15 Tips About How To Get Beautiful And Flawless Skin

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A woman of every age has profound desire and interests in knowing the hidden secrets of a flawless and beautiful skin. To take proper care of your skin is necessary. Whether you are a housewife, a social worker, an employee, or a teenager, you have the right to look immensely gorgeous. If you work a lot and do not have much time to go for parlors, we bring you detailed home remedies to make your skin look F L A W L E S S. A shiny and bright skin leaves a gleaming impression everywhere you go. People will start admiring you for the neatness and glow; you wear on your face.

Every woman face has a different skin type; some people are worried of oily skin where some are concerned for their dry skin problems. Due to different climatic changes, our skin gets affected and women go in trouble of losing their charming skin. To make you look beautiful with 100-watt skin, there are some simple and easy home remedies to be followed on regular basis and here you see, the glittering face of a beautiful woman. Every woman gets worried about pimples, dark circles, spots, acne scars. It is time to get out of worrisome and live beautifully with gorgeous skin. Just some gentle care and you look extremely gorgeous. Below are some easy and effective remedies that you can apply regularly and you will observe clear results. Just go for available things at home and BE GORGEOUS.

15. Face Cleansing

FACE CLEANSINGCleansing is a basic factor to keep you neat and clean. Whether you do home chores or cook in the kitchen, your face needs proper cleansing every day. It is not only applicable for women or students who go outside to work and learn. It is of equally importance to housewives to take special care of their skin. While living in pollution and dirt air, our skin needs to be cleansed on regular basis. Cleansing helps in removing dirt on your face, which is not easily removed from using soaps as use of soap, give little harshness to the face.

  • Go for a suitable cleanser from good market store.
  • Cleanse your face gently for few minutes with circular motion.
  • Wipe off the face with cotton pops.
  • Wash it with a suitable face wash.

14. Lemon

LemonLemon is well known for its acidic nature and anti-bacterial properties. Lemon is highly enriched with vitamin C, which tends to remove the tanned areas on the skin. The presence of antioxidants in lemon helps to exfoliate the skin and remove dead skin. Lemon works wonder as skin brightener and treatment for skin burn. A simple procedure of lemon can make your skin look amazing and brightening. Lemon is the right cleanser that can work effectively and can take away tanned, marked or dead skin. It genuinely bring glow to your face and let your skin shines instantly. Lemon has also come bleaching properties that is effective in glowing your skin complexion.

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Follow the following procedure to apply lemon on your face and other body parts;

  • Cut a fresh lemon into two pieces.
  • Directly rub the lemon gently on skin or apply lemon juice with cotton.
  • Leave it on your face for few minutes.

Note: If you have scratches or small spots on face, do not apply lemon as irritation can occur.

Lemon honey scrub

Another effective remedy is facial scrub of lemon and honey.

  • Take lemon juice in a bowl.
  • Add tablespoon of honey into it.
  • Gently apply it one the face and scrub the face.
  • Rinse it off after few minutes.

13. Sugar

SUGARSugar particles works as a wonder on human skin. Sugar is a natural source of glycolic acid that helps to treat sun damaged and aged skin. White sugar makes a fantastic exfoliate and provide excellent results. Sugar particles are used in various face scrubs to exfoliate dead, ugly skin cells and reveal the actual glowing cells of the skin. Unless, the dead cells are removed, no remedy will be effective on the affected areas of the skin. Sugar scrubs are more hydrating than any other scrubs.

How to make a sugar scrub for face and how to apply? No worries just follow the guidelines;

  • Mix sugar particles with honey and lemon juice.
  • Take sufficient amount of honey and lemon.
  • Mix the ingredients well.
  • Apply the scrub on the face and exfoliate the skin.
  • Allow it to rest on your face.
  • Rinse it off gently.

Combined mixture of sugar and olive oil also works effectively on the face.

12. Use Of Tomato

USE OF TOMATOTomato comes under vegetable is rich in vitamin and nutrients. It treats well in turning an ugly skin into a healthy glowing skin. It is effective in skin brightening and tightening. Chilled tomatoes are helpful in beautifying the polluted face. A fresh tomato can bring effective results on your skin. The nourishing properties of vitamin A, K and C present in the natural tomato beautify your skin. Tomato facemasks are to be known for effective skin results and are helpful in removing dead skin, leaving it more clean and glowing.

  • Take sliced tomato and apply it on your face with circular motion, rinse it off after few minutes.
  • Take 1 fresh tomato.
  • Add 1 tsp. of lemon juice and 1/2 tsp. of oatmeal.
  • Apply the paste on your face.
  • Massage for few minute.
  • Rinse off with chilled water.
  • For cooling effect, crush half tomato and add 8 tbsp of yogurt. Apply on the face regularly to cure sunburn.

11. Cucumber


Cucumber is well known for home remedies. It is more effective to cure dark circles and eye puffiness. To make your skin look flawless and ravishing, cucumber facemasks are mostly admirable by women. Cucumber helps in reducing oiliness, improves the skin complexion and tightens the pores. The coolness of cucumber will reduce the puffiness of the eyes. Follow some cucumber masks to make you skin looking glowing.

Cucumber eye mask

  • Place the sliced cucumber on the puffy eyes. Close the eyes and allow it to rest on the eyes for 10 minutes.
  • To hydrate dry skin, cucumber with yogurt works great.
  • Lemon and cucumber, both enriched in vitamin C, helps to reduce scars and blemishes from face.
  • If your skin is acne-prone, so here it is cucumber and lemon remedy to treat your acne and oiliness.

10. Honey

HONEYHoney is a blessing of nature. With all other beneficial properties, honey tightens the skin and beautifies the face. It makes your skin look younger than ever. Honey in combination with various products can give desirable results, which are effective and amazing.

Below are some easy methods to follow;

  • Take tablespoons of raw honey and add lemon juice.
  • Apply the mixture on your face.
  • Rinse your face with Luke water.
  • Take 1/4 cup of honey and add 3 tablespoon of rose water.
  • Apply it on for 5 minutes.
  • Wash it with cold water.

(The above method is effective for skin lightening and brightening)

9. Aloe Vera Gel

ALEO VERA GELAloe Vera works perfectly amazing on skin lightening and brightening. It also helps in reducing, darken and sunburn areas on the face. Besides being a soft moisturizer, the natural plant is a good bleaching agent. If your face is dull and darkens, use of aloe Vera gel is a must advice. You will observe some mind-blowing changes on your skin, that is what every woman desires for.

You can apply aloe Vera in the following way;

  • Cut a fresh aloe Vera leaf.
  • Wash it and squeeze the gel.
  • Apply it on the darken areas of the face.
  • Allow it to rest on your face about 30 minutes.
  • Wash the face later on.

8. Yogurt

YOGURTFrom ancient times, women at homes for many skin treatments have used yogurt. The nutrient properties of yogurt make your skin look flawless. An easy home remedy that can be helpful for all the women about skin problems and can be immensely effective.

Yogurt can reduce the small skin pores and blemishes on your skin and rejuvenate the face.
For glowing skin

  • Take 2 tablespoon of yogurt.
  • Add teaspoon of lemon juice or orange juice.

7. Mud Clay

MUD CLAYAnother natural product, which is easily available, can work effectively on skin. It helps in rejuvenating skin and gives soothing, refreshing feel. It is best to apply mud clay to make your skin look more fresh and glowing. It is simple, you can make your own mud clay mask.

  • Take a small quantity of mud and let it dissolve in water for a time.
  • Take out some mud and put it in a bowl.
  • Add a few drops of lemon.
  • Apply the mask and massage it for few minutes.
  • Be comfortable and let it to dry.
  • After that, rinse it off with water or use soft cloth.

6. Milk

MILKMilk acts as a deep cleanser to your face. It does not clean your face only but also brightens the skin. The pure goat milk is effective for glowing and brightening skin. Milk can be used with different other products.

A combination of milk, oil and lemon juice work effectively for the skin.

  • Take 1 tablespoon of milk, lemon and olive/almond oil.
  • Mix the ingredients well.
  • Apply the concoction and leave it for 15 minutes.
  • Wash it off.

5. Orange Peel

ORANGE PEELThe presence of vitamin C in the orange can be very beneficial to eliminate excess oil from your skin. Orange is rich in antioxidants that will take away all the toxins present in your skin. It is a wonderful home remedy for making your face look flawless and glowing. It is the perfect remedy, which you are looking for. The orange peel mask is effective to bring glow and to remove wrinkles on aging women. Time to worry is gone now.

Orange peel and yogurt mask

  • Take a dried orange peel, clean it.
  • Blend it with a tablespoon of yogurt.
  • Scrub the face with this mask.
  • Leave it for 20 minutes.
  • Wash the face with cold water – See the magic!


BESAN FLOURFrom many times, besan or gram, flour is used to treat many skin problems. It is one of the effective grandma remedy that is used to brighten the tanned skin in summers. It is must to try remedy and should be used on regular basis.

  • Apply besan flour with yogurt to get effective results.
  • Leave it to dry and wash later on.
  • Besan with rose water also works perfectly on skin.

3. Egg White

EGG WHITESEgg is in list of most of the favorite item on breakfast. Do you know? The whites in egg are effective for brightening and glowing skin. Yes, it stinks but it works. Becoming beautiful takes efforts to take special care for your skin. The procedure is too simple.

  • Take an egg, crack it, take out the white and beat it well until it gets fluffy.
  • Apply the egg white on your skin.
  • Let it to dry on face for few minutes.
  • Rinse the face later on.

2. Baking Soda

baking-soda Baking soda is another beauty secret that actually works. It works perfectly for the removal of black heads that make your nose look ugly. Baking soda also called sodium bicarbonate, helps in removing the dead cells and rejuvenates the skin. It works as an exfoliating agent and for eliminating any discoloration on the skin.

  • Take 2 tablespoons of baking soda.
  • Add tablespoon of warm water.
  • Apply the paste on the face and massage in circular motion.
  • Wash it with cold water.
  • Also, apply the paste on nose to remove black heads.

1. Banana

BananaYes, it’s banana. As banana has too many benefits for our health, it is also enriched in providing glow to your skin. Just as simple. It makes your skin fairer and helps in freshening the dullness of your face.

  • Mash a ripe banana.
  • Apply it on your skin.
  • Leave it to dry and wash the face.


  • Do tone your skin.
  • Do clean your face.
  • Do drink lots of water.
  • Do sleep well.
  • Do take healthy diet and minerals.


  • Do not apply lemon juice on scratches.
  • Do not eat much oily meals.
  • Do not forget to apply sunblock.
  • Do not forget to keep home remedy products.
  • Do not massage harshly on your skin.

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