Worth Practicing Some Natural Hair Dye Tips

Are You Bored Of Your Existing Hair Color And Looking For A Change Without Any Side Effect? If Yes, Then Try Our Natural Hair Dye Tips.

Women love changing their looks and appearances. We often get bored with the natural looks and features, and want to change them to look better. This is especially true for our hair color as most of us do not like the hair color we are born with. The blondes may like to paint their hair black while women with black hair often look to opt for shades of brown, red and ombre hair.

Changing hair color is not a big deal nowadays. There are many off-the-shelf products available in the market which makes it really easy for us to get our desired hair dye. There are a lot of brands available in the market which offers a wide range of colors to play with. You can easily mix different colors to get your desired shades. If you do not want to take the hassle of doing it at home, you always have those professional salons round the corner that are ready to do the job for you.

However, no matter how good the brand of the hair dye is or how appealing the shade is, these man-made hair dyes are always dangerous for your hair. These hair dyes are made from dangerous chemicals which damage your hair to a great extent. This is especially true if you dye your hair again and again from these off-the-shelf products. In the end what you get is a bunch of ugly split ends. Your hair gets limp and frizzy and you lose the volume and shine of your hair.

“There are many off-the-shelf products available which are effective in dying the hair. These products, however, can easily damage and burn your hair. To go for a damage-free hair color, you need to go for a natural hair dye.”

Your hair alone will not be the subject of the damage. The hazardous chemicals inside these appealing hair dyes can also give you diseases as dangerous as cancer. Hence, it is always better to play safe and look for something which does not do damage to your precious hair. We suggest you to use an all natural hair dye to get beautiful hair of your choice.

If you love your hair and want to get a dye without the dangers of chemicals, try buying a natural hair dye. These hair dyes are safe enough to prevent you from any kind of damage or disease. Through these natural hair dyes, you will not just be saved from the split ends and frizz; you will achieve the desired results without any side effects. A natural hair dye is made from natural ingredients and work as efficiently as the artificial ones. Some of them might work slowly, but once you reapply the color, you will get the desired result without much delay.

Let us see what these natural hair dyes are:

Lemon Juice


Although known for its acidic properties, lemon juice is actually very effective when it comes to dying hair. Lemon has natural bleaching properties which are helpful not just in lightening the skin color, but in lightening you hair color as well. Lemon juice can be a good alternative against the harmful chemicals if you are looking to give your hair a light shade. Thus, all you beautiful women out there with dark hair colors, if you want attractive highlights on your hair, try applying lemon juice. Lemons are perfect if you’re looking for light hair dye colors. The lightening effect can be increased even more if you go out in the sunlight after applying lemon lemon juice in hair.

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Perhaps the most effective hair dye is walnut. It has high coloring properties and can darken your hair without causing any damages. Thus, if you are looking for darker hair color, walnut is a good option to go for. There are two ways you can use walnuts on your hair as an effective all natural hair dye.

  • Walnut powder: If you want to dye your hair using walnut powder, you need to mix a few teaspoons of the powder in boiling water and let the mixture stand for a long time for darker hair colors. Apply the mixture and get an appealing dark hair color.
  • Walnut hulls: to color your hair using walnut hulls, you need to crush the hulls and mix them in boiling water. Let it stay for three days before application.

 Tea And Coffee


Tea and coffee are also effective natural hair colors. In order to color your hair using tea and coffee, you need to make sure that the tea or coffee is strong. Once a strong coffee or tea is made, filter out the mixture and use the filtrate on your hair to get a dark hair color. These are normally to use to get darker hair dye colors. Moreover tea also makes your hair soft and makes it easier to do different hairstyles.

“Coffee, henna, lemons and walnuts are a few hair dyes which can give you your desired shades without any side effect.”



Henna is famous as a natural hair dye. When there were no off-the-shelf products, it was mostly henna which was used to dye hair. Henna hair dye is known for its amazing natural qualities. Henna application will not only give you a light brown hair color, it will also condition your hair, making them soft and shiny. You can also mix lemon juice in the henna to get a reddish-brown shade.

There are many more natural hair dyes which are effective in dying the hair. However, you must always apply the natural hair dye on a few strands before the final application to see if you are getting your desired results. If you are not, concentrate or dilute your mixtures according to the needs.

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