13 Essential Home Remedies For Edema

Edema is really uncomfortable situation for the person who is facing, high blood pressure and pregnancy is the major cause of edema in women. Try this to treat with its root cause, whenever you face:

  • Skin dropsy.
  • Elongated Skin.
  • Swelling in skin tissues.
  • Unusual growth of abdomen.

So, consult your doctor because these are the common symptoms of edema. Or you face

These are the symptoms of pulmonary edema and they need immediate medical attention in pregnancy. So don’t delay in your checkup because pulmonary edema is more harmful in pregnant woman.
Try these home remedies after consulting your doctor; they will definitely help you get back your normal body.

“Flush out the toxins from the body is very important and more and more water intake can make this possible.”

13. Give Massage Pleasure To Your Body

MassageMassage is the perfect edema treatment to avoid and cure edema. The perfect massage with gentle strokes give your body; relax feeling and creates pressure in muscles of affected areas of the body. This is the effective way to activate lymphatic system of the body. The good massage therapist can be very helpful for edema affected skin; you should guide her properly about your problem, so that she can focus on her work correctly.

12. Mustard, Coconut Or Olive Oil for Massage

Massage Your MusclesTry to massage with warm oil because it gives instant results.
Pregnant women are recommended prenatal massage therapy which are beneficial because therapist have knowledge to make her client more comfortable and relaxed. Really it works; you will never need pillows around you during pregnancy. In fact this therapy can be beneficial in all kinds of edema including pulmonary edema.

11. Swim Or Take A Salt Bath

hot bathAnother simple but effective edema treatment is swimming. Swimming may help you in reducing the soreness and tenderness of the body, because while swimming the body take the pressure of moving so that circulatory system get better with constant exercise. Also the salt bath is really helpful to erase extra fluids from the body.

  • Take warm water and mix 2 cups Epsom salt in it.
  • Soak the inflammatory part in it for 15 minutes.
  • Repeat this procedure 2 or 3 time in a week.

10. Physical Work Out

workoutInactive life style easily affected by edema. Lack of physical activity can be one of the main causes of pulmonary edema. Workout and other activities which may increase your body movements can be helpful to diminish the causes which fetch edema in to the body. So just try this simple DIY solution for amazing results.

  • Make a habit to walk daily for 30 minutes.
  • Try to dispel the fluid tissues by moving the effected body muscle and this is possible by exercise.
  • Yoga is also used as a meditation to cure edema because it improves circulation in the body.
  • Swimming is also very helpful work out to decrease the symptoms of edema.

Also ask to your doctor about some special exercise for edema.

9. Stockings To Relieve Edema

Stockings to Relieve EdemaWater retention that is known as edema, caused by the abnormal fluid buildup under the tissues. This simple edema treatment only involves use of stockings.  Edema patients are often recommended to wear stockings as they help to prevent the fluids and normalize the circulation. They work effectively for swelling whether it is for surgery or pregnancy; you can wear it whole day but take off at the night time. These are pressure based elastic fabric which ease knees to thigh and give them firmness.

8. Diminish Salt From Life

Epsom salt Salt is the main cause which increases the amount of sodium in the body, which is the great source to nurture edema in the body. Because the body preserves high amount of water to dilute this sodium, this preservation transport extra fluid into the body which cause edema.
Try to intake low sodium food, low sodium food means the food which comprises 140mg sodium in a serving.
Disincline junk food, salty crackers, instant cereals and other ready to eat food which contains more sodium. Reduce the use of canned vegetables they are rich in sodium because they use salt to keep them fresh. This prevention will especially help you in reducing the chances of pulmonary edema.

“Cure of Edema is not so difficult, just a healthy food, some walk and taking care of your skin.”

7. Effective Tea Tree Oil

tea tree oil..Tea tree oil is known as a very effective edema treatment, if it is caused by insect bite. It has analgesic power to cure it. Apply the mixture of tea tree oil with neem oil on the affected area, this will give magical effect and heal that area and ease the pain.
Research of European Histamine Society proved in 2002 that some components which are present in tea tree oil are very effective to control edema.
Take few drops of tea tree oil in cotton pad and rub it on the affected area and wash it with warm water after some time.
Take tea tree oil with neem oil and massage on that affected are for a while, repeat this procedure two or three time in a day, it will heal your pain dispel the effect of edema.

6. Flax Seeds For Treating Edema

Flax Seeds ..According to herbal studies and also Ayurveda, the flax seeds also have the power to cure edema; its analgesic quality can heal the swollen part of the body, and detoxify the destructive elements from the body.
A glass of warm water with half teaspoon of flax seeds, two times in a day is very effective.
The flaxseed oil massage on affected part is very releasable.

5. Coriander Seeds

Coriander seedsCoriander seeds can boost blood circulation, so they can be used to cure edema. It has the power to reduce pain and prevent from pulmonary edema.
Make a drink of coriander seeds, take 1 cup of water and 3 tablespoon coriander seeds, boil them together until water gets half, strain and cold it. Take this drink twice a day to cure edema.

4. Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar ...The pain of edema can be relieved by Apple cider vinegar; it has the ability to eradicate extra fluids from our body. Unfiltered apple cider vinegar is effective for the reduction of fluid retention. It is called the best remedy for edema because apple cider vinegar has rich in potassium, which helps to reduce pain and swelling effects.
Take a glass of water; add 1 or 2 teaspoons of unfiltered apple cider vinegar in it. Drink this two times in a day.
Mix the warm water and apple cider vinegar equally, soak a towel in it, wrap it on the affected body part, it will release your pain. Repeat these two or three times in a day.

3. Horse Chestnuts For Edema

Horse chestnuts ...The horse chestnuts are very effective for circulatory health, they can endorse the fluids from capillaries, but you should not take unprocessed horse chestnuts, because they have esculin and it is poisonous. Use them when they completely processed Remember, if u takes the high dose of it you might face some side effects like nausea, itching or upset of gastrointestinal.

2. Effective Parsley

ParsleyResearch in 2002 proved that parsley have some diuretic properties which can stops the potassium and sodium’s re- absorptions from the body. Parsley helps the body to fight against edema which makes it an effective edema treatment.
Make parsley drink with 2 cup of water, boil it and drink it daily one time preferably in morning before taking breakfast.
Make a paste of crush parsley leaves and apply like a massage on the affected body part, after 30 minutes wash with luke warm water. Apply this paste two times in a day.
Make a habit to intake parsley leaves in salads, soups or sandwiches.

1. Dandelion Leaves

dandelion LeavesThe dandelion roots and other parts of this plant is used as a meditation for liver and kidney diseases, this is used as a dietary supplement, and its leaves are used to treat edema. University of Michigan Health System proved that dandelion plant is rich in potassium which gives it diuretic properties, which is good to treat edema.
Making a Tea: Take 4 to 10 grams of dried dandelion leaves and boil them with water, then strained it and use. This is very nourishing due to high amount of vitamins and minerals are found in dandelion leaves.
Note: Do not use this herb if you are already taking diuretic pills or gall bladder patients are also advised to avoid this herb.


  • Use icepacks on feet swelling during pregnancy.
  • Try to do your arms above your heart for 30 minutes if you  have hands or arms edema.
  • Try to take magnesium supplements from doctor’s advice, because deficiency also causes edema.
  • Make a habit to intake more fruits and vegetables along with water to cure edema.
  • Use more and more herbal drinks and warm beverages.


  • Do not smoke or drug, it caused edema.
  • Do not sit or stand for a long period continuously, it helps to assemble the fluids in to your feet.
  • Do not leave the affected are untidy, keep them moisturize and clean.
  • Do not use carbonated drinks.
  • Do not change your atmosphere during edema because this change may worse the condition.

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