15 Benefits of Breast Feeding -How Breastfeeding Benefits You And Your Baby

A girl steps into a whole new world when she carries her little one in her arms. This is the time when she decides to give her best to the little life she has bore 9 months in her belly. Giving the best in terms of each and everything is her priority. And when it comes to the health of the baby it is very important to provide the infant with the best of diets. The best diet considered for the babies is nothing but mother’s milk.

Breast feeding supposed to the best feed that is recommended by the doctors worldwide. It has been reported that breast feeding needs to be considered by all the mothers as it is the defense mechanism for the infants. Baby boys are recommended for a longer breast feed time period as compared to the bay girls.

Today we will tell you about the importance of breast feeding and how it could benefit your little angel and yourself too. Have a look at it below.

15. Healthy And Strong Bones

Healthy And Strong Bones

Now this one is for your own self. Healthy bones and strong osteo structure is needed throughout your life. Women who breast feed their child are actually benefiting their bones and only a few are aware about this amazing fact. A mother who breast feeds her child must read this to know how good it is for her bones.

  • It is being said that women who breast feed their baby are supposed to have a very low risk factor of developing pos menopausal osteoporosis. Usually women who undergo osteoporosis experience osteoporosis due to hormonal changes but the ones who have breast fed their child are at a lower risk for its development.
  • During pregnancy and when the mother is lactating or breast feeding her child the body absorbs more calcium than it usually does.

14. Good For Weight Reduction

Good For Weight Reduction

When you get pregnant the most worry some issue that gets in your head is the one of your weight issue. You are too conscious about how will you shed those extra fats from your body after you’re done with your nine month time period. Well, there are a lot of myths regarding it which people follow to reduce their post partum weight. Some say a C-section makes your body get chubbier as compared to the normal vaginal delivery, while some just don’t really pay attention to the procedure and regardless of any procedure they say that pregnancy its self is weight gaining.

  • Breast feeding will play a role for you here as well. It is being said that feeding a child with mother’s milk will not only be beneficial for the infant but it would even help the mother to lose weight.
  • So mothers if you are looking for an easier way to lose weight than go for breast feeding.

13. Reducing The Risk Of Diseases

Reducing The Risk Of Diseases

Your baby is automatically getting a natural protection from you when you are providing the little one with your breast feed. It is said that mother’s feed is the best way to protect a child from many possible diseases. This is not a myth but a proven fact that breast feeding acts as the very first line of defense for the baby. No drugs are as good as the natural protection that the nature provided through the mother’s milk.

  • Breast feeding has been proven to be beneficial for the little one in the long run.
  • People who have been breast fed are less likely t suffer through type 1 diabetes , celiac diseases and Crohn’s diseases.

12. Healthy Little One

Healthy Little one

Every parent wants their child to happy and healthy at all stages. She goes for her weekly checkups and ultrasounds to see how healthy the progress of the little life dwelling inside her is. It is as important for a baby to stay healthy inside the womb like it is to be outside in this world. Since the baby is connected to the mother and she is the one who is providing the baby with the nourishment inside so it is obligatory for the mother to stay healthy for the little one. Once the baby enters the world even now it is the mother who has to be the source nourishment because she is the one who will provide with the best of diets.

  • Breastfed babies suffer less from colds, viruses and pneumonia.
  • Even the incidences of going through diarrhea are reduced when the baby is breastfed.

11. Post Delivery Healing

Post Delivery Healing

For a mother it is very important to have post delivery healing fast. There are a number steps that she needs to follow. But none of them know that one of the most important thing which is being overlooked is breast feeding. Yes, breast feeding is helpful in this case.

  • Breast feeding helps the uterus to come back t its usual size fast.
  • It can take about 10 weeks for the uterus to come back to its usual size normally but when a women breast feeds it takes up to 6 weeks which is comparatively lesser.

10. Boost Up The Immune System

Boost up the Immune System

Your baby’s immune system is a very important factor for a healthy start. It has to be strong and healthy to protect the little one from a number of problems. Your baby will be protected against a number of diseases which he/she could experience in case of poor immunity.

  • Mother’s milk is supposed to have such bacterial fighting antibodies that help the immune system fight against many bacterial infections.
  • Adding to this breast feeding helps to increase the effectiveness of vaccinations as well.

9. Iron Restoration

Iron Restoration

Now, this one is again for the mother. During the time of delivery a mother loses a lot of her blood which she must recover. Amenorrhea or absence of menstrual period after the delivery occurs. This is a normal phenomenon which happens with every mother but there is a difference amongst the ones who breast feed and the ones who do not go for it.

  • Usually it is like a mother goes on Amenorrhea or the absence of menstrual period for about 4-6b weeks after the delivery.
  • But the ones who breast feed go on this time period for about twice as long as the ones who bottle feed their child.
    By not having periods a mother can restore a lot of blood that she has lost during the time of her child’s delivery.

“Breast feeding is one of the best ways to keep yourself and your child healthy! Read about it and find the benefits.”

8. Prevents Cancer

Prevents Cancer

Yes, breast feeding does wonders. It can help you fight deadliest diseases. Women are prone to ovarian cancer, breast cancer and uterine cancers due to a number of reasons. But breast feeding can help women to stay at a very lower risk level of developing such cancers.

  • Studies have shown that women who breast fed 6-24 months have about 11-25 percent reduction in the development of breast cancer.
  • Thus breast feeding is protective for the mother as well.

7. Good For Your Child’s Eye Sight

Good for your Child’s Eye sight

Your little angel needs to see and explore the world with his/her little angelic eyes. For your child to have a much better vision one must go for breast feeding. It’s definitely not like that your child would have any issues regarding eye sight. Not that will not be the case even if your child is on bottle feed but it’s comparatively much better to provide with breast milk rather than top feed if you are too considerate.

  • Breast milk contains DHA, which is said to be the primary structural component for the retina of eye.
  • Premature babies are best to be provided with breast milk even when you are only considering about better eye sight of the baby.

6. Helps To Reduce The Heart Diseases

Helps to Reduce the Heart diseases

Considering the cardiovascular issues this one goes out to the moms and the babies both. It has been reported that breast feeding when considered under the heart related issues is beneficial for the mother as well as the child. It has been stated as follows:

  • About 9 % of the chances to develop cardiovascular disease are reduced when a mother breast feeds her child.
  • And about 12 % less becomes the chances to develop high blood pressure.
  • Not only this breastfed babies later in their life have less chances to developed cardiovascular disorders as compared to the ones who were not on mother’s milk.

5. Breast Cancer Reduction For Your Baby Girl

Breast cancer Reduction for your baby girl

Breast cancer is a very common condition these days found in women. Well breast feeding has provided an edge again in this matter. Previously as discussed breast feeding moms who have breast fed for a while are less likely to develop such a condition.

  • It is found that women who have been breastfed when they were born have almost about 25 % lesser chance to develop breast cancer.
  • Even If they were fed for a short time period it would still result beneficial for them in their life later.

“You and your daughter both could be a reduced risk of developing breast cancer just by breast feeding. So. Consider it!”

4. Foodie Baby

Foodie baby

So your baby could be a foodie! How? Breast feed. Yes when you breast feed your child it gets way more easier for your little one to handle the different tastes of food when he/she gets to the age of having finger foods. The logic is very simple behind it and that is

  • When you breast feed your child he/she is actually getting the taste of your own diet. When you eat chicken your milk has a different taste from the one that is developed when you had eaten spinach.
  • Formulated milks have a monotonous taste and is less easier for the child to adapt to the finger foods afterwards as compared to the ones who have been breastfed.

3. Lowers The Risk Of SIDS

Lowers the risk of SIDS

SISDS or Sudden Infant Death Syndrome is ironic condition that results in a sudden death amongst the babies. A risk factor according to a study conducted in New Zealand states that mothers who were associated with smoking during pregnancy had babies with SIDS.

  • According a German study partial or exclusive breast feeding is considered to show reduction in SIDS.
  • It was even reported that an exclusive breast feeding of one month also resulted in the reduction of this syndrome.

2. More Economical

More Economical

Looking at your financial conditions after the arrival of new one in your life is to be considered for sure. A baby is a money demanding package which you need to take care of in the best possible way. So if you want to stay more economical and keep things under budget you can start up with breast milk feeding.

  • Formulated milks are supposed to be very expensive. You would have to keep some good amount of cash aside to just buy this feed.
  • Other than buying milk. You need to get milk bottles and change them timely. And not only this you need to maintain the bottles and keep them clean by using different cleaning products and instruments. This seems to sum up to a good amount of money at the end of the month. Breast feeding is the best way to get rid all of this while you stay economical.

1. Less Time Consuming

Less Time consumi

It is very less time taking to just let your baby have his/her meal immediately without undergoing the hassle of taking out the milk bottle, cleaning it and making some milk for the baby.

  • Even after the baby is done with drinking you have to then take out more time to clean.
  • So in the end it is seen that breast feeding is less time consuming and is always at your baby’s service. You surely do not have to make your baby wait for long like when you have to it when giving top feed.

Some Facts

  • It is noticed that women who lactate or breast feed have much more denser bones like the hip and the spinal bones after they have breast fed.
  • It plays a role in weight reduction of the mother.
  • Breast feeding helps the uterus to get to its normal size earlier than usual.
  • SIDS is three times higher in the babies who are not breastfed.

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