7 Most Amazing Levity Shoes

With Levity shoes, your feet display style and elegance combined. Levity offers you the most sophisticated and stylish shoe designs you can ever get from one center. All sorts of ladies shoe designs are available at very affordable rates. The following are some amazing kind of Levity designs highlighted.

7. Levity Jalone Pump

Levity Jalone Pump

With a well dressed skinny trouser and a button down shirt, there are Jalone pumps in feet which are the real code of attraction and charm in your personality. These pumps have got very appealing colors with a perfectly pointed toe and fairly 3½ inched long corset style lacing in the heels.

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6. Levity Sky Sandal

Levity Sky Sandal

The real chic is Levity Sky sandals absolutely. These sandals are primarily coming across in tan leather and pebbled black color with brown wooden heels. There’s a very beautiful cut-outs design in the sides of these sandals which adds up the real taste of attraction in these sandals indeed. These are no doubt on of the best walking shoes you can try.

5. Levity Angie Pump

Levity Angie Pump

The Levity shoes have been phenomenally beyond than expectation in styling the Levity Angie Pumps. Without a doubt, these pumps might be the best thing for you to put it on your feet. These pumps have got an adjustable buckle for the ankle trap and a comfortable 5 inch heel to bring an ease for your walking. These attractive shoes are not very different from seychelles lucky penny shoes in comfort and beauty.

4. Levity Sam Bootie

Levity Sam Bootie

The most lustful and craziest booties you can choose for yourselves can be the Levity Sam Bootie. The sleek blackish and dark grayish color available with these booties is extremely adorable. The sole in these booties is made of rubber, while the upper part is made of leather material with a zipper to off and on the feet. The heels in these booties are about 4½ inches long. Really comfortable design makes it the good choice especially if you’re suffering from foot pain.

3. Levity Snap Wedge Sandal

Levity Snap Wedge Sandal

Levity shoes offer Snap Wedge Sandals for summer and spring season. These sandals are designed in criss-crossed manner right from the top of ankles to the bottom of toe. There’s a zipper behind the heel to easy wear on and off. Moreover the heels are round about wedge like in shape with looks fairly elegant with these sandals. These sandals are mostly accessible in light to dark brown in color. These comfortable shoes are also advised to wear to get rid from shoe bites.

2. Levity Savory Flat

Levity Savory Flat

Levity Savory Flat is the combo of tows and corset lace with leopard pony hair to serve you the flat and comfortable thing to put it on for your feet. These flat shoes have got a synthetic sole and very beautiful and variant design to opt out. Barking dog shoes is another brand that is famous for all kinds of comfortable shoes especially flats.

1. Levity Katie Bootie

Levity Katie Bootie

Most probably the Levity Katie Bootie is one of the most unique sorts of booties designed so far in the series of Levity shoes. With these booties in your feet, you’ll definitely stand apart from the rest of people. The suede upper and the split up front design is the most amazing thing with these booties.

Levity shoes not only add style to your personality but also keep your feet comfortable. The extensive variety in design and style match perfectly with your taste and preference. Moreover the durability of levity shoes is also an acknowledged fact that you hardly find anywhere else in such a moderate price that you find at Levity shoe centre.

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