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Blue Nail Designs: 20 Fantabulous Creations For Stylish Women

There are several types of artworks out there, flaunted, appreciated and most of all is an inspiration for others. Nail Art immensely attracts the attention of ladies, and is becoming popular day by day. With all the variety of colors and designs on nails, the blue nail designs trend could just be on.

In addition, with the huge number of cute nail designs, it is more than a proof how amazingly creative patterns can be followed with blue color. Though blue is generally associated with males, but with this type of art, elegance and beauty, blue nail designs have huge fan following among fashionable ladies of today world.

For all the beauties out there, here goes a fabulous collection of nail art examples to inspire you for your next set of nail designs:

20. Blue Nails with White Flowers

Blue Nails with White Flowers

When nails are colored blue, it makes the fingers of the hand look radiant especially when it is blended with white flowers. It is a classy looking nail design for all age groups.

19. Blue Mermaid


Surely, an awesome creation of blue nail designs as it looks so beautiful on nails that attract the attention at one glance. Since the blue color brings a cold impression to the eyes, it has been made cooler by the swift touches of white.

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18. Blue Swirl Nail Art

Blue Swirl Nail Art

Another marvelous creation is painting swirls with light blue color. With even just one color but a lighter shade makes more of that good impression. This is one of the soothing round nails design of all times.

17. Blue Hearts Fire

Blue Hearts Fire

Blue hears fire is an abstract-inspired nail art, one of the cute patterns of blue nail designs. A lighter shade of blue and black makes a good one combo especially for long nail shapes.

16. Blue Glittery Nails

Blue Glittery Nails

Here comes another unique design that look awesome with blue nail glitter and golden decoration: a sparkly twig. One of the party ware creations of blue nail designs, this amazing pattern is really unique.

15. Bleeding Blue; Just Wow

Bleeding Blue

Bleeding blue is one more gorgeous gradient nail design that depicts the bleeding pattern on nails. It actually looks like it is melting, and so do your nails. It is quite interesting twist to the trend of blue color designs.

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14. Shining Blue Caviar Pearls

Shining Blue Caviar Pearls

It is a brilliant looking art of blue nail designs that is amazingly merged with blue caviar pearls. This is really a marvelous creation for stylish beauties out there.

13. Blue Dotted Nail Design

Blue Dotted Nail Design
Dots on nails always give attractive look to the eyes and one can create many different twirls with these dots. You just have to be focused when doing dots on nails because perfection is the key to grab much attention.

12. Blue Holiday Nail Designs

Blue Holiday Nail Designs

Blue holiday is a perfect design even for the shorter nails; quite vibrant and bright. So you can have this on special occasions and gathering parties to attract your fellows.

11. Silvery Blue Ribbon Nails

Silvery Blue Ribbon Nails

It is one such electrifying and vibrant looking blue nail design that you just cannot ignore it. It is charming, pretty, blue silver nail design with classic ribbon decoration at the edges. Blue never looks as impressive as in this specific design, so do not waste your time looking for another one. Grab it now and enjoy its beauty.

10. Blue Springy Nails

Blue Springy Nails

This soft looking blue nail design is very simple yet attractive and pretty. If you do not like heavy nail art filled with glitters and pearls, then this simple one is amazing choice for you.

9. Gorgeous Blue With Silver

Gorgeous Blue Nails With Silver

Blue is color of peace and coolness so it can be used extensively for abstract nail art. Navy blue paint with shiny silver accent feels yummy on nails, just love the way it looks. Such a classic and eye-catching idea for blue nail designs, great!

8. Pearl Cross Blue Nails

Pearl Cross Blue Nails

Rhinestones and pearls are used in nail art to give them sparkling taste and they adds beauty and attractiveness too. These jewel blue nail designs are the choice of classy young girls who are always in search of something new and stylish.

7. Cute Blue Hearts

Cute Blue Hearts

Making a Cute nails is an obsession for some women and they tried everything to get it. Now no need to worry, we are presenting here a trendy blue nail design with cute hearts coats. It is simple and easy to follow.

6. Water Marble Nails

Water Marble Nails

Marble nail art is an example of complex abstract nail designs that have some purpose and meanings. Still it looks amazing and elegant to have on nails and adds style to your appearance.

5. Nautical Nail Strips

Nautical Nail Strips

Banding strips create a decent look and they add elegance to your nail art, simply a trendy choice for stylish women.

4. Multi Sparkling Blue Nail Designs

Multi Sparkling Blue Nail Designs

It is a great nail idea for parties and functions and it is created with two shades, one is simple and other is glittery nail paint. Multicolored glitter nail polish gives this nail design a sparkling and shiny texture.

3. Light Blue Leopard Style

Light Blue Leopard Style

Have no words to say about this classic creation, just perfect for your casual look. We can also have it on special occasions because of its uniqueness and beauty.

2. Diamond Blue Nail Designs

Diamond Blue Nail Designs

Another simple and easy nail design is using diamond shaped pearls in the center of nails. Stickers can also be used instead of real gems, to give smoothness to the design.

1. Blue The Ideal

Blue Nail Designs

These nail arts are curved by different shades of blue to create fantasy and eye-catching nail art designs. Such nail designs are ideal for the girls who are inspired by the beautiful and lovely colors of the ocean.

Decorating nails with unique and beautiful shades is an evergreen yearning. Every single girl has enthusiasm and longing to embellish her nails with more variety and good-looking nail designs. Trends in fashion change with the passage of time, but this feminine desire never fades off.

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