Best Diet To Lose Belly Fat – 7 Useful Choices

Adding fat may not be hard but losing it is not that much easy. There is no clear cut method or formula to lose body fat. You can only lose it if you have motivation, have an active routine and the main thing is your diet and that burn more calories than you consume. The list of best diet to lose belly fat is given below that can help solve you not only the problem of obesity but will also keep you fresh and active.

7. Oatmeal


As oatmeal is rich in dietary fibres it means that it stays in your stomach for a longer time. It does not get digested easily hence you are not going to eat anything else soon as you won’t feel like it. But you must be cautious that not to go near the sugar coated ones, instead you should be taking it plain.

6. Nuts Especially Almonds


The nuts keep your hunger satisfied for a longer duration of time. Be sure not to go near the salted ones as too much salt intake may cause a hike to your blood pressure. Almonds as food is the best diet to lose belly fat hence should be part of your daily food intake.

5. Protein Powder


As most of the people think that the protein powder is just meant for the gym guys but they are wrong. The protein powder contains amino acids which are able to burn the fat and will also help muscle build-up. So don’t forget to add up to 2 tablespoons to your fruit milkshake or to your smoothie.

4. Olive Oil


Olive oil is famous for its amazing healing and health properties. You also have to satisfy your craving for fats but be sure not opt for hydrogenated vegetable oil as it is very unhealthy so be sure that you have monounsaturated fats and olive oil is best choice. It will not add up fat to your body rather will help you burn the excessive fat on your body and obviously belly.

3. Eggs


Eggs are another option for you on the list of best diet to lose belly fat. They have vitamin b 12 stored in them which is helpful in breaking down the body fats. According to a survey, people who consume egg in the morning lose more fat. But you must be consulting your doctor first as it might also be increasing your blood cholesterol level.

2. Beans And Legumes


Beans are so full of proteins and dietary fibres but at the same time they also are low in calorie. They will be satisfying your hunger but providing you with very less calories. You should replace meat with beans once a week hence reducing your saturated fat intake. Plain black pinto and other such plain varieties are best for this purpose as compared to fried beans which are rich in saturated fat.

1. Berries


Berries are so rich in filling fibre and are low in sugars as well. Six gram of fibre is found in just one single cup of berries. But stay away from jelly as it has no fibre but added sugar.

Along with the proper and the best diet to lose belly fat you must also take sufficient exercise hence making sure that you burn more than what you consume and most important of all you should also be patient of losing fat as it cannot be achieved in one single day. Jsut make sure the above suggestions and you will observe amazing results.

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