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You Can Know A Woman More Deeply! Knowing Woman’s Brain Facts

William Shakespeare calls woman an “enigma, wrapped in a conundrum, tied to a riddle that baffles the mind of men”. Women are unpredictable, introvert and emotional in nature that for an average person it becomes hard to discover what actually is going on in their hearts and brains. After knowing woman’s brain facts, you can know a woman more deeply. Their behavioral tendencies bespeak their psychological makeup. To understand a woman requires you to know her mind. Some of the universal personality characteristics of woman folk are mentioned below that will enormously help you to understand your soulmate.

10. Shifting Moods

Shifting moods

Women are unpredictable; this is because of constant hormonal changes in their bodies. Their moods keep on shifting. Fluctuation of hormones becomes the reason for mood swings, anxiety, depression, melancholia, hyper sensitivity and negative feelings throughout a month. Progesterone rise make them feel relaxed and its withdrawal at the end may make a woman easily perturbed. Thus every day, women body and brain are controlled by estrogen and progesterone keeps in flux during a month. No one can conclude that what will make her happy and what are the things for which she will act emotionally.

9. Insightful


One of the interesting women’s brain facts is that they use less cognitive effort and thus they are more intuitive than men. Men are more rational and use analytical approach towards people and problems. On the contrary, a woman’s approach towards other people’ thinking and feeling is biological. They are mind readers and are capable of reading unsaid and unheard words and feelings. They can easily judge of a person body language, voice tone and facial expression change.

8. Timidity


Most women like to forfeit themselves for they cannot openly express their aggression and hostility. They like to avoid conflicts and violence and to show their anger; they use passive methods such as derogatory gossip and ostracism. Unlike men, women avoid physical violence. Their passive aggression makes them more manipulative, more inefficient and more political and tactful. Knowing woman’s brain facts, you can know a woman more deeply.

7. Inquisitive Nature And Uncertainty

Inquisitive nature and uncertainty

They are uncertain, one of the most common personality feature of women. Although it is not true for all women because there are many who have ruled over the world for their definite approach. However, if a general estimate is taken, you will witness most women with a noticeable level of uncertainty. Their decision making power is weak and this is perhaps because they value human relations much more. You cannot hide anything from a woman for they are inquisitive and will try to know each and every possible thing necessary or unnecessary.

6. Twice Adolescence

Twice adolescence

Unlike men, women have to undergo adolescence twice in their life. One is the period when in her teens they get puberty. The second adolescence phase comes before menopause usually in late 40s. As in their early puberty, many physical and emotional changes happen; the second adolescence may make them behave like a teenager girl showing mood swings, anger, easily perturbed over trifles. To know a woman completely may prove a hard nut to crack due to hormonal changes going in her body affecting her mind and heart.

5. Physical Intimacy

Physical Intimacy

Do not ever think that the same impulse will stimulate desire for intimacy in a woman as in a man. Both genders visualize it from entirely different angles. Men are stimulated by the smell or body of women whereas in women sometimes a loving smile or benign touch is enough to make her mood for intimacy. Women seek love and emotions through their physical relationship. However, unlike men, women are easily turned off to this need. She can say you goodnight at any time without realizing how much you are in need for her. Knowing woman’s fact, you can know a woman deeply.

4. Caring And Thinking For Herself

Caring and thinking for herself

Mostly women in their youth avoid risks and want to live a smooth and silky life full of worries due to their high idealism. But during mature years of their lives, women take dangerous pledges and risks. Her focus changes and gets wider and they start working on wider borders. These are the years when she starts self loving, caring and thinking for herself. They love to do adventure and travel and will be more independent and confident.

3. Usage Of Both Hemispheres Of Brain

Usage of both hemispheres of brain

Nature has given the gift of using left and right hemisphere of brain in women unlike their counterparts who use left hemisphere of brain –one of the most amazing woman’s brain facts. Thus they can focus on multiple tasks while men are denied of using the right side of their brains. Thus approach towards an issue can be seen differently by women and men. This difference between the working of brains makes their nature entirely opposite to each other.

2. Behavior During And After Pregnancy

Behavior during and after pregnancy

Woman’s brain acts differently during pregnancy. She will act less sharp due to shuffling of hormones. Momnesia or memory lapses are common things during pregnancy and you should not get vexed for this. After giving birth to a child, some women may suffer from postpartum depression. The brain in new mothers keep on changing due to new responsibilities she is going to face. Knowing this brain fact, you can know a woman more deeply and must show your affection towards her during this period of time.

1. Preferences


Women are more complicated for they handle things differently. They use emotions to handle a situation while men are rational in their approach towards a problem. Family, children, relatives, parents and friends matter more to a woman. She will go over the boundary to make her dear ones happy and peaceful. This is perhaps kneaded in her composition to love others without expecting a reward. A mother is the best example of woman’s unconditional love.

There is something unique about both genders; man and woman. However, the emotional and usually self-centered approach of women makes them more complex, complicated and baffling. But their unconditional love, emotions and kindness distinguish them from their male counterparts. Knowing woman brain facts listed above, you can know a woman more deeply, understand her behavior and act accordingly to win her heart and confidence.

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