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Cute Nail Designs – 38 Wondrous Creations for the Beginners

Atlantis Glittery Nails

The meaning of the manicure art has been changed tremendously in the last few years. Since few years back, painted nails were considered a symbol of classic and grown-up elegance but now it is the most rated art in fashion industry. Variety of cute nail designs are created with the help of painting designs and tiny jewels onto nails, sometimes nails are lengthened with extensions to create a unique and stylish touch. Nail art was once practiced in small local salons only, but has rapidly become big business industry due to the involvement of female showbiz celebrities from the worlds of music, sports and fashion.

There are many different shades and styles are followed in nail art designing depending upon the shape, texture and size of particular nails. However, cute nail designs are very much in fashion these days due to their uniqueness and simplicity. One can have these designs on every type of nails including long, oval, pointed, and short or whatever size you may. So hold your nerves! Here come 35 fantastic and simple ideas of cute nail designs for every occasion.

38. Internet Lovers Art


This is an amazing and funny cute nail design for those who want to spend their time on social sites like face book, twitter, YouTube and Skype etc. This nail art can be done through nail paints and stickers as well. Idea is quite simple; just print the monograms of your favorite media sites on nails and receive attention of masses in no time. You can paste these pictures on instagram and invite your friends there.

37. Palm Trees Leopard

Palm Trees Leopard Nail Design

An imaginative cute nail design for craziest fans of nature, although it requires great care while painting palm trees on nails. However, once you have it, your nails will please everybody around you. This design can be done by using variety of colors and decorative beads in order to get more classic touch. Blend palm trees with leopard and zebra style patterns to enhance the beauty of this nail design.

36. Atlantis Glittery Nails

Atlantis Glittery Nails

Atlantis is a type of nail polish mixed with glitters in a clear base but it would look cool over other colors like black and purple. Atlantis style cute nail designs look pretty unique because the glitter mix shade contains different glitter shapes like diamond, hexagon and some irregular shapes in silver holographic, magenta and blue colors but are mostly seen on acrylic nails. It is easily available brand in the market, so have it now and create wonders with it.

35. Polka Dots With Tiny Hearts

Polka Dots With Tiny Hearts

Dotty fabrics and floral designs both looks cute when merged together into nail art, same is the case with polka dot nail designs. Polka dots can be printed on transparent base, sometimes merged with pearls, beads and cute little tiny hearts to have variety of shades in one package. Try different combinations of hearts and dots to create astonishing nail designs for smarter and attractive look.

34. Halloween Drip Nails

Halloween Drip Nails

If you want a stripy look in classic Halloween colors, it is a best design for you. Add different shades and styles with black drippy stripes. It is a unique and cute nail design that will look cool in any color combination. Therefore, you could have it in red, blue, white, and gold or any other colors depending upon your own taste.

33. Butterfly Nails

Butterfly Nails

Another superb idea is to have sparkling butterflies on nails; surely a creative design for trendsetters in the field of nail art designing. Again, this cute nail design comes up with variety of colors and styles that you can easily switch to another theme by shedding off monotony. These butterflies can be made with enhancers and we can use glitters as well for cute filling. Black pointed liners could also be used.

32. Shiny Black Cute Nail Design

Cute Nail Designs

It is totally a fabulous creation to paint each nail featuring a black and gold strip, and the twinkling pearls add a glam vibe to the entire look of this nail design. Black creates wonders when blended with golden, same goes to this particular creation. It’s specifically a formal ware design but can be used casually as well, depends on the nature of occasion you are following.

31. Floral Combo Nails

Floral Combo Nails

From the beginning of human civilization, flowers are used as a symbol of beauty, admiration and natural charm. In nail art sculpturing, floral decorations are widely used to create luminous patterns. In cute nail designs, flowers are used in a lucent way to have snazzy patterns that could attract millions in a time.

30. Sunflower Nails

Sunflower Nails

Sunflower nails! Another ostentations nail art design with the beauty of bright yellow color. This cute nail design could energize everyone around you as it is bright, sparkling and yet so trendy. Sunflowers with greenish leaves look so chanting on nails that appeals everybody towards this nail art design.

29. Cute Panda Nails

Cute Panda Nails

What a lovely nail design this is! I am sure panda is the favorite animal of almost every person in the world. What will be your feelings when you see panda carved nails on someone hands? Surely, an amazing cute nail design, this could be done by using panda stickers or simply painting those on nails.

28. Alphabetic Nails

Alphabetic Nails

Here comes another marvelous idea of cute nail designs, paint the nails with English alphabets on every single tip. These alphabets can be typed randomly or could be the names of your loved ones. Mostly women love to paint their partner names and love symbols, so it looks quite unique yet attractive.

27. Fruity Fun Nails

Fruity Fun Nails

Yummy looking crunchy designs; melons, strawberries, apples and pears give the taste of fruity fun cute nail designs. Such patterns can be created by using all fruits and can also be blended with more than one. Important thing to consider is the color scheme and season while doing such nail art.

26. Red and White Stripes

Red and White Stripes

Like black and white combination, red and white is equally famous in all age groups. Both these colors create wonders when used together on nails. Strips can be diagonal, hexagonal or vertical depending on the type of design you want to have.

25. Sparkling Starry Nails

Sparkling Starry Nails

Twinkling stars on the sky attract the people on earth, so is the case with stars on nails. This prettiest nail design is the choice of every woman who wants to inspire others with her elegant style. One star can be used in the center with little glitter and coloring beads to gave the design an adorable enhancement. This design suits the best on oval nails.

24. Pastel Nails

Pastel nailsIf you want sensational cute nail designs for formal parties and functions, then pastel pink and white nail design with crystals and bow is a perfect choice for you. Add your favorite crystals in number of ways to get your desired set of patterns.

23. Animal Printed Nails

Animal printed nailsFashionable ladies try to do different things to get classy look. Women today showed great love for animal printed cute nail designs. Among the trendsetter’s favorite pieces is a print of a leopard, peacock and other animals of your choice. it is just a perfect style for pet lovers, especially leopard fans out there.

22. Red Strawberry Nails

Red strawberry nailsAnother cute and trendy style nail design is “strawberry nails”, red vibrant strawberries printed on nails look enthusiastically inspiring. It’s a yummy looking nail art that catches the attention of viewers abruptly.

21. Neon Geometric Style Nails

Neon Geometric style nailsThis funky combo nail design is one of the best choices among all cute nail designs. A phenomenal choice for young women who are always in need of unique fashion looks to inspire others.

20. Rainbow Style Cute Nail Designs

Rainbow style cute nail designsRainbow colored nail designs are liked by all women as they enhance the beauty of hands more than anything else does. Apply different color nail paint on every single nail, it will add beauty, charm and brightness to the design.

19. Smiley Face Nails

Smiley face nailsHere comes another funky looking cute nail design that is perfectly created for the young stylish ladies. With any base color nails, try different smiling faced similes in a fun mode, they will add more glamour and fun to these soft nail designs.

18. Glue Pasted Pearls

Glue pasted pearlsIn order to get cute nail designs for friend’s fun parties, try something really odd. You can have this nail design with different colored pearls, beads, rhinestones, and fabric cut pieces. Idea is just simple, paste those accessories with glue and your funky style vibrant nail design is ready. I am very much sure that everybody will ask you about this awe-inspiring nail art.

17. Doodle Jumping Nails

Doodle jumping nailsAnother marvelous and imaginative pattern for cute nail designs is none other than doodle jumpy art. Doodle jump is a famous game of androids and iphone and has many fans following in the world of mobile technology. Try out this pattern on nails to have catchy look and have fun.

16. Dough Floral Nail Designs

Dough floral nail designsFlower making with Italian and ceramic dough is quite common trend these days and you can use these flowers on nails as well. Print nails with any color paint and then apply dough flowers with glitter glue on the nails. It will add style and gives uniqueness to the nails with just little ease.

15. Sprinkled Nails

sprinkle nailsAnother classy trend in cute nail designs is the use of sprinkling colors while doing art. These dippy sprinkles add shining to the nails and surprising effect to the overall design. So don’t waste your energy to search others, try it now.

14. Cartoony Nails

Cartoony nailsA fascinative nail art designing can be created with the help of cartoon characters, a perfect looking cute nail design for young girls. Girls can have their favorite characters on nails in order to get attention from the mates. Just use a stick and contrasting colors to get this cute nail design.

13. Heart Shaped Nails

Heart shaped nailsA woman loves to carve hearts on their nails and combine them with other accessories for further decoration. Hearts can be used in variety of ways like the one one big heart filled with funky dots or numerous tiny hearts with glittery gel. It purely depends on the choice of the one who have them on their nails.

12. Nautical Stripes

Nautical stripes nailsIf you are looking for simple and easy cute nail designs, White and black nautical strips is an incredible choice for you. This design is really simple and yet fills your nails with beautiful and eye catching effect, because black and white combo have magnificent union together.

11. Velvet Manicure Nails

Velvet Manicure nailsIn this exceptionally creative cute nail design, flocking powder is used with the blending of base color paints for the nails. Flocking powder gives crystal touch to this softy looking amazing nail art design that is the ultimate choice of showbiz celebrities these days.

10. Use of Diamond Pearls

use of diamondPearl Bead Resin Rhinestone Nail Art is very much in fashion these days, as these accessories are easily available in the market with cheap rates. With these diamond pearls, decoration of cute nail designs becomes handy and it enhanced the beauty of these designs tremendously.

9. Bow Shaped Nail Designs

bow nailsDifferent colored bows are easily available in local salons that are used as a finishing product of nails. Ribbon style bows with butterflies are getting popularity among young ladies, as they are easy to use and stylish at the same time.

8. Balloons Nails

ballons nailAnother colorful and ravishing cute nail design is the use of balloons onto nails in number of ways. Colorful balloons tied with freaky ribbons; what an idea to have these nails.

7. Easter Bunny Nails

Easter bunny nailsWomen experiment with every idea that will do wonders for their personalities, so they never miss any occasion and tries to fascinate others by their styles. Here is the idea of Easter bunny cute nail designs for the celebration of Easter. Try these different shapes bunnies on nails to get maximum appreciation from others.

6. Yellow Chicks Nails

Yellow chicks nailsWow! I can never ever imagine that one day I will use cute little chicks on nails to create some freaky patterns. But this is exquisite experiment and I am enjoying these cute nail designs by using chick’s stickers and paints.

5. Simple White Nails

Simple white nailsIf you are looking for one colored nail designs, then try this one. Simply apply the white nail polish on the nails, for more elegant touch; just do a line of polka dots around the edge of your nails. Your cute nail design is ready with the embellishment of dots.

4. Modern Cute Nails

Modern cute nailsModern trends changes abruptly and women of this fashionable era are enthusiastic with these changing trends. They want something new, unique and yet stylish too, whatever the case may be. So this simple and modern looking cute nail design is just the use of white polish with a black line.

3. Multi-Colored Manicure

Multi-Colored ManicureIf you are fond of mixing different nail colors and getting creative with a nail art brush, this amazing design is especially for you. The vibrant shades that make up this manicure will keep you fresh and will add more beauty to this cute nail design.

2. Monsters Nails

Monsters nailsAnother cute nail design is to put scary monsters design on your nails. It is a design of drawing strips with the pictures of funny monsters. Monsters looks weird and amazing if found on nails, so try and enjoy your experience with these cute monsters.

1. Olympic Nail Art

Olympic nail artDuring the Olympic season, women also paint their nails with the flags and monograms of their favorite teams. In this way, they showed their love for the games and at the same time, they want to impress with such cute nail designs.

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