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10 Outstanding Beauty Treatments With Baking Soda

Baking soda is very useful for hair, nails and skin when used in a balanced amount. It helps neutralize the pH and also possesses antibacterial, antifungal, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties. Among the very expensive beauty products baking soda is economical, good for health and can be afforded by everyone.

Read here and know how baking soda could help you in the cases of emergency and otherwise.

10. For Yellow Teeth

For yellow teethBad breath, foul smell and yellow teeth are sure an embarrassment for the person. Most of the times it is due to the poor brushing habits of the person and careless attitude of the people towards their oral hygiene. One must always be aware of the importance of oral hygiene and the importance of teeth. Though at times the yellow hue of the teeth is not because of the oral hygiene but due to the natural colour of the teeth.

Baking soda has an abrasive quality if it is rubbed against a hard surface, hence baking soda could be used to attain pearly white teeth. It also helps in the removal of plaque and neutralizing the pH of the oral cavity. It is one of the best homemade teeth whitener you can use at home.

  • While you squeeze some tooth paste on your tooth brush sprinkle over a bit of baking soda on the paste. Brush your teeth with this and see the difference.
  • You can also make a paste by adding 4 tbsp of turmeric root powder 2 tsp of baking soda and 3 tbsp of extra virgin coconut oil. Mix them well and apply this mixture once a in a day for a month.

9. For Acne Spot Treatment

For acne spot treatment

Girls and boys who hit the age of puberty are welcomed by acne and pimples very frequently. This acne mostly is not so friendly enough to leave the skin smooth and spotless. Acne spots are sometimes so prominent that one has to go for different acne treatment courses to the dermatologists. It is usually recommended that if a pimple appears out on the skin you must not try to pop it on your own as the chances are high that might leave a mark on your skin, and marks do not look pretty at all. It becomes so annoying and depressing that you start to wonder how to get rid of acne for good.

If we talk about home remedies for acne spots and pimples there are a number of them to help get rid of pimples and the spots. Baking soda being an anti inflammatory helps to maintain the pH of the skin, reduce the symptoms of acne and also reduce the chances of recurrence of skin breakout.

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  • Wash your face thoroughly.
  • Then mix 1 tsp of baking soda with water and apply this mixture on the affected area.
  • Let it stay for 2 minutes and then wash it off with cold water.
  • Do this daily for two to three days.
  • After some time repeat it just twice a week.

8. For A Better Skin Complexion

For a Better Skin Complexion

A smooth and a healthy looking skin is all you want. You go the expensive spas for the best skin products to be used on your skin. Everyone wants to know how to get flawless skin naturally. You go to buy the best brands in the market for a flawless toned skin. Some of you are into home remedies to try new and better natural ingredients that would suit your skin. All you need to get a skin with a better complexion.

For different skin types there are different products being designed similarly there are various natural ingredients that are allocated for different types. But here we will talk about baking soda which is more or less the same for every skin type.

Baking soda helps to remove the dead cells from the skin which leads to a better looking skin complexion, balances the pH of the skin and helps to remove the acne symptoms.

  • Take 2 tsp of baking soda and mix with rose water or just water to make a paste. Now apply this paste on the skin and let it stay for 2 minutes on the skin once it gets dry remove it from the skin in circular motions. Then wash the face with water and apply moisturizer in the end.
  • You can also use 1 tbsp of baking powder mixed in 2-3 drops of lemon juice and 2-5 drops of extra virgin olive oil. Mix it well together and apply this paste on your face and let it stay there for 5 minutes. Wash this with cold water and moisturize the skin well.

7. Using As A Deodorant

Using as a deodorant

Bad odor coming from a person’s body is simply unbearable. Sweating a natural phenomenon by which the body regulates its temperature so it couldn’t be stopped by a person itself. In order to avoid the foul odor that comes due to the excessive sweating one must wear different body sprays. There are certain people who are naturally allergic to these body sprays and anti prespirant deodorants. For such people there are natural products to help them out with this problem and one of those natural products is baking soda.

  • It is an antibacterial agent that helps to kill the bacteria that gives rise to bad odor.
  • For baking soda deodorant mix together 1/8 tsp of baking soda with 1 tbsp of water and a few drops of essential oil. With a cotton ball rub it in the areas where you sweat.
  • The other one is mixing together cornstarch and baking soda together. Dust this powder in your underarms to prevent the bad odor. might want to check out how to get rid of dark underarms.

6. Face Wash

Face washWashing your face daily with the good face wash is the key to a better skin. Face washes of different brands are available for various skin types and you should use the one which suits your skin. Some of them go well on the oily skin while some of them go well on the dry skin. So, choose yours wisely so that you may do justice to your skin. Some people also prefer going for purely natural products. They do not rely on the formulated market chemicals at all.
Baking soda is supposed to be one of those natural ingredients that help formulate a homemade natural face wash. With baking soda you can also use Aloe Vera Gel for face and skin problems and also to get beautiful skin.

  • For a baking soda face wash you need to combine 1 tbsp of honey with a few drops of lemon juice and tsp of baking soda.
  • Mix them well in you palm like a face wash and then apply it on your face.
  • Move your palm in circular motions and then wash it cold water.

As baking soda is antibacterial in nature it helps to protect the skin as well.

So, if you are thinking for a good pedicure at home then don’t forget to add some baking soda as it helps remove the dead cells very well.

5. For An Easy Stomach

For An Easy StomachWhen you feel too filled up and your tummy starts bloating, this sure in an uncomfortable state for you. Sometimes you eat too late at night and then you have a heart burn which doesn’t even let you sleep properly. Whereas, there are times when you feel very acidic that you can’t eat much. Any of these conditions if occur during the night and you are out of your medications than you should definitely know the natural products that will be helpful for you to ease the condition. There are many effective home remedies for heartburn and acidity but baking soda is one of the best ones.

  • Baking soda is supposed to work well with an easy stomach.
  • Because of its alkaline nature it can neutralize the acid which is the culprit to the issue of acidity.
  • It’s very simple to go about it, mix 1 tsp of baking soda into a warm glass of water and drink it. This will help you out with the problem.

4. Remedy For Dandruff

Remedy for dandruffDandruff free hair is supposed to be healthy and better looking. Dandruff is actually small pieces of dead skin cells on the scalp of a person. Some people experience it chronically while some of them experience it due to certain triggers. It could be accompanied with redness and irritation and is found to be more prevailing people during the winters. It has been found that dandruff could occur either because of the secretion of skin oil known as sebum. It could also be a result of metabolic by-product of skin micro organisms. Whatever the reason is every person suffering from this problem wants to know how to get rid of dandruff effectively as it can lead to severe hair fall.

Baking soda helps to get rid of these white flakes on the scalp. It not only clears the scalp but also helps to balance the pH of head.

  • You can rub baking soda on your scalp before taking a bath. Keep it on your head for 5 minutes and then rinse off your scalp.
  • The other one which you can try is mixing juice of one freshly squeezed lemon in 1tbsp of baking soda. Apply this mixture on your scalp and then rinse it off after 2-3 minutes. Follow this method just once a week to get rid of dandruff on your scalp.

3. For Yellow Nails

For yellow nails

Your hands and feet are one of the major parts of your body. Pretty feet and hands contribute to your beauty a great deal. Chipped nails and cracked skin is very unattractive to look at particularly when the heels appear to be cracked.
Dirty nails with yellow hue are supposed to give a very ugly look to your hands or feet. One must always be keeping their hands, feet nails clean and proper, or else it would be very embarrassing for you in public.
Baking soda is again the one that can help you with getting rid of yellow toenails and fingernails.

  • In a bowl add half cup of water, 1 tsp of 3 % of hydrogen per oxide and tbsp of baking soda. Stir it well. Now immerse your nails in this solution for 3 minutes and then rinse.
  • Alternatively you can make a paste by adding 2 ½ tbsp of baking soda in 1 tbsp of 3 % hydrogen per oxide. Apply this paste on your nails and then wash it away after keeping it on the nails for 2 minutes or a little more. Repeat this method once after a period of two months.

2. For Oily Hair

For oily hairOily hair is a problem of so many of us particularly when you are getting late for the party and there is no time to take shower. Oily hair is a result of excessive release of oil from the sebaceous glands on the skin. With the pollutants in the air our hair gets greasy and smelly which is not acceptable. But worry not baking soda will help you with this problem as well, it will help reduce the oil from the hair and kill the foul odor coming from your hair. Here are simple tips that will teach you how to get rid of oily hair easily.

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  • You can mix one part if baking soda with 3 parts of water. Apply this on your scalp and then rinse it off with cold water. You can repeat this once or twice in month depending upon the requirement.
  • You can even add 1 tbsp of soda in your regular bottle of shampoo and use this one twice a week
  • One more method is to making baking soda as your dry shampoo. You can do it by adding equal quantities of cornstarch and baking soda together and sprinkle it on your roots and your hair. Brush it nicely and you will love the outcome of it surely.

1. For Sunburn

For sunburnDuring the hot and sultry midsummer noons it is possible for you to get sun burns if you have a sensitive skin. So it is always recommended to go out of the house with a layer of suitable SPF sun block on your skin. In case you do not have one then you should carry some baking soda with you. Baking soda has an alkalinizing property which helps to balance the pH of the skin. It even helps to sooth the itching and burning sensation on the skin and heal the sunburn blisters. With its mild drying properties it also helps to dry the sunburns faster.

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  • In a bowl add cold water and 1-2 tbsp of baking soda. Mix this well and dip a piece of cloth in it. Squeeze the extra amount of water and compress it for 5 minutes on the burnt area. Repeat it until it is relieved.
  • On the other hand you can also add about ½ cup of baking soda in a bath tub full of cold water. Then soak your body in this for 15 minutes and come out. Sit till it dries or pat dry the body. Repeat once a week for better results.

More About Baking Soda

  • If you want to give some good volume to your hair try using baking soda. You will enjoy the results.
  • Did you know that your hair brush could be cleaned very easily with baking soda? Yes, it will surely help you with it.
  • Baking soda helps remove chlorine from your hair. So you can apply baking soda right after swimming.
  • Use it while doing your pedicure.

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