15 Key Exercises To Lose Weight – Debunking Urban Myths With Science

Weight loss can be a really difficult project to undertake. The never ending debate between exercise and diet rages on like a never ending war. But while dieting can prove to be difficult for many and can have unhealthy or slow results, exercises to lose weight always show positive results. There are many exercises to lose weight, but many guides and articles out there have incomplete routines or unable to comprehensively explain the process of the exercise. Many people go through guides of exercise to lose weight, but are unable to achieve the desired results. The reason behind that is simple, either the weight loss exercises are not well-planned or the person hasn’t been able to fully understand its mechanics.

Science has worked miracles in this field as of late. New reports have shown how metabolism can be adjusted to lose weight quickly and how slow or fast metabolism can be taken advantage of through exercise. Every person wants to lose weight, whilst wishing for a quick miraculous transformation. In truth that can be achieved through various methods, with or without side-effects. The truth is that this miracle can be achieved through simple exercises to lose weight.

15 – Walking


Walking is the most beneficial exercise to lose weight. It is one of the simplest exercises and the most effective. Firstly, it doesn’t require any special equipment; secondly every single person can do this with relative ease regardless of age or gender. It can be done at any hour or place. All that is needed is a pair of good shoes and a stretch of land.

Walking is the most common method used by the general population to lose weight. Despite its simplicity all weight watchers. Walking is something that can be done by people of any age or gender. No doctor in the world will stop its patient from walking since it is a health activity and a well-reputed exercise to lose weight. Brisk walks and power walks are good ways of losing weight quickly.

Stretching all muscles in the body contributes to lose weight. Walking helps stretching muscles. However, it is advisable to do some strength training at least once or twice a week before taking longer walks. Resistance bands, weight watchers and other technological gadgets can be used to monitor the amount of work load put on the muscles during strength training.

14 – Running


Running is a notch above the work rate acquired through walking, which is why it is a more effective way of losing weight. Since the rate of calories burned per second increases running is often considered to be a more attractive exercise to lose weight in comparison to walking. It is considered to be top notch exercise whose popularity is only second to the walking.

Running helps strengthening the bones and the connective tissue, but more importantly it is the fastest way of losing weight. Running causes the heart rate and breathing to increase rapidly and is one of the best cardio exercises. Sprints and long jogs are good ways altering running routines. At the speed of approximately 5 mph, a person of 145-lb, can burn up to 300 calories in just about 30 minutes. Running increases stamina and builds a lot of strength in most muscles of the body.

13 – Cross-country Skiing

Cross-country Skiing

Cross-country skiing is a full-body exercise and one the best exercises to lose weight throughout the body. Although only people living in colder environments can take full advantage of this exercise, but the fitness gym has machinery that helps mimic this exercise. People in colder environments often gear up for a tour of the country side, but instead of using their car their favorite mode of travelling is cross-country skiing.

The reason is simple. Cross-country skiing is as simple as walking but it is a more effective exercise to lose weight since a more thorough workout happens during this routine. The workout is spread throughout the body which is why all of the muscles in the body get toned. Every trainer recommends this machinery to people wishing to lose weight since it is easy to use and helps record excellent results in a short period of time. A 145-lb man can burn up to 330 minutes in 30 minutes of cross-country skiing.

12 – Elliptical Trainer

Elliptical Trainer-woman

The elliptical trainer is another popular method to lose weight. This is a cardio machine that helps workout most muscles of the body. The body moves naturally, but the intensity and the power delivered in this momentum can be increased. The increase in intensity delivers a hard workout. The elliptical trainer has become one of the favourite suggestions of every weight loss trainer in the world and is rated among the top exercises to lose weight.

The elliptical trainer is a good break from running and cross-country skiing. It helps relaxes the muscles used in those two exercises but at the same time the body receives a full workout at the same time. A 145-lb person can easily lose around 300 calories in 30 minutes. A higher intensity of this workout increases the ratio of the weight loss.

11 – Bicycling


Bicycling is a healthy exercise to lose weight, especially for beginners. It is a very healthy and effective form of exercise whether it’s indoor or outdoor. Bicycling is no longer considered to be an action of getting from one place to another. Many people have incorporated bicycling into their lives to take the best advantage of their time and have a healthy workout as well.

Bicycling has become an active part of life for those people who have little or no time to work out, for example men and women with a very busy office or life routine. They have integrated this activity into their daily schedule by adopting it as their mode of transportation over short or long distances.

The legs are primarily used in this exercise, but a 145-lb can burn up to 250 calories in half an hour. The best thing about this exercise is that it can easily become a social activity in the daily routine of a person wishing to lose weight. Bicycling can be done at any hour. This workout can be done whilst going from home to office or when going from home to the super market.

10 – Swimming


Swimming is one of the easiest and best full body workouts out there. It requires learning how to swim of course and a swimming pool, but it is great fun and never considered to be an actual burden. A 30-minute workout from a 145-lb person can burn up to 400 calories. The best thing about swimming is perhaps that there are minimal chances of injury so it can be done every day. Amazingly it is even considered to be a healthy activity for injured people. It is one of the best exercises to lose weight quickly.

Swimming is an excellent exercise for beginners of all ages. A slow and comfortable work rate can be adopted before picking up the pace and start to strain your body and increase the amount of calories burned per day. Swimming is often prescribed by doctors to obese people wishing to lose weight that adopt a hard workout routine.

9 – Kick Boxing

kick boxing

Kick boxing is a great form of exercise. Kick boxing is generally considered to be a self-defence method, but in reality it is much more than that. The heavy training a person has to go through during kick boxing makes this activity a good contender on the list of exercises to lose weight. There has been an awakening among the general population about kick boxing over the past couple of years. The amount of people signing up to make kick boxing a healthy part of their life routine is on the rise.

Kick boxing is no longer considered to be just a sport for blood-hungry adrenaline junkies. More and more women have become a part of this activity. Due to its simplicity even children watching their have enrolled into this regime. Its new found fame has not been restricted to a couple of big countries in the world. Kick boxing has become a huge weight loss activity throughout the world.

Although it requires a trainer and a strenuous workout regime to tone the bones and muscles of the body, but it delivers effectively when it comes to burning calories. Moreover, kickboxing is useful self-defence skill as well. It is mostly considered to be a form fighting, but in fact its techniques can be utilized to lose weight.

8 – Improvised Cardio Exercises

Improvised Cardio Exercises

Improvised cardio exercises usually include burning calories at home. This is very effective especially people who are able to get out of their home. Mothers, old people, sick people are the ones who can benefit the most from this type of exercise. There are many activities at home that can help burn a lot of calories. These may include simple day to day tasks to small homemade exercises.

A recent study on housewives showed that housewives with desire to lose weight had opted for a certain routine which included improvised aerobics and exercises. This activity had surprisingly good results on the charts and on the belly. Since these were customized activities and exercises the results were quick to show as well. If you are really looking for how to lose belly fat fast than this method is considered to be an easy mark to hit on the list of exercises to lose weight.

7 – Household Activities That Help You Lose Weight


While these may not be activities that are usually categorized as exercises to lose weight, but nonetheless these are activities that help lose weight. Mowing lawns, doing the laundry, working around in the home can do a lot. There are many other exercises to lose weight. It all depends on how quickly a person adapts to intensity of the workout. For instance a person with desire to lose a lot of weight can do intense chores daily and even integrate a few exercises into the routine.

More importantly it depends on the determination of the person. It is everyone’s dream to live a long and healthy life and that can only be achieved it a person treats the body like a temple. Take care of it and it will take care of you – and exercises are the best way to achieve it.

6 – Jumping Ropes


Similarly small exercises such as jumping ropes can contribute impressively in losing weight. A 145lb person can burn as much 350 calories by jumping a rope. This is also an effective way to start a workout routine especially for beginners.

Now many may consider jumping ropes as a side routine or a small exercise, but their thinking couldn’t be more wrong. This is a proper form of an exercise that. Boxers, fighters, weight lifters have made this a core part of their exercise routine, just ask any weight instructor. It is healthy, easy and an excellent exercise to lose weight.

5 – Simple Push-Ups


Now push ups may not be the most effective way of losing calories in comparison to cardio activities such as aerobic, nonetheless they are certainly the key to getting a robust and leaner body. No equipment is required to do this simple exercise and yet it is effective in shaping the body and is immensely beneficial as far as weight loss exercises are concerned.

A vigorous exercise routine can help a person of 145lbs lose as much 200 calories in 30 minutes. The best part of doing push ups is that it gives the cardio muscles a good break from their exhausting routine, hence allowing the body to recover from the risk of injury.

4 – Aerobics


Aerobics comprises physical movements, usually suggested to older people as how to lose stomach fat. They are thought to be the exercises meant for women as well, but that is not the case. There are many types of aerobic exercises such as circuit training, resistance training and power workouts. Over the past decade aerobics have gained a lot of fame, in fact its popularity has sky-rocketed. if you are searching for the answers or best exercises on how to lose arm fat than aerobics is the key answer.

Circuit training is the most popular method applied in aerobics. It comprises of pure aerobic exercises as well as other exercises. It is a customized regime set by an instructor or a person to shape the body and lose weight quickly. Through different dance and exercise moves an intense workout is performed that helps burn a 145lbs person as much 350-400 calories in 30 minutes. Quite simply aerobics is one the best exercises to lose weight.

3- Bear Crawls

bear crawls

Bear crawls is a new inventive exercise that helps reduce lose weight quickly. There are many new exercises to lose weight fast , but only a few of them are capable of producing good results and bear crawls is one of them.

To do bear crawls a person has to lie down on the floor with arms and legs extended as if lying down in the position Superman flies. The body has to remain absolutely flat. Once in this position crawl forward quickly by putting weight on the arms and remember the arms are supposed to be doing more work than the legs. Crawl in this position for at least 60 seconds before taking a break and then repeat. Bear crawls are one os the simplest answers for how to lose thigh fat.

2 – Tap Backs

Tap backs is ranked the best among the exercises to lose weight that is being advised by all fitness instructors as of late. In order to this exercise the person has to put both arms on the waist in a forward position. Now Step the right or left leg back and continue to repeat this in altering rhythmic position. Remember during this exercise the hips, the face and the shoulders should remain straight and the knees should be soft. This exercise needs to be done over long periods to lose a lot of calories, but it helps in toning the thighs, calves and abdominal muscles.

1- Dancing


Dancing is the most fun and easy way to lose weight quickly. Do the zumba or the bhangra, dancing is a fun exercise that can be performed in groups as well. No one can ever get bored from dancing. The continuous motion of the body turns out to be a complete workout, a workout which is evenly spread throughout the body. Dancing is fun so the mind benefits from the healthy aspect of this exercise as well. Dancing makes the body nimble and flexible and since all muscles of the body become part of the workout a good frame of the body can be developed. Surprisingly, the amount of calories burned through dancing is close to the amount of calories burned through aerobics.

The reasons that stop a person from losing weight

Along with your endeavour to lose weight, it is important to understand the reasons that stop a person from losing weight. There two primary factors that can hinder a weight loss routine namely; lack of interest and injury. Lack of interest is the first and foremost factor that needs to be overcome in order to acquire weight loss. The subject should set up a target and create motivational factors to keep on the exercises to lose weight. When a muscle is trying to overachieve and the risk of getting injured increases pain kicks in. Never commit to hard exercises to lose weight, especially during an injury. It will worsen the situation rather than delivering positive results.

Moreover, old aged people find it easier to adapt to common routines to lose weight. People with medical conditions also resort to softer activities. However, old people and people with medical conditions should seek the advice of a doctor before opting for an exercise routine. Any kind of strenuous activities should be avoided in such a scenario since it can cause a lot unhealthy affects or lead to sickness or injury.

Controlling metabolism through exercises to lose weight

Recently, medical journals and scientific reports have taken strong steps to dispel myths about weight loss. They have concluded that a good combination of diet and exercises can result in quickly losing weight. Many people often complain about broken metabolism. Now there has never been actual proof that metabolism can actually be broken, well not until now. James Hill PhD (University of Colorado) recently explained that this myth is actually true. A person’s metabolism might not be functioning properly and that it can be fixed through a variety of ways.

“How to lose stomach fat” is a question for many men and women throughout the world. Metabolism is often victimized as the reason behind obesity. Mr Hill explains that weight loss exercises not only help to lose weight, but they also help in fixing metabolism. NASA’s recent and notorious “bed-rest studies” have shown that a couple of days of inactivity alters the metabolism, which in turn means that the human metabolism is actually a flexible thing.

The study shows that there might not be a huge effect on a person’s metabolism through exercise or activities, but metabolism can significantly swing both ways due to lack or increase in activity. Exercises to lose weight are critical for physical maintenance. Moreover, a regular routine must be setup for exercises to lose weight. Ridged dietary habits are often the reason behind obesity and a constant metabolism. However, this can be purely altered with the help of exercise.

It’s all about losing calories

The more a person exercises the more calories are burned and the more the calories are burned the greater is the amount of the weight loss. Exercises to lose weight are critical for physical maintenance. Ridged dietary habits are often the reason behind obesity and a constant metabolism. However, this can be purely altered with the help of exercise. The grisly reality is that once a metabolic rate is heavily altered and stayed that way over a long period it time, hard work needs to put in to change. The amount of required to alter metabolism is directly proportional to the number of times the metabolic rate has changed. So if a person has undergone changes to his metabolic rate so each time the amount of work required to correct it would increase as well.

It’s human nature to find a quick and appropriate way to solve a problem so someone suggested that there is a secret exercise to lose weight, it would instantly attract attention of people desiring to shed a few pounds. There are many weight loss workouts out there. Recent studies have shown that the best workout for a person desiring to lose weight should be customized according to his physical and mental capabilities. There three types of body structure, ectomorph, endomorph and mesomorph. All these three require a different exercise routine.

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