19 Stunning Makeup Ideas For Halloween

Are you ready to take a look at the heart warming makeovers? These stunning makeup ideas for Halloween will surely mess with your brain, the dark and intimidating looks are just too hard to resist and we’re sure that it’ll be a difficult decision to pick one.

19. The Black Maiden

They say that eyes express feelings more than the lips do. That is why we present to you the ‘Black maiden’. Obviously now, while looking for ideas, girls would also keep in mind the fact that they look breath takingly beautiful- even when in a ghostly attire. The elegant yet alluring makeup would enhance your eyes, they’d pierce through anyone’s soul with it’s dark beauty, this Stunning makeup idea for halloween would get you a handful of treats. So, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?

18. Web Woman

Haunted houses are usually abandoned and never cleaned, hence the infinite number of spider webs dangling on every wall and off the roof. This gives quite a creepy look. For lighter looks, thicker eyelashes and spider webs emitting from the eyes just looks incredibly out of this world. So if you’ve got perfectly arched eye brows and a light shade lip color then you can definitely pull off this stunning makeup idea for halloween in the blink of an eye. Up for something sweet?

17. Spooky Lips


Many women don’t like the idea of painting their faces too much with makeup so we found them just the right idea which is simple but effective. If your best feature are your lips then why not flaunt it? A nice orange lip color with your spooky imagination is all what you need- oh and some black lip color too. It is quite a stunning makeup idea for halloween.

16. Stitched Lips

Stitched lips have always been the bomb at halloween parties. This one is simple yet a stunning makeup idea for halloween. It’s pretty easy too. If you can settle a straight face then it’s just the right makeover for you. A heavy liner and melted mascara would compliment your stitched lips. Oh, and make sure to use a light red shade of lip color to give the swollen lips affect! You’ll blow them people away with your intruding makeover.

Halloween is not only about looking scary, it’s about bringing your imagination to reality, your mind is the scenery and your body is the canvas. This Halloween paint your imagination and bring it to life. This is why we came up with these stunning makeup ideas for Halloween which are quite intimidating and they are all unique in their own ways.

15. The Fantasy Comic Girl

If you’re in for something inimitable, then this is just the thing you need. It’s taking halloween makeup to a whole new level. Turn yourself into a comic character and blow minds at the parties. Glossiest shade of red lip color, a bright concealer and face paint is all you’ll need. Enhance your features with a black lip liner and add a few comic expressions and VOILA! You’re ready. Don’t forget to carry an extra large bag for all the yummy treats you’ll get ?

14. Pumpkin Inspired Look

Right when you thought that the others just didn’t match your wild personality, we came up with the perfect match, This makeover will get everyone whipped with it’s perfectly blended vivid colors. The halloween themed orange-gold shimmer shades and the ravishing lip-do hits the exquisiteness notes flawlessly. Oh- just for some extra touch-ups wear the spooky looking contact lenses.

13. Wild Imagination

But then again, Halloween isn’t about looking scary, it’s about bringing your imagination to reality. Your mind is the scenery and your body is the canvas, portray your thoughts and imagination in such a way that it’s eye catching and menacing. Just like this one. This stunning makeup idea for halloween is one of a kind. It’s all about being unnatural- not the ‘cake yourself with makeup- unnatural, the ‘out of this world’ unnatural. Flabbergast your crew with the hottest look. Because a little competition won’t hurt.

12. The Spooky Elsa Inspired Look

But then why not take our oh so popular ice princess- Elsa to a whole new level yea? Render the dark side of Elsa with the edgy features of yourself, make a dip into the finest white base powder and apply the flawless winged eye liner might as well give in a red lip touch up to give a more younger look. Unleash the beast in the best way possible with just this trouble-free stunning makeup idea for halloween !

11. The Cosmic Look

Talk about something out of this world-like literally out of this world! A cosmic makeup would look breath taking with just the right hair color. Get yourself a shimmery makeup kit and pull off the best cosmic look in the town ! you’ll get out of this world treats for your out of this world makeover !

10. The Vampish Look

Looking for a much lighter approach? Maybe something real simple but exquisite at the same time? This look is just the one ! all you’ll need is a winged eyeliner, red shimmer and ofcourse fake vampire teeth. This one is literally a stunning makeup idea for halloween.

9. The Bloody Look

Looks if intruging, steal hearts on halloween and the simplest way to pull off an intruging look is just the random smearing of fake blood, touchup with a little bit of eyeliner and you’re ready to steal away the candies !

8. The Zombie At Work Look

If you’re really creative than this look is a piece of cake for you, zombies are quite the heart throbs from quite some time now and a few bullet wounds and a few scars here and there can express an extremely daunting look easily. This stunning makeup idea for Halloween will make everyone gasp in admiration. A bronzer would do a great job in enhancing dark circles and to make your lips look chapped.

7. The Beautiful Skeleton

These real-girl makeup creations have us cringing in terror, and it’s all done with eye shadows, body paint, false lashes, and incredible talent. This is the creepiest makeup artistry we’ve ever seen, but we’re already getting renewed inspiration for our costume this year. The skeleton jaw is ideal for someone who doesn’t want too much on their face; a light costume would compliment this stunning makeup idea for Halloween.

6. The Cat Woman

Many people also prefer disguising themselves as comical characters; cat woman, bat man etc. That is one piece of art work. Body paint and eye liner is all you need to pull off this implausible look. This stunning makeup idea for Halloween will make your head rise in grace.

Obviously everyone wants to look scary but without looking too ugly so we came up with looks which bring about and enhance the features of one self. These are just the right looks for Halloween, be ready to grab some candy cause if you pull of one of these looks, you’re getting bulks of candies.

5. The Grey Haired Princess Ghost

Another ghost look is up on our list of the few stunning makeup ideas for Halloween. Fake blood on the lower lips making it look busted and a knife scar on the also giving off an intimidating look. Skin if painted a lighter shade more like grayish white gives a look of death, this is one of the most common looks but it is incredibly loved by everyone if pulled off amazingly.

4. The Spooky Spider Queen

This spooky spider queen look requires an arsenal of glitter and eyeliner – not to mention a steady hand and nice red lip colour. Some scary contact would add more to the extremely eye catching yet an intimidating look. A matching costume would help a lot.

3. Hot Zombie Look

No need to describe the outstanding spooky makeup, the fright night zombie look pulled off by the courtesy of pale face makeup and a well placed purple eye shadow and the messed up hair. Oh and the straight face too.

2. The Skulled Maiden

This lady here has helped us renew our ideas for this year’s Halloween by this intimidating makeover. A skull and a ghostly veil just gave us quite a sight to see and of course some lovely treats too.

1. Day Of The Dead Look

This is the day of the dead look pulled off awesomely and when we say awesome we mean it’s quite terrifying and just perfect for Halloween.

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