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10 Best Inventions Of Our Time

The ever advancing human mind has been creating, inventing and discovering since the beginning of creation. Great minds have been using their curiosity and creativity to make life easy for us. Science is advancing day by day and the desire to make life more easy and interesting is growing stronger than ever before. Check out the list of 10 best inventions of our time and see how they can help you in daily life.

10. Apple Pencil And iPad Pro

Apple pencil and iPad pro

The idea of turning iPad into a canvas has been brought to practicality. This amazing invention lets you draw, paint and write on the screen. It can write at any angle and you can make shades darker or lighter according to your choice. This virtual canvas is the doorway to the creation of super innovative art, animations and much more.

9. The Gluten Sensor

The Gluten Sensor

Gluten sensitivity is a common problem that causes millions of people to think twice before they eat at a restaurant. The Gluten sensor is designed to detect even the trace amounts of gluten in food within 2 minutes. The food or drink is put into the well of the device; it is tested for presence of gluten via a synthetic antibody that is loaded in a disposable cartridge. If the allergen is present in food, the gluten sensor gives a ‘not to eat’ signal by lighting up a frowning face. On the other hand, a smiling face lights up if gluten is not detected. The device can be added easily to the list of the best inventions of our time.

8. The Chickpea Pasta

The Chickpea Pasta

It is pasta that has no wheat. We have been eating the same pasta for many years. Thanks to Brian Rudolph for bringing a change. The use of chickpeas instead of wheat is an innovative idea and it took the inventor 10 months to make it real. Besides being tastier, it is also healthier. Good news for the gluten sensitive fellows, the chickpea pasta is gluten-free. Moreover, it has double the protein and has 4 times more fiber than the traditional pasta.

7. The Transparent Truck

The Transparent Truck

The creators did some good for the road safety with this amazing invention. Samsung and Ad agency Leo Burnett have created a system that sends video from the front of the truck to 4 screens at its back. The creators are certain that this will lower the incidence of road accidents to a great extent. It is a simple technology but creative and useful. The vehicles behind the huge trucks will no longer be getting hit just because they couldn’t see what was ahead.

6. Pantelligent


This is by far one of the best inventions of our time for those who love food but are not sure how to cook it. Pantelligent is an intelligent pan that teaches cooking. It is connected to a smart phone app. You just have to select a recipe from its app and the pan will give you real-time instructions using Bluetooth and a special heat sensor. Everything you need to know will be there on the screen at just the right time.

5. Artiphon Instrument

Artiphon Instrument

Artiphon is an all-in-one musical instrument allowing the users to master not just 1 but dozens of instruments. It is like nurturing the musical creativity. The use of one device to play many different instruments can create music that has never been created before. The cool thing is that it not only mimics the sound but also the way the instruments are played. This unique invention is a delight for music lovers.

4. Sproutling Baby Monitor

Sproutling Baby Monitor

It is a next generation baby monitor that makes babysitting easy and fun. Sproutling can track your baby’s heart rate, body temperature, body position and much more. It notifies the parents via mobile app when something is wrong with the baby. Once it understands the infant’s habits, it can even tell when he/she will wake up from a nap. This very useful invention will definitely make parenting much easier.

3. Drinkable Book

Drinkable Book

Millions of people in the world are forced to drink contaminated water just because they cannot afford filtration. This has led to uncountable water-borne diseases that spiked both; mortality and morbidity. The water purifier book is actually a life saver. It is a handy water filtration aid that can kill as many as 99% of the harmful bacteria present in water. This immensely useful device is truly one of the best inventions of our time where many are dying due to contaminated water.

2. Bionic Ears

Bionic Ears

When you are surrounded with annoying noises, sticking fingers in ears doesn’t actually help. The bionic ears are designed to turn annoying into pleasing. It lets you pick up noises you don’t want to hear while you can still listen to what is worth listening. The bionic ears are connected to a smart phone app that lets you pick up specific frequencies that you want to mute. It means that you can have a conversation with your husband in peace even when children are making noise. Isn’t that an amazing invention?

1. The ‘Hoverboard’ Scooter

The ‘Hoverboard’ Scooter

It is a self-balancing hover board type of thing that allows the users to move forward, backwards and take turns by slightly shifting their body weights. It doesn’t actually hover but it makes moving around easy and cool. It is practically the best invention of our time because it got the attention of celebrities such as Kendall Jenner, Justin Bieber and Jimmy Fallon to name a few.

With the every passing day, there are new developments and innovations in the field of science. These devices are the best evidence on it. They are meant to ease your life and provide you the best comfort and enjoyment. Do you feel intrigued after reading the list of 10 best inventions of our time? They devices are available in market and are waiting for you to buy them.

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