20 Smart Beauty Tricks You Had No Idea You Could Do With A Spoon

A new makeup wand has been brought into limelight by some very pretty ladies who keep going a level ahead with their makeup creativity. Why should only they be a level ahead and not me and you too? So here we share some very different beauty tricks that I am sure most of you must not have tried ever before. All you need is your everyday makeup possessions and a SPOON. Yes! You heard that right. You need a spoon!

“Easy and budget friendly beauty hacks that can be done with the help of a spoon. Keep it in your make up bag always to save you at the last minute”

20. Lash Curler


Spoon, as a lash curler is an amazing idea, I think.

KUDOS to whoever discovered it and make it an important part of some amazing beauty tips and tricks.

All ladies owe her a lot. There are ladies who live in areas far from any departmental stores, far from the city and they cannot get their hands on curlers as easily as we can. Now they can curl their lashes at the comfort of their home, and so can we, without having to buy a new curler after every while. To do the trick you have to put the spoon over your lash line with its scoop side up. Press your lashes on the corner of the spoon and hold it there for a minute. Rotate the spoon upwards and press your lashes onto the corner of spoon, again, holding for a minute.

19. Quick Fix For Puffy Eyes


We all have at least a day in a week when we wake up with puffy eyes, either due to sleeping late or due to the tiredness the day before. Spoons provide a perfect DIY solution to this problem. This is one of the simplest but amazing beauty tips you can find and use. To quick fix our puffy eyes we can; put two spoons in the freezer for 10 to 15 minutes before taking them out again. Do our chores or make breakfast in the meanwhile. Take out those spoons and place them under the eyes or the areas of eye that are puffy and keep it still. You do it just like you do icing, except there’s no melting and no water mess.

18. Secret To Neat Eye Makeup


I usually end up applying the mascara to my lower lash line while trying to apply it on the lashes only. My “lashes only” is never “lashes only”, it always creates some mess. To avoid that mess underneath your eyes, you can put a spoon beneath your lower lash line while applying mascara. It doesn’t just help prevent the mess but it also creates a curling effect in your lower lash line. Try it!

17. Mellow Your Zits Down


This trick is a wise hack for healing your zits faster. Keep a spoon in the refrigerator for 10-20 minutes until its freezing cold. Take it out and rest it on the zit. When one side of the spoon gets hot, switch sides with the cold one. Keep doing this until the spoon is cold enough. It is a wise hack because it saves you from the water mess created from icing and its melting. Make sure to note down this simple but effective remedy in your beauty tips and tricks notebook.

16. The Perfect Winged Eyeliner


Draw a line upwards from your lower lash line. Put the spoon facing downwards and trace a perfect wing and connect it to the lower line. Fill in both the lines. Take the upper liner all the way to the tear duct. Voila! You are done.

15. Renew Your Broken Eye Shadow


If your eye shadow is broken and you are thinking of throwing it away then don’t. Not yet. With these simple beauty tips you can learn to repair it. Add some water or eye drops to the broken shadow and press it back the back of the spoon until it is firm again. It is now ready to be applied again. You do not even have to wait for it to dry. You can apply it right away. In fact it will be richer, now, when you apply it.

 14. Mellow A Fresh Bruise


When I was getting my cleansing done, the lady had long round nails and accidentally hurt me on my neck. It was tiny cut but it was really hurting me as the cleansing cream touched it every time. As I got home from the parlour I used this trick to mellow down the burning sensation of that cut. I put the spoon in the freezer for 20 minutes. After 20 minutes I took it out and rest it on the cut. It felt good! It also helped with the redness. This may seem strange but its effective make it one of the best beauty tips and tricks.

13. The Perfect Contour Line


Use the enchanting spoon to make a perfect contour line on your jaw. Put the spoon on your face connecting your jaw line to your hair line as shown in the picture. It helps keeping it neat and from getting to our cheeks. Now do the contouring nice and neat!

12. Draw The Perfect Eyebrow Arch


A spoon will help you achieve the perfect eyebrow arch you have always desired. Yes! A not so magical everyday spoon will help you achieve the perfect brows. Keep it upside down on your eye and trace the lower brow line. As you are done remove the spoon and complete your brows. If you have brown hair, then trace your brows with a brown shadow or brown pencil.

11. Heal The Zit


Woke up with a zit on a forehead? Not to worry! The spoon is here to save the day. Use these simple beauty tips to get rid of this annoying problem easily. Keep the spoon in hot water for 15 minutes, as hot as you think you can handle. Remove it from the water, check for the temperature and the tolerability of heat on the inside of your wrist. If it is too hot then wait for it to cool down a bit. Once it is at a temperature you can tolerate, put in on the zit. It will bring up the whitehead earlier than time and therefore it will heal faster. You can, in fact, remove the white head right away.

“Always keep a small spoon in your makeup bag. Read out to find out why and how to use the spoon and get your make up done like a pro. They are easy to use, pocket friendly and easy to clean.”

10. Temporary Manicure


If you do not have time to get your manicure done and your cuticles have grown then you use the magic spoon to do its thing. Press the cuticle inwards with the end of the spoon to keep it from showing up on your nails.

9. Help Apply Makeup


Long ago people used spoon to apply makeup. They used spoons in place of butter knife to apply butter or jelly to their bread. The time is back I guess! You can use these simple beauty tips and tricks using spoon if your makeup brush is broken or lost. Here in the picture she is using a spoon to help her do her make-up. You can use a spoon from your makeup from spreading anywhere you do not want it to be.

 8. Nail Art


To get you nails painted artistically you do not always have to head to a parlor. You can do it yourself at home, very easily and that too with the help of a spoon. To do this trick all you have to do is drop a few drops of two different nail colors. Swirl it with a toothpick to create that marble effect. Cover your finger with a tape or Band-Aid, only leaving your nail exposed. This will prevent the nail paint from getting onto your fingers. Dip your nail into it and you will be amazed by the kind of results you receive. Wait for it to dry and show it to your friends.

7. Mix Your Face Pack


As you read further, I hope you are falling in love with how useful the kitchen spoon can be. In these beauty tips you’ll learn to use spoon for a number of beauty tasks. You can use it as a beauty hack and you can sterilize it more easily than a brush, curler or any other cosmetic item. Here is another reason for you to fall in love with spoon; it will not just help you apply makeup but it will also help you take care of your skin afterwards. Mix your facial mask with the spoon and apply it with the same spoon without having to use a brush. It is difficult to sterilize the brushes, you are always worried or burning the brush bristles, but with spoon it is not the case. You can sterilize it in water at high temperatures too, without really being worried at all.

6. Make A New Lip Color


Want to apply a new lip color with the new dress you wore? Don’t have it in your lipstick shades? Don’t worry, these mind blowing beauty tips and tricks will help you in this regard. If you have required color in your eye shades then there is nothing to worry about. Take some Vaseline or lip gloss on the spoon. Add some eye shadow powder of your desired color and mix it. Use a lip brush to apply it on your lips. Do not shy away from being creative with your eye shadows. It is useful and fun to do. You can also mix two different eye shadow shades in the spoon to make a new shade out of it. For instance, mix blue eye shadow with yellow eye shadow to achieve green eye shadow.

5. Other Nail Art


You can do the same nail art we did earlier with different colors on a spoon. Be as creative as you can possibly be because there is no limit to creativity. That’s why we’ve brought these creative beauty tips and tricks with spoon for you. Two nail colors, one spoon, no extra brushes and only you, far away in a desert, nothing to do. Not a problem, all you need it some optimism. Do your manicure. First press in the cuticles and them do your paint job.  Mix two different colors in a spoon and dip your nail in it to achieve the perfect marble effect on your nail. You will find this marble effect tutorial on the internet with a glass and water too. However I would suggest spoons, because spoons are easier to clean later.

4. Budget Friendly Cosmetic Item


Spoons are amazing little things. They are small, they are budget friendly and they let us do so many makeup tricks without really having to waste a penny on it. They are so small that they can easily fit in into our makeup bags without any hassle. You can take them anywhere and use them everywhere. They are budget friendly versions of make-up brushes.

3. Mix Your Foundation In A Spoon


A lot of ladies have skin tones that are hard to match in a single foundation. To solve this problem they buy two different foundations and every time they have to apply it, they mix the two foundations on their hands and apply it. That is not a very good idea for your skin health. Our hands are a breeding ground for bacteria. When we mix it on our hands, chances are we are mixing some bacteria into the mixture as well. The healthier option is to keep a sterile spoon in your makeup bag always, mix the two foundations on a spoon and apply when the desired color is obtained. I know it is more convenient to mix it on your hand instead of getting into the hassle of mixing it in a spoon every time and sterilizing the spoon every time but it is worth it.

2. Silver Spoon Benefits


Mixing your cosmetics in a silver spoon has its own benefits. Silver is a mineral, a mineral that wears off easily. Minerals are good for skin. We drool for mineral make up and spend huge amounts of money in order to buy mineral make up. As i mentioned earlier, silver has a property of wearing off easily. We can use this property for our convenience in these beauty tips. When we eat food with a silver spoon, some very least bit of it slips into our mouth and then our stomach, adding some minerals into our food. In the same way, if we will mix our cosmetics on a silver spoon, chances are; some of it will slip into our makeup and will be applied to our facial skin. Is it not amazing?

1. Use Spoon Handle In Place Of Rat Tail Comb


Another budget friendly beauty hack in these amazing beauty tips and tricks for you to embrace and for me to enlighten you with is; using a thin spoon handle in place of tail comb. Curl your hair with a curling wand and open the curls with the handle of your spoon. It is okay if you don’t own a tail comb for this hairstyle.

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