film.”

16. The Lucky One

THE LUCKY ONEThis movie is just too emotional to watch and if you are planning to cry then you certainly need to watch this movie. It is a 2012 release romantic drama with lots of intense emotional aspects where an army return from Iraq looks for a woman, he doest even know her and later on falls in love with her. The intense emotional and romance scenes keep you captivated and stuck to the seat. In simple words it one of the best romantic movies of all times.

15. Charlie St.Cloud

CHARLIE ST. CLOUDThe gorgeous Zac Efron starrer movie Charlie St. Cloud was released in 2010 and is an emotional drama between the family members. Loved and adored by his mother and little brother, Charlie is shown a successful sailor and a college boy with a beautiful and bright future ahead. When his brother dies in a tragic car accident Charlie dreams die with him. It is an emotional train of love and desires that will keep you motivated to watch the movie till the end and will certainly make you cry a lot.

14. Dying Young

DYING YOUNGWhen you want to see Julia Robert in action and drama then you must watch this film. Released in 1991, this movie has melted many hearts. The film is beautifully directed where she is interviewed for an ad to care for an ill young man. She gets selected and her bond starts with the character himself. The movie emotionally involves around them with some intense love and care emotions that will make you cry for long.

13. The Last Song

THE LAST SONGOnce in for all what are some good movies for, to entertain you, to make you laugh and above all to make you so emotional that you will start crying. This is how it works when you watch the movie The Last Song. It is a family drama where a girl’s father has dedicated his life for music and her mother takes her and her younger brother somewhere near the countryside where she romances with a local guy. The drama continues with some emotions and love letting you cry for some moment.

12. The Lovely Bones

THE LOVELY BONESA beautiful yet mature storyline where a brutally killed 14 year old girl observes her family and killer from the heaven. Released in 2009, this movie has genuinely made many people cry and how she tried to take revenge of her murder. She once again wants to rejoice with her family but as she is no longer a member of this world she can only observe them and wish that her family to heal again from the very pain.

11. Steel Magnolias

STEEL MAGNOLIASThis very old 1989 movie is an American comedy family drama revolving around a bride-to-be and her mother. The emotional pattern between the two is really intense and the love spell they both share will make you cry for no reason. You just have to sit quietly and watch the movie. Beautiful women are gathered to make this movie more interesting and beautiful to watch.

10. Selena

SELENAThis Jennifer Lopez starrer movie is a biographical drama about a singer who was born in a Mexican-American family in Texas. The father realizes that his daughter is a talented singer and they both begin to start singing at small venues that later on turns out to be a big success for them. This movie was released in 1999 and is a career based true story. This film has much more to show that will make you cry at any time.

9. Stepmom

STEPMOMThis 1998 is comedy drama film has made a lot of people cry. Julia Robert starrer sensational movie revolves around a bunch of children whose parents are divorced and their father is interested to bring a stepmom for them. The movie shows intense relationships between the children and their stepmom causing an emotional background that will make you shed tears.

8. One Day

ONE DAYThis fabulous movie was released in 2011 as one of the romance drama films. The movie is about a girl who meets a playboy on their graduation day. Both of them are from different tracks and find a good long life relationship. They stay together for 20 years sharing love, fun and laughter and later on realize what they were actually looking for. The emotional and drama sequences of the movie are just awesome and those will surely make you cry. This is listed as one of the sad love movies that many people love to see nowadays.

7. Life As We Know It

LIFE AS WE KNOW ITThe movie says it all, it is all about compromises and going with each others likes and dislikes. This film is 2010 release and a very good romantic-comedy drama. After a bad date, the two characters just live together just for their goddaughter. But when they are emotionally involved with her they have to keep all their difference aside and move on for the sake of the little girl. The beautiful emotional scene has won my tears and may be yours if you wish to watch this movie.

6. Changeling

CHANGELINGAngelina Jolie starrer movie Changeling is a 2008 American drama movie. This movie is based on some true facts and about a single mother who arrives home one day and finds out that her son is gone. After a 5 months struggle, she finds him but to her horror when the boy steps out of the train, it is not her son. The storyline revolves around the two and the struggle they did in their lives. The tragedy and drama together has a lot to do with one’s emotions.

5. The Notebook

THE NOTEBOOKThis movie is based on a 1996 novel written by Nick Cassavetes and was released in 2004. The story moves between two lovers who love each other till death but as their parents don’t approve the marriage the guy has to reach and serve in World War II, that seem to be the end of their love story. The involvement of the girl starts with someone else and later on when the guy comes back, he realizes that his love for her was over years back. The plot of the movie is very strong and so the emotional aspect of the movie has made many people cry.

4. The Pursuit Of Happiness

THE PURSUIT OF HAPPINESSOh My God this film is a big time 2006 hit and a big roller coaster of emotions. The living characters of the movie are done by Will Smith and his real-life son. The story plot is way too strong and the acting is just unbelievable. The film is all about a married guy who struggles a lot in life to attain a certain successful goal even when his wife leaves him and his son. Both the father and son go through a tough time but never regret the hardships they have faced in life, a big shout out and 5 stars to this amazing and wonderful movie.

3. Artificial Intelligence

ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCEThis movie is my childhood favorite and made me cry a lot at that time. This movie is Steven Spielberg sensation that was released in 2001. Being a science fiction movie one can never guess the emotional element of the movie but what the director has portrayed is just out of this world. A robotic boy who is filled with intense emotions and the way he loves and cares for his worldly mother. The last part of the movie will drive you in tears when the mother abandons the robotic boy and he still needs his mother.

2. Hachi: A Dog Tale

HACHI A DOG TALEHachi is a wonderful movie based on a dog named Hachiko that used to love his master. This movie was released in 2009 and was starred by Richard Gere. It is a based on true story that happen in Japan where a man adopts a pup and they way the bonding between them strengthens. He uses to wait for his master on the railway station and then goes home when his master returns. One day he never returned and the dog kept on waiting for him for days and months. The plot is extremely emotion and you will certainly cry when you will watch this amazing movie.

1. Titanic

TITANICThis amazing movie can be marked as the movie of the century. Based on a true incident, this movie was released in 1997. The film is based on two characters played by Kate Winslet and Leonardo Dicaprio who are one of the travelers of Titanic ship that was said to be a never drowning ship and drowned at the end carrying 1500 people to death. The love plot and the emotional sequences are just amazingly done by the actors. The film is one emotional ride that will make you cry for sure. Even then Leonardo has never won an Oscar.

All these amazing movies has won many hearts and made a lot of people cry out loud. It is just because of the strong storyline and the way the director directs each and every scene of the movie. It is the filmmaker who knows how to tickle the audience and they know how to make them emotional all together. So hold a pack of popcorn with your favorite soda and start watching these movies.

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