9 Reasons Why Your Home Should Be Shoe Free Zone

If you keep your home away from the dirty shoes you will work towards creating a healthier environment. It’s not only about keeping a healthy environment but it is also about maintaining an organized and a proper looking home. Shoes placed anywhere other than their allocated area shall look disorganized and give an improper look to the one entering the house. So one must take care of all these things and start with keep their shoes in a proper place and making the living area a shoe free zone.

9. An Unwanted Clutter

An unwanted Clutter

Shoes placed randomly in your home seem to add nothing but a clutter to your beautiful house. Yes, that happens that you just don’t want to remove it away from that place because it gets easier for you to wear when you’re rushing in the morning for your work.

  • Your home needs to be a clutter free zone but unfortunately your shoes do not let that happen.
  • Shoes placed other than their own place definitely add on to the clutter.

8. Your Pet Would Do This!

Your pet would do this

It is like your small little buddy likes to play with your shoes and he enjoys doing that. When you’re not around and your small little puppy wants to be playful, he might look at your shoes as a lovely toy.

  • You do not want your expensive pair of shoes to be ragged.
  • And your puppy has wild canines to do so.
  • Hence, it is better to keep your shoes away and safe.

7. Your Neighbor’s Might Not Like

Your neighbor’s might not like

Sometimes your shoes get noisy much and your neighbors just do not want that tick tock of your shoes. This particularly happens when you are residing in an apartment.

  • If you have wooden floors then you have to be very careful with your shoes.
  • You shouldn’t be walking with them on.
  • The sound of those shoes will get to irritate them.

6. Keep Your Feet Strong

Keep your feet strong

You wear your shoes all day long but when you come home you shall keep yourself off from them.

  • During the day when you are wearing your shoes the foot arch is always at support.
  • But you must keep yourself barefoot in order to keep your arch strong naturally.

5. Hub For Bacterial Survival

Hub for bacterial survival

Yes the shoes that you wear could be the home of several bacteria. The environment bacteria needs for survival is all provided here. So, the growth is unstoppable.

  • These bacterial laden shoes shall not be kept around you.
  • You must keep them away in order to avoid with the nasty bacteria.

4. And It Gets Dirty Much

And it gets dirty much

Your shoes splash in the dirty water outside; they even encounter all kinds of wastes of the street animals. So they are actually having the dirtiest sole.

  • You must avoid bring those shoes in your house.
  • These dirty shoes shall not be brought where you move bare foot at all.

3. The Toxins Are Unhealthy

The toxins are unhealthy

Your shoes are stuck with different bacteria and toxins. These bacteria produce toxins which are surely not at all healthy for you. You must keep this in mind before you step in with those shoes.

  • You need to keep your shoes away from your living zone as they might release such toxins that might be very unhealthy.
  • You must avoid wearing them to keep yourself healthy.

2. Your Floor Would Get Dirty

Your Floor would get dirty

The floor on which you walk on happens to get ruined with the passage of time of walked on by dirty shoes. Sometimes it’s not just the dirtiness of the shoes that ruins your floor but it’s the texture of the shoes itself.

  • Your floor might not be the type on which you can step with any shoes on.
  • It might require only home slippers on them to maintain their beauty.
  • You must avoid wearing any shoes over them except fir the home slippers.

1. And You Can Relax

And you can relax

By the end of the day when you take off those shoes you feel like relaxing! And so this gets to be the best feeling. Your mind shall know that you are no more in the formal mode and can relax.

  • Remove your shoes when you come home and feel free.
  • Enjoy the relaxed state and feel good.


  • Always rub your shoes against the door mat before entering the hose.
  • Clean your shoes on daily basis.
  • Make sure your shoes are aligned properly in their place and not making a clutter at all.

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