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21 Magnificent Winter Nail Designs & Colors


Nails are the feature that enhances the personal beauty when they are in perfect finish. Regular manicures are not a better option for most of the women due to the busy routines so coloring nails is an effortless option to get a flawless outlook. Colors are an important element of personality especially for a woman. They spend so much time and effort in selecting the colors for their wardrobe. Similarly the nail colors should be chosen with care.

A wrong choice of color can ruin the whole outlook. There is a strong relationship of colors and seasons. Summer is full of colors and life whereas winter is dull and lifeless. Winter is thought of as depressing mostly because it takes away the green lives; which depict life. Winter is quiet and passive, so you need to select your winter nail designs cautiously. Colors can uplift your mood in the dull season. So here you have some magnificent winter nail colors to dress up your nails:

21. Cobalt Blue Color


Overshadow the winter depression with dazzling cobalt blue nail color that will certainly lift your mood.

20. Ruby Red Color


Deep Red color is definitely a must try amongst the winter nail colors. No doubt this shade makes a base for a perfect nail wardrobe. It is not only perfect to wear in party but also looks flawless with casual jeans. The ruby red color is perfect for harmonizing the winter.

19. Light Gold Color


Giving a touch of slightly shimmery light gold will perfect your round nails for winter nail designs. It’s not only extravagant and sensational, but also delicate enough to compliment your every day looks.

18. Plum Color


Majestic and rich plum color is yet another splendid choice among winter cute nail designs colors. They are equally complimenting to most of the winter fashions.

17. Gun Metal Gray Color


This is much admired amidst the winter nail colors these days. It’s a classy and glamorous shade that goes well with almost everything.

16. Forest Green Color


Give yourself sensuous feeling that is full of life with amazing forest green nail color. Winters take away the luscious green color from scenes, so add this shade to get yourself out of lifeless feeling.

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15. Midnight Blue


Midnight blue is among the glittering winter nail colors and considered to be one of the most demanding winter nail designs. Try a deep, midnight blue on your #nails for a dark and mysterious manicure this season. It’s a great alternative to basic black.

14. Mauve


Mauve is one of the best color choices that compliment everything you wear. It’s modest but yet fashionable.

13. Shimmery Silver


Silver shade with shimmery finish is another incredibly gorgeous choice for the season. Silver is very refreshing and also on the subtle side. Milky silver shade with just a tinge of shimmer is the best choice when buying the nail polish.

12. Bronze Color


You may be thinking of this color to overshadow the looks but rethink you may have to change your opinion. It is one of the winter nail colors that is not only perfect for any skin complexion but also compliments your looks for any occasion. This shade would never fall short to look absolutely modish.

11. Rich Purple Color


If you want to add brightness to your boring winters than go for rich purple shade that will enhance the brightness with sophistication. It let some light in the looks and gives your looks life in the midst of dull winters.

10. Taupe Color


If you want to remain neutral and are not ready for embracing bright hues than taupe is the best choice of all the winter nail colors. This shade is little dark than the typical nude shades of summer yet gives you the subtleness to dress up your nails with it in routine.

9. Pink Leaning Beige


If you are not willing to try on the dramatic shades, then pink leaning beige is the best answer for you. A perfect blend of pink and beige is one of the neutral shades that are perfect for your nails to wear in winters. This compliments the lighter complexion brilliantly.

8. Oxblood Color


Oxblood or more commonly the burgundy is one of the modish winter nail colors these days. Dressing your nails with this color is an effortless way to look dramatic in the season. This shade works equally well for day and night.

7. Dark Navy Blue Color


A deep and dark touch of navy blue nail color goes perfectly with oval shaped short giving them style with latest trends.

6. Metallic Evergreen Color


Go green with your #winter nail polish colors in a rich evergreen hue. Instead of a matte green polish, I’d stick with one that has a metallic or shimmer finish for a bit of added depth. Get really decadent by looking for a gold toned shimmer.

5. Vermilion Color


Go for a reddish orange vermilion tone in winter if you are fond of vibrantly colored nails but at the same time not prepared to adopt the dull winter tones.

4. Black


Black looks great in winters and is one of all time favorites amidst the winter nail colors. It also excellently compliments with gothic appearance.

3. Winter White


You can make various combinations with white, contrast of white and gold makes a perfect go in winters.

2. Pewter Color


Pewter is basically a shade of grey and when coupled with foil metallic particles, creates a marvelous look for winters and is surely a great choice of winter nail designs.

1. Chocolate Brown


Chocolate brown goes amazingly well with winter season and is a must have in the nail wardrobe.
Rich gemstone hues are highly in vogue these days as far as winter nail colors are concerned. They give you the startling glow in the dull winters and boost up your moods.

Now you know everything about the right colors for the season so get yourself the above listed sensational hues to make your nail wardrobe a perfect fit for winters. You can also go for nail art with these shades; snowflakes on any dark opaque shade will look just impeccable for the season. Outshine others by making better choices!

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