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20 Rules On How To Lose Leg Fat Fast

Ever seen those face book memes on never missing legs day? Or ever hear those gym goons bantering on and on about how important leg days are at the gym. Well they aren’t wrong. Legs day, at the gym is especially important if you want to lose fat on your legs, and get those sexy chicken legs or tone your legs to the suit your body. Loosing leg fat is hard, losing it faster is harder.  The human body is designed to burn fat in places which you use the most. So it is hardest to lose leg fat on your upper leg region; meaning the inner and outer thigh.

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So what can someone, who is looking to cut down on their leg fat and shed a few inches, to either fit in a gown, or in a pair of pants, or for whatever reason do?  In this article we will go over some of the essentials techniques that will help you getting the definition you need, and will also explain why certain people are unable to cut down on their leg fat no matter what they do. All In All this article will tell you “how to lose leg fat”.

Leg Fat

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After much research and dedication to this mission, we finally had an answer as to how to lose leg fat and fast. We even knew how to focus on each individual muscle and were able to trim down that area respectively. So here is what you go to do, if you want to know how to lose leg fat and want to lose fat on your legs fast;

20. Side Leg Lifts:

Side leg lifts

Your legs need to get toned nicely and for that you need to start if with some good leg movements. Side lifts is an exercise that might look easy to watch but doing 20 reps in a set is a big deal. In order to do the exercise correctly one must follow the given instructions in a right manner.

  • Stand straight with your hands on your hips while keeping your feet together.
  • Now keep you leg straight and lift your leg sideways such that you keep your knees soft and lift your leg from your thighs.
  • Then let the toes almost touch the ground while you lower your leg down.
  • Now repeat it 20 times on each side.

19. Go For Lunge:

Go for lunges

This one is another leg slimming exercise that not only cuts down the extra portion of your legs but helps to build core and strength. It not only strengthens the inner and outer thighs but it also but lengths the quads as well. The following given steps will help you perform this exercise.

  • Stand straight with your legs open and your hands kept on your front (you can also hold dumbles).
  • Now, point your right foot in the right direction and the left foot in the left direction and then bend down straight like a squat as much as you can.
  • Then immediately stand straight point you right foot towards your left side and bend down on your right knee and stand.
  • Get back in the first position after this.
  • Do this 20 times on the right side and then on the left.

18. Side Leg Extensions:

Side leg extensions

This one is another leg move that can help you to reduce your leg fast. It helps your legs to reduce the extra bulges and the non desired mass. It is again not an easy one to perform and might take time for you to start with it in the right way. But you must try it! The following given description is the one for this exercise.

  • Take a Theraband or tights and wrap them around both of your hands.
  • Now kneel down your left knee on the ground and touch your left hand on the ground.
  • Keep your right hand straight up in the air.
  • Keep your back straight and lift your right leg up giving a force from your thighs.
  • Do it 20 times in a row and then change side and do it on the other side.

17. Kneel Down Side Kicks:

Kneel down side kicks

This is yet another exercise that helps your legs to get thin and lean fast. It has the following easy steps to follow.

  • Get on the ground with knees and hands such that your shoulders are stacked over your wrist and your knees under your hips.
  • Cross your left knee over your right calf.
  • Stay in the same direction and lift your leg up give a side kick.
  • Repeat this 20 times.
  • Then change side.

16. Arabesque Lunge:

Arabesque lunge

If you don’t want to go for bow and arrow lunges then go for these ones. They are not that difficult and help you lose your leg fat easily.

  • Take a Theraband and hold both sides together while keeping your foot in the center.
  • Keep your arms in a way that the band forms a V shape.
  • Take a large step back and bend both knees down.
  • Pulse twice and then stand on your right leg and lift your other leg off the floor.

15. Curtsey Passé:

Curtsey Passé

This one would help you strengthen your core along with the reduction of your leg fat fast.

  • Take a Theraband and hold both it sides together with your hands.
  • Place your left foot in the center of the band with your toes slightly out.
  • Keep the band straight and close to the centre of your chest.
  • Then cross you right leg behind your body and then bend both your knees in a crust lunge.
  • Along with this shift your wrists to the right side.
  • Repeat it 20 times and then shift side.

14. Start Your Treadmill:

Start your treadmill

Treadmill is the best way to keep your body and legs fit and healthy. You can keep at least 15 minutes of the day for your treadmill.

  • Initially if you are a beginner than just start with 15 minutes of treadmill daily.
  • Do not start with an increased speed but slowly rise the speed rate.
  • Keep running daily and increase your stamina.

13. Sumo Squat:

Sumo squat

This exercise is really good for your inner thighs.

  • Stand straight while keeping your arms up in the air completely straight.
  • Then down as much as you can
  • While you squat down bring you arms down straight without bending such that they touch the floor.
  • Repeat it 20 times.

12. Side Shuffle Switch:

Side shuffle switch

This exercise elevates your heart rate fast and not only this, it helps you to reduce your inner thighs. The steps given below are for this exercise:

  • Stand with your feet together and arms by your side.
  • Take three steps to the right side and then lift your left knee up swinging your right arm forward.
  • Then do this while you shuffle to the left side.
  • Repeat it 15 times.

11. Inner Thigh Lift:

Inner thigh lift

As the name suggests this one is basically for the inner thighs. If you want to reduce your inner thighs then start with this one already.

  • Keep your right elbow on the floor and lie down on your hips.
  • Extend your right leg and keep your left foot on your right thigh.
  • While staying in this position lift your right leg up.
  • Repeat it 10 times and then switch the legs and side.


10. Side Plank Lift:

Side plank lift

Now this one is for your entire lower body not just for your inner thighs. If you do not particularly go for a specific part then just start with this one to shed your lower body fast.

  • Lie on your right side.
  • Lift your whole body up while keeping your right arm on the floor.
  • Your body should be touching the ground at only two points, one is your right palm and the other is your right foot.
  • Bend your left knee and then lift your right leg up as much as you can.
  • Repeat it 10 times and then switch side.

9. Gate Swing:

Gate swing

This exercise gives your body a good warm up and along with this it targets your inner thighs as well. Follow the given steps to perform this one for your legs.

  • Stand straight and keep your arms clasped behind your head.
  • Bend your knee up and then cross it in the front.
  • Do it repeatedly at least 10 times and then switch on to the other side.

8. Chair Pose:

Chair pose

This one is for your entire legs and helps you reduce your leg waste fast.

  • Keep straight with your legs open and keep your hands on your waste.
  • Squat down a bit and hold it there.
  • Extend your leg on the right side while the foot is still on the floor.
  • Then lift your leg off the floor and bring in front of your body.
  • Repeat it 10 times and then switch side.

7. First And Foremost Rule:


“How to lose leg fat” or fat anywhere, understands how your body works. The human body loses fat in places or in areas which we move the most or are used the most. Basically the most inactive areas like the abdomen, face, neck, upper legs, gluteus, and thighs, are where you lose fat at the last. No matter how much running and rock climbing you do you will first trim down around your chest, back, arms and lower leg region.

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6. You Should Watch What You Eat:


Alongside working out, you have to watch your diet. If you don’t watch your diet the energy balance is off. The calories take in are either more or equal to the calories you have burned. Still confused as to how to lose leg fat? The trick to losing weight is to have a negative calorie balance. If you want to shed one pound, you have to burn three thousand five hundred calories. So that’s five hundred calories in a day! Now that is what science says. Yeah it seems like a lot of work. It’s not as hard as you think.

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On nights when I party hard. I come back having lost two to three kgs! Imagine that. You must be thinking how. The trick is to keep moving on the dance floor. The point being if you don’t want what you eat, working out will be futile. So by maintaining a good balance diet, not only are you nourshing your body but you also taking in less calories. So thereby reducing the number of calories you have to burn. By eating right you are also making your bones, muscles and immune system stronger and by eating good food you also boost your metabolism.

5. Metabolism:

Metabolism booster

Controls how fast your body burns the energy you consumed. People with slow metabolism, generally tend to be more over weight, and towards the bulkier side. Whereas people with a fast metabolism tend to be lean and slim. We all have those friends, who no matter what they do are just chubby. At the same time we have friends who are lazy as hell. They are inactive barely move, however they have been gifted with a unique metabolism, which is super fast and allows them to be as lazy as they want eat as much as they want, and stay the same size. So the trick lies in controlling your metabolism and maintaining it. So that your body burns the right amount of energy. Which in turn allows you to keep maintain the weight you want without always having to workout frivolously for hours. Once you have got the right metabolism, with little bit of effort you will be able to cut down those love handles and extra layers of fat from any body part you like. This may be a bit digressive but in the end you will understand how it helps in understanding of “how to lose leg fat”.

4. Rigid Workout Routine:

A focused, intense, and a work out plan that you follow with dedication is a must for cutting down, losing weight, getting definition or bulking up.  You must setup a work out plan that is suited and crafted to your body.  So basically if you are trying to just lose leg fat than you will have to setup a routine that intensively focuses on that component, and you will have to have to have faith and follow it with zeal and determination.


Craft a work out plan that focuses on not only losing leg fat, or not only includes exercises for losing leg fat but also  has exercises that work your other body part. Ever seen those guys with abnormal body tone, where one part is bigger and bulkier than the other? If you just focus on losing leg fat or just focus on your legs, than either you will get really skinny legs or have real brawny legs, now you don’t want to look like that. Instead what you want is legs that go with the rest of your body. No matter what workout routine you setup or what exercises you do remember the following few things;

  • Keep break days in between workout days
  • More the number of reps the better
  • Use weights or loads that stretch or work your muscle and burn the fat but don’t tear your muscle. Because you do not want to be building into your muscle rather cut the fat in unwanted places
  • Cardio can only do so much, but is a very essential component of any workout plan. So mix it up. Go for a swim, run, or play a sport.
  • Use focused machines rather than free weights to fine tune your legs to the definition you want. This will enable you to lose leg fat in places you want.
  • Lastly give time for your body to recover, don’t overdo it. You will only damage your muscles and tissues.

3. Exercises That Are Must To Shred:

Now that you have gotten a hang of what to do, and know what the essentials are in “how to lose leg fat”. We shall take you through a few exercises to lose weight fast that will help you shred faster. It will allow you shred at the rate you want. All you have to do is to increase the intensity and the number of reps. The crux of the exercise program should be to focus on the legs.  I from my personal experience know that the fast , harder, and longer your run, the more you work your legs and the better shape your legs get in. It allows gives added advantage of improving stamina and breathing.  However running is not for lazy people like me.


So if you can’t run take up any activity that involves cardio, like swimming, it’s easy, relaxing and who doesn’t want to swim after a long hot day or in cold winter in the evening in hot water to relax? Cycling is another effective way to tone your legs. Though cycling doesn’t work all your leg muscles. Pick up any sports, most of the sports like tennis, football, squash,  volleyball, and even golf, require you to be mobile and somewhat agile, thereby making you use different parts of your legs.  Again, the trick here is the intensity and duration. Aside from these cardio intensive exercise, gym equipment is a must use to shred leg fat.  While I was researching and thinking about how to lose leg fat, I read up on all the different sorts of machines, and equipment provided in gyms across the country to work your legs. I also read up on the several free weight exercises.


In fact I used to Google “how to lose leg fat fast” The ones I found most efficient other than the elliptical, and cycle, were the calf press, hamstring press, dead lift machine, squat machine, the leg curl machine, the step mill and the thigh abductor.  These machines are all the essentials needed. They focus on individual muscles, but also work on the muscles attached or associated with the muscle being worked.  So you may be focusing mostly on one particular muscle but connected muscles too are getting stretched. I must re emphasize that while using these machines, you must keep the number of sets and reps high, and the weight at the minimum weight. Fundamentally, a weight that is optimal for fat burning rather than muscle growth as the aim is to lose leg fat, because are trying to figure out how to lose leg fat.

2. Body Weight:


A lot of people do not have the time to go to a gym, or simply do not have access to such facilities and are often left pondering; “how to lose leg fat” Worry not folks, you can use your own body weight to work yours legs. One of the best exercise for cutting down on leg fat is to do lunges, planks, leg raises, dead lifts, skipping, jumping jacks, and high jumps. Ever seen a kick boxer? If so, have you seen his legs? If you want such legs, then just run a lot, and get a punching bag and kick it in whichever way you want.

Not only will it make your legs more agile, flexible and stronger, but leaner and thinner. It will also make your skin tougher. Amongst other body weight exercise what you can do is perform the same motion you would perform using weights or guided machine motion, but the only weight your legs will be carrying will be your own.

1. Drink Plenty Of Water:


Water helps improve your metabolism and there are many benefits of water as well , which in turn improves the performance of the fat churning mechanism in the human body.  Another added advantage of drinking lots of water especially before meals is that keeps you full. It gives you the feeling that you are full and thus you eat less. So in a way you a tricking your mind into thinking that the stomach is full.

So now I hope your question about how to lose leg fat, to lose it fast has been answered.  The trick is finding the right balance in the diet and burning those extra calories through exercise.  To expedite leg fat loss or fat loss from any area just increases the intensity and duration of the workout. Do not compromise on a healthy diet. And remember a healthy diet does not mean eating a lot. It rather means eating as per your body’s calorie requirements.  Remember it cannot happen in a day It takes time to maintain your health and fitness.

Your body took a lot of time to grow to this size; it will take some time to get it in to the shape that you want. It’s important to keep you motivated and to follow your exercise program with determination. Now go get them sexy legs! How to lose leg fat is not just some rambling you read online, it’s my own methodology, hope it

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