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12 Comfortable Home Remedies For Shoe Bites

If there is one word to describe shoe bites, it’s painful. And this can be taken in account in two ways, it is painful in the literal way of walking around with them, stretching the skin and developing into scars and it is painful to think that you won’t be able to wear your favorite shoes for a while. Our feet are very strong organs but if we deliberately force them into shoes that are of not the right size or have a design which may cause discomfort but looks great, then I’m afraid our feet won’t be able to afford that and we’ll end up with sores and scars on our feet also known as shoe bites.

The very basic cause of the shoe bites is the friction between our feet and the shoes. If our shoes are way too tight, they will rub off against the delicate and sensitive skin of the calf and scar it. Sores will form and the skin will be a bad color of red. Not to mention the pain that comes as a bonus. Whenever you’re walking around, the uncomfortable little sting on your calf will always be there, annoying you. If you want to get rid of the pain and uncomforting walks then you should probably think about treating those shoe bites that are preventing you from wearing your favorite pair of shoes.

I feel like this is the time when a human thinks, “I wish I only had one foot “, so they can wear just one shoe and don’t have to worry about wearing a similar shoe on the foot with the shoe bite. It gets annoying to be not able to wear what you want and the shoe bite constantly nagging you in a very hypothetical way. To get rid of the shoe bites, the very first step is to take care of your feet. Massage them to relieve the sores and stress, it is better to massage them with Olive oil or any other agent that has a lubricating and moisturizing effect. If you want your feet to be taken care of better, you should about getting a pedicure. A pedicure usually involves soaking you feet in warm water, getting your feet massaged and also moisturized; all these things will help your feet get rid of the soreness and the stressful shoe bite pain. The pedicure will help you get rid of the dead skin cells that have accumulated near the scars and sores of the shoe bite.  This is the first step to get to treat the shoe bites as you need your feet to be completely relaxed to get to any of the next steps and remedies to cure the shoe bites that are very uncomfortable.

“Shoe Bites can be extremely irritating. Your feet are sensitive to some designs and sizes of shoes you need to take care of, the best you can do to avoid them is always take care of your feet and have a pedicure regularly. There are plenty of home remedies to help you treat such conditions also.”

12. Petroleum Jelly


Petroleum Jelly helps the dry sores and scars to be less uncomfortable as there is nothing worse than your cuts drying off and making your skin look dead. They make your feet feel like they are restricted and they annoyingly rub with the material of the shoe and possibly get worse. One way to eliminate that is to apply petroleum jelly on your calves or wherever the dry scars and sores are developing and then observe the progress. The shoes will slide right in, instead of rubbing off with the skin and it would no longer be uncomfortable.


  • Apply several times a day if your need involves wearing the shoes all day to avoid shoe bite.
  • Vaseline is a recommended brand for the petroleum jelly.
  • Wash your feet thoroughly and moisturize them if you wear the shoes all day.

 11. Ice Cubes


This remedy is for the condition of the shoe bites where they are fresh and lumpy and basically very painful. If you’ve recently developed the shoe bites and you are ‘oohing’ and ‘ahhing’ over the pain in walking, it will get too much to bear sooner or later. Probably the former. One way to relieve the shoe bite pain and soothe the sting is to apply ice cubes onto the area of the shoe bite.

  • Take several ice cubes (3-4) and wrap a cloth around them.
  • Take the cloth containing the cubes and press it against the scars and sores of the shoe bite.
  • Do this several times to relieve maximum pain and to soothe the calf.

10. Aloe Vera


Aloe Vera is a magical plant. You can use it in so many different ways and to treat so many different things. It is used worldwide and everyday to treat burns, scars, sores, acne, pimples and various other skin conditions. The sap present inside it has lubricating and revitalizing properties that help the skin to get back to its original condition and heal it properly.

Shoe bites can also be cured by the wonders of Aloe Vera. You can use the sap directly and apply it on the sores and scars of the shoe bite or you can mix it with some crushed ice and apply it so it can relieve the pain too.

9. Olive And Almond Oil


A mixture of both these brilliant oils will help the sores and cuts of the shoe bites to heal quickly. The olive oil is best for the sores on your calves due to the shoe bites, and the almond oil helps to bring the state of the skin back to normal. All you need to do is:

  • Mix equal amounts of olive oil and almond oil together.
  • Soak a cotton ball in it and apply to the shoe bites.
  • Massage your foot with the rest of the oil mixture to get rid of shoe bite.

8. Honey


Honey is naturally a very good healing agent. To get the desired result of your shoe bites being healed, you need to apply the organic and raw honey. It heals and helps more quickly than the processed one. Honey reduces the bruising, and brings down the inflammation along with lightening the scars of the shoe bites.

  • Use honey with a mixture of Olive oil and apply it to the shoe bites to reduce inflammation, redness of the skin and the bruising.
  • Raw honey works the best on the shoe bite scars as it is organic and not processed; it is the very literal way, natural.
  • Applying the honey and Olive oil mixture twice a day helps improve results.
  • Applying the raw, organic honey thrice a day improves results.

7. Toothpaste


Off the sink and onto the shoe bite scars, toothpaste can do wonders to the condition of your scars and blisters due to the shoe bite. Toothpaste has menthol which has a cooling effect on the condition, it also has hydrogen per oxide and baking soda which help with healing the blisters and sores. This remedy is a quick hack for instant relief from shoe bite, all you have to do is wait for the toothpaste to dry and you can wash it off and amazingly get o wear your favorite pair of shoes. Although be very careful of gel based toothpastes as all they do is make your condition worse and aggravate it.

6. Milk Cream


This is a mixture of pure milk and butter. Both the ingredients in this mixture are natural moisturizing and revitalizing agents and when applied to skin help it to heal if there is such a condition to be dealt with. Milk has lubricating properties that the skin needs to return to normal and the butter helps reduce the dryness and the scariness of the shoe bites.

  • Take ¾ of a glass of milk and cool it.
  • After cooling it, add about 2 teaspoons of soft butter in it.
  • Apply the mixture to the shoe bite affected area.
  • Let it remain for 10 minutes and then wash to find astonishing results.

5. Antiseptic Alcohol


Alcohol is also used to treat conditions as such that involve the healing of the skin. It has anti septic properties that kill off the bacteria. Applying it to the shoe bite won’t only just prevent infections but it will also reduce the pain that is induced by the shoe bites.

  • Soak a cotton ball in the alcohol and rub it on the scars and sores.
  • Do this several times a day for quick results in healing shoe bite.
  • Do not use perfumes that contain alcohol, just use alcohol that is purely prescribed for such treatment.

4. Potato Juice


Now this may sound silly but applying potato juice to your skin does have a positive effect in general. Not only is it used for skin lightening purposes but it is also used to heal skin conditions like burns and cuts. Now, shoe bites mostly involve red skin, inflammation, scars and a lot of uncomfortable rubbing friction. The potato juice can help with the inflammation, scars, the red skin and the uncomfortable rubbing friction will go away all by its self. All you need to do is cut a few slices of a fresh potato and apply it to the heel or calf or wherever the shoe bite is on the foot.

3. Rice Flour


Rice flour is a common remedy to treat conditions that involve inflammation and the blisters on the skin. It is very effective and has results within a couple of days. All you need to do is:

  • Mix 3-4 tablespoons of Rice flour with water and some olive oil.
  • Apply it to the shoe bite.
  • It will act as an exfoliating scrub and help the skin heal.
  • Let it remain for 15 minutes.
  • Wash it off with some warm water.
  • Do this twice a week for maximum results to get rid of shoe bite.

2. Powder


Powder is used to beautify your skin but it can also be used to get the slippery effect through which you can slip your feet easily into the shoes. Shoe bites can be very uncomfortable and the best you can do to avoid the pain and the constant rubbing of skin with your shoes, is to make the process very easier to work with. Before wearing your shoes you can apply some powder on the affected area to ease the shoe bite pain and the uncomfortableness.

1. Flip Flops


If you’re the kind of person who wears shoes that really hurt your feet and give you shoe bites, then you need to sort to priorities because care of your skin comes first, the skin of our calves is very delicate and any amount of deliberate force on it causes it to bruise and blister which eventually leave behind scars. These scars don’t really add to the beauty of your feet, so if unnecessary, avoid wearing shoes that hurt your feet and are ill fitted enough to cause shoe bites. Flip flops are your friends in this matter and trust me; your calves need their air. Flip flops are the ideal shoes for you if you are suffering through the pain of   shoe bites.

Do-s Of Treating Shoe Bites:

  • Do keep a moisturizer at hand to quickly apply if your shoe bite becomes dryly uncomfortable.
  • Do massage your feet with the Oils mentioned to receive maximum results.
  • Do wear comfortable shoes to avoid shoe bite.
  • Do get a pedicure twice a month to maintain proper care of your feet.

Don’t-s Of Treating Shoe Bites:

  • Don’t wear uncomfortable shoes.
  • Don’t wear ill fitted shoes.
  • Don’t use gel based toothpaste for treatment.
  • Don’t leave your feet dirty after an entire day, always wash and moisturize them.

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