9 Home Remedies For Poison Ivy

Poison is a plant that is grown in open areas or along the river sides or in wooden areas and also in the urban areas like backyards etc. This plant of poison ivy has leaves that are clustered together in the form of small leaflets. Poison ivy is grown with yellow or green flowers and also green yellow berries but that depends on the season.

Poison ivy can cause a rash on the skin of an individual if the skin comes in contact with it. It’s actually the oily resin in them which is responsible for such reactions. Urishol is a chemical compound that is the major culprit behind these rashes. But these rashes are not contagious and could be treated at home. They can take a time period of two-three weeks to get healed.

We provide here with the readily available home remedies to treat such rashes. You can read here to find what is stored as home remedies for poison ivy.

9. Aloe Vera Gel

Aloe Vera Gel

Aloe Vera comes with a great package of nutrients and healthy facts. This green coloured plant is stored with a translucent gel that is in sufficient extent within each single leaf. The gel is odorless but still it has a peculiar aroma to it which is too dull to be even given recognition. The bitter taste of it makes it undesirable to eat without any sugary additives.

You can find so many benefits regarding this plant for your health and you can utilize it in various different ways to provide your hair and skin with the best. A little use of this plant is also found for the discomfort regarding constipation. Aloe Vera plant contains a yellow coloured deposit just beneath the inner side of the leaf known as ‘latex’. This latex can act as a laxative and help with the constipated gut easily.

  • It is believed that aloe vera can treat sores and ulcers by giving a soothing effect.
  • Hence, in case of a poison ivy rash one can apply gel of aloe vera and subsequently go for an ointment form the drug store.

8. Lemon Juice

lemon juice

Lemons! A wonderful bliss during the summers. An all time hit summer drink is a chilled glass of thirst quenching lemonade. Or a better version of simple lemonade could be mint lemonade. These yellow little fruits are sour to taste and juicy to squeeze. Its little seeds are squeezed and popped while sometimes the zest is used to decorate the glass or the dish, wherever it is used. Lemons are given a vast variety of drinks and edibles where they could be used to enhance the flavor and enrich the health benefits.

An amazing sliming agent and a commonly used constituent of the detox water or drinks because of its natural antioxidant qualities. Try giving a direct rub of the lemon skin on your skin or on the darkened areas particularly and you might find a difference in your skin to a much lighter tone.

  • It is said about the qualities of lemon that they cut through the oils and the toxic ones as well.
  • Lemons act as astringents i.e. they have the ability to constrict the bodily tissues.
  • Immediately after the plant gets in contact with the skin apply some lemon juice before the oils get a chance to penetrate completely within.

7. Oatmeal


Oh! This lovely form of breakfast is the best thing to have in the morning. They are one of the breakfast line items that are the most recommended ones to the people who are going for a weight reduction plan. Oats basically have a quality of getting swelled up and hence when it is taken during the breakfast it acts according to its feature. This feature of getting swollen and larger keeps the tummy satiated and full for long hours, therefore allowing a person to have lesser than usual.

Jumping on the other aspect of this food, there is a much more to find regarding it. If you pick skin and beauty as one of its aspect then you shall enlighten your knowledge with the fact that oats are a reliable source to use as a scrub for removing the dead skin off and leave the new cells rejuvenated.

  • In regard to poison ivy, oats to be used during the bath time can be a helpful home remedy.
  • This is a very simple procedure to utilize oats during the bath. One just needs to grind a cup of oats and tie the resultant powder in an old nylon cloth or a stocking.
  • Tie this bag of oats under the faucet and fill in the bath tub with luke warm water.
  • Sitting in this water for about half an hour will help soothe the skin better.

6. Baking Soda

baking soda

As the name suggests, baking soda is a powder that is used during baking cakes, cups cakes and brownies. Hence, this could one of the required ingredients for a perfect baking. Baking soda is not just limited to the use of kitchen you know but it has again a vast usage outside that kitchen as well.

Using it as a scrub for the removal of blackheads is one of the commonly done practice amongst individuals. But there is a little more to add up to it. One another way to utilize baking soda powder is to use it for as teeth whitener. You can add a bit on your tooth paste and brush! Mixing some baking soda to the bath water would kill the smell out of your sweat all day long.

  • Mixing three is to one parts of baking soda to water to formulate a thick paste could help with poison ivy blisters.
  • Applying this paste until it dries could be of great help.
  • Besides If you want a remedy for oozing blisters then add two teaspoons of baking soda in a liter of water and apply this water with cotton pads over the blisters.
  • Do this at least four times in a day for 10 minutes.

5. Apple Cider Vinegar


This is a very well known form of vinegar available in the market. This one is available in different brands and sizes but its core benefits remain the same in all. The slim waste lovers or the lean body lovers know a lot about this one liquid bottle. Apple cider vinegar is supposedly one of the ingredients recommended for the weight reduction diet plans.

Taking a tablespoon of it mixed in luke warm water is the commonly practiced sliming trick used by individuals. One of the reasons to utilize for this purpose could be its properties to help in the reduction of cholesterol and the capability to stabilize the blood sugar levels. A good detoxifying agent and a liquid to help with digestion.

  • The above given benefits are just not the only ones there is more to add up to it.
  • In case of poison ivy one could soak a brown paper bag in apple cider vinegar and cover the area with it to draw the toxins out.

4. Banana Peel


You have always thrown the banana peel in the bin as a waste. But, after that you will read this you won’t really like to treat the banana peel the same way. Did you know if you don’t have the shoe polish but a banana peel it could help you with it and also this that if you want to have some bright shiny teeth you can rub a banana peel on them. Yes, here banana peel can simply help you in both the cases. But besides this you have a number of benefits on the list to avail what suits the best for you.

From a list of those one of the benefits is rubbing a banana peel on the mosquito bites. This actually helps to soothe the inflammated rashes and helps to get rid of the itchy sensation.

  • As discussed above banana peel has the ability to reduce the itchiness of the skin and hence it could be used in case of poison ivy as well.
  • Rubbing a banana peel for a while and then leaving it over night would be helpful as said by the people.

3. Cucumber

Use Cucumber Slices

Cucumbers are known for their cooling effect. They are again in somewhat association with summers. As summers get hot and sultry it leads to a dehydrated and drained body and skin. So, here a good option to go with is a bowl of nice and chilled cucumbers. They are amazing source to keep the body hydrated as well as then skin. A nice soothing effect given by the cucumbers is also utilized for the swollen and puffy eyes.

As cucumbers are almost a composition of water hence they remain a good diet food for the ones who want to lose weight.
A number of vitamins and minerals that are enclosed inside its watery body keep it healthy and nourishing too.

  • Again to say again, it has a cooling effect and so it could be used directly on the desired area or one could even blend to make a paste out of it.
  • Hence, in case of poison ivy one can apply the paste of cucumber to have a relieving effect.

2. Cold Compress

Cool Compress

There are a lot of times where you just need to keep a pack of ice on the area where the burn has occurred to make it better. Why is that so? It is usually because if the fact that the area that is effected is already very inflamed and requires a cooling agent to feel better.

The basic phenomenon via which cold compress works is basically by reducing the flow of blood to the affected area. This usually occurs by the constriction of blood vessels. As the blood flow is reduced there is a less effect of pain and swelling around.

  • Hence, in case of poison ivy one can try using a cold compress.
  • The inflammation and pain will get reduced. Whenever itch occurs one could apply a cold compress in order reduce the effects.
  • By doing this the itchiness would get reduced, hence there would be no dire need to scratch away the blister with your nails avoiding worst circumstance easily.

1. Alcohol

Do not take Alcohol Much

A shot of whisky, a pack of vodka or some bottoms up are some ways to rejoice your success or to burn down the memories down those dusky memory lanes. So, alcohol is more or less a friend whenever and however it is needed.
Apart from talking about these emotional high and low nodes, alcohol has much to contribute to life. There are a number of medicines that are formulated by keeping alcohol as a part of them. Its chemical composition is of much use to the pharmaceutical world rather than only being an emotional support by the people.

  • In case of poison ivy, alcohol could be of great use on immediate basis.
  • Applying or rubbing a bit of alcohol you can limit the penetration of a chemical compound known as urushiol.
  • This chemical compound is basically responsible for giving a chemical reaction and the subsequent results.


  • To have better result while using a banana peel for poison ivy it is better to apply the peel at night and keep it overnight.
  • Applying of lemon if alcohol is not available is a good option.
  • Always and immediately keep put the affected area under the running cold water.

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