30 Key Questions To Ask Your Boyfriend

You have a number of questions to ask your boyfriend yet it must not be at the cost of annoying him. Know him with patience and begin our quest with the ordinary and simple things of life, win his heart and establish a strong bond of love between you and him.

“Nothing is as dear in life as a true relation is. Relationships begin when you start understanding each other. A girl’s mind always has a curiosity about her boyfriend’s life. You would surely have questions to ask your boyfriend; his past experiences, future plans, preferences, likes and dislikes. Remember your boyfriend may not be an extrovert and is not sure to respond to your questions warmly. But if you succeed in winning his trust, you can know him more deeply by getting answers to all of your queries.”

Question# 30: What Are His Hobbies?


When you ask this question there is a possibility that you will discover that you both have a lot of common interests and can even adopt some of those hobbies together. This will help you to get to know him much better and discover what he truly loves doing.

“You must know that it takes times to know someone. The best advice in this regard is that you should make hurry. If the guy does not seem comfortable in answering some of your questions, you should not insist upon that. There will soon come a point when he gets ready to tell you about himself in a truthful manner. When your relationship is still fresh, it’s nice to get to know the silly basics of what makes your man tick. What’s his favorite color? Which food does he absolutely despise? Remember, your impatient attitude may threaten your relationship.”

Question# 29: What Is His Favorite Movie?


Asking about movies is more common but interesting question, it will help you discover if you both have common interests or not. The more common you two have your interests; the more is your relationship strong.

Question# 28: What Are His Favorite Places He Wants To Visit?


This is another important question that can help you lot to know your boyfriend. Maybe you both dream about the same places. This will reflect similarity between you both that is very important for a stronger future relation.

Question# 27: What Is His Favorite Sport?


Boys love to talk about sports, so this seems to be an important question to ask your boyfriend, also this will move on your conversation towards a better understanding of each other. Hopefully, he will invite you to watch him playing his favorite game. Asking this question will let him know what you are interested in games.

Question# 26: What Is Your Favorite Music?


Having things in common is the way to a loving and caring relationship. The answer to this question will help you both to discover if you have common interests, when it comes to music, most of the time young people have the same choices and thus it can give boost up your relation with him and will also provide you similarity in choices. If he loves instruments he would love to discuss with you about his favorite singer and musical instrument.

Question# 25: What Is His Favorite Dress And What He Likes You To Wear?


Dress is the best window to look into one’s personality, taste and manner. Asking about his likeness in dresses what he likes to wear as well as what he likes to wear is not only to know him thoroughly but also find out similarities in both of you.

Question# 24: What Is Your Favorite Food Item?


It is one of the very common questions to ask your boyfriend that can help you start a conversation. Discussion on the dainties of food generates opportunity to prolong a conversation and explore his choice about the favorite food items he mostly likes to eat. Make sure that you are a good cook too as most of the men like girls who know how to cook. One of the ways to get in his heart is by the path of stomach, stick to that saying.

Question# 23: What Is Your Favorite Color?


Asking about his favorite color is one of the simplest yet important questions to ask him. Good relationships improve all aspects of your life, strengthening your mind, and your connections with others. Knowing the basics about your boyfriend’s nature is the key to have a successful relationship.

“Relationships become boring when you have nothing to talk about. Such a situation is also the indication that you both can’t proceed with each other. To avoid it all, you should search out similarities between you through questions and answers.”

Question# 22: What Is His Favorite Car?


Most of the boys love to talk about cars. Debate on models and variety in vehicles is the best subject to open deeper subjects about each other. If he’s a car lover, he will cherish you for asking about your choice and he will tell you all about what he likes among cars.

Question# 21: What Is His Family Like?


One of the nice questions to ask your boyfriend is to know the structure of his family and his preferences about familial life. He’ll love the fact that you are taking the initiative to get to know the people he loves. Guys mostly don’t tell about their family until they are asked. So it will make them feel important that you are taking interest in their family.

Question# 20: Ask About His Happiest Moments Of Life


It is very important for you to know what makes your boyfriend happy. What moments are there in his life that he values the most? What he idealizes as happiness and to what extant you can compromise with that. This question will also enlighten him about your own concerns in life.

Question# 19: Who Is The Biggest Inspiration For Him?


This question will help you to get to know what type of persons he admires, and who he looks up to for inspiration and who is the role model for him to follow. This type of question can really make you both open up to each other.

Question# 18:  Ask About The Things That Make Him Angry?


This is an important question to ask your boyfriend. You will come to know that what are the things that can make him feel annoyed so that you can avoid them in future.

Question# 17: What Is His Scariest Moment?


This is nice to know about your boyfriend’s behavior, his responses in the time of trial and his courage to face the odd situations.

“Remember that you should not ask too many questions in one sitting.  This can also irritate your boyfriend and he will try to avoid further discussion with you.”

Question# 16: Ask About The Craziest Things He Has Done Ever?


This question will help you to know a lot about the guy you like too much. It will tell you what he terms as crazy, and unveil his past adventures revealing also how far he can go in responding in various situations.

Question# 15: What Are The Things He Feels Proud Of In Himself?


Whether the answer is about his looks, talents or personality, you are pursuing him in conversation which clearly states that, you want to know him and what he takes pride in. Pride is a huge attribute in most guys and definitely something to be aware of.

Question# 16: What Was His Saddest Moment Of Life?


It is important to consider his feelings when you ask this question. Make sure that this is a good time to ask this question to your boyfriend. Anything painful or unspeakable can affect him so he might not be able to share it with you, but once you ask that, try to calm the situation and make him feel that you are with him, no matter what.

Question# 14: Ask Question About His Past Memorable Experiences


This question will open up the path for you to know him well. The more you get to know him, the more your relationship with him gets stronger. Keep an open mind and make sure you are safe to talk to, with whom he can easily share any past experience, worst or best. Listen to him with full attention.

Question# 13: How Close Is He With His Parents?


You can ask him that who is he closer to him among his parents. He will find it interesting to talk about it when you ask him about his relationship with his parents and probably he would tell you something more about himself as well.

Question# 12: What Was Your First Impression Of Him?


This is important to know that what impression you had on him when you first met. If this positive one, it will enhance your confidence as well in your relation and you can proceed further with a hope of a strong relation.

Question# 11: Ask Him What Sorts Of People He Likes To Company With?


One of the very important questions to ask your boyfriend is to ask what sort of company enjoys. It will also let you conclude about his personality as well. You will be able to take solid steps in maintaining the relation further or abandon it.

Question# 10: What Are The Qualities Of Ideal Relationship To Him?


You can ask this question in order to find out what kind of relationship he demands of with a person with whom he can put up with. Make him feel that you take interest in every bit of this conversation.

Question# 9: Know Things Which Make Him Smile!


Getting to know about the things which make your boyfriend smile is very important in your relationship. Asking this type of question is like letting him know that you are curious as to what makes him happy. The answer will let you know how to make him smile in the future and helps you to know him in a much better way.

“If you have questions to ask your boyfriend, you should also be ready to answer his questions. One sided questioning can harm your relationship.”

Question# 8: Ask About His Interest In Politics?


This question will tell you about his political interests. If he loves to talk about politics, it means he is aware of all the current affairs related to politics. Most guys like to talk about political issues.

Question# 7:  What Do You Prefer Most Among, Money, Power And Fame?

One of the cool questions to ask your boyfriend is to know how he gives important to certain things. It will also tell you whether your boyfriend is of materialistic nature or not. Also it will help you to know how determined he is for any of these things, and what perspective he has got for these things.

Question# 6: Ask Entertaining Questions!


Entertaining questions to ask your boyfriend can be a fun and can fill your company with colors. It will also cheer him up. They may be questions like: “Do you still believe in Santa?”, “If you had to choose between the TV and the Internet, which one would you get rid of?” Such queries will keep the conversation light and amusing.

Question# 5: Ask Him About The Things You Don’t Know!


One of the best questions to ask your boyfriend is to ask him about things which you want to know. It can be anything about himself or some fact you don’t know, ask him nostalgic questions like his first day at school, or college or any old memory, a good way to get to know the things that matter to him most plus a good way to make him realize that you take interest in every bit of his life.

Question# 4:  Ask What Scares Him In Life?


This may be an odd question to ask your boyfriend but it will help you to know how strong he is to face the oddities of life and how will he face a predicament.

Question# 3:  Ask About His Favorite Book.


Asking this question will tell you a lot about his personality, pattern of thinking and ideals. Most of the men associate themselves with heroes that authors that manifest their own tendencies.

Question# 2: Ask Questions About His Future Plans


Ask about what he’s dreamed of doing. What he wants to do in life, this will tell you about his determination in his life. Also it will help you to know his future planning.

Question# 1: Does He Miss You When You’re Not Around Him?


It is one of the cutest questions to ask your boyfriend. You should know what kind of feelings he has for you. This question will reveal the strength of your relationship; you will be able to conclude about his feelings and expressions.

“Being familiar with the life of your boyfriend will increase the chances of a happy relationship. Getting to know your boyfriend may also be a challenging experience for you. At times, your boyfriend will make you think that you are too inquisitive. So asking him few questions about his lifetime experiences and his choices is a great way to get to know your partner and spark meaningful conversation. However, most of the guys love to talk about themselves, so asking him about his life is a great way to keep conversations going and avoid uncomfortable silence. You may not have questions to ask your boyfriend while sitting with him. Thus the above mentioned questions are the best help to make you both open up to each other in a comfortable way.”

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