7 Common Reasons Of Relationship Break

Relations rely on mutual understanding and corporation to one another. Many a times there comes a point, when you have to face hard times and carry the relation in a same way like you used to be in good times. You can’t afford to let a chance slip by in your relation because once you’re in relationship; you’re living more than one life for sure. Today the most common reasons of open-relationship break are being highlighted to overcome this issue as far as possible.

 7. Unrealistic Expectations


One of the major and common reasons of relationship break is the unreal and useless sorts of hopes you expect from your spouse. You have to open your eyes and analyze things realistically. After all you’re not living in Utopian island.

 6. Jealousy Factor


The world is full of intruders and these kind of people have got nothing to do but put a nose in others matter. They are depressed and losers in their lives, so they want it in others also. When you involve them in your matters, they’d definitely get jealous of your happy life and will create misunderstandings between you and your partner.

 5. Too Much Dominance


A sense of equality and respect has to be maintained and given to your spouse for a good relationship. When you’re in a relationship, you have to be compromising. Too much dominance would certainly hold you stronger for a while but at the same time, your partner will be mentally stressed and afraid of you for sure.

 4. Lies


Telling lie with your spouse is one other biggest and common reasons of relationship break. It creates estrangement and breaches trust of your partner. Constant bluffing and cheating to your spouse result in forever break and loss of him/her from your life indeed.

 3. Lack Of Time


To live in a successful relation, you have to give a proper time to your partner. This shows your sincerity and faithfulness to your spouse. Getting more and more involved in job and money ultimately results in negligence to your partner’s expectation and causes a massive set back to your relationship status.

 2. Unnecessary Quarrels And Fight Over Third Person


A relationship gets into verge of breakage due to frequent fights. It mostly happens when one or both don’t let go off things and start quarreling over petty issues. Fight over a third person in couples is also one of the common reasons of relationship break.

 1. Comparing Your Relationship With Others


This is completely ridiculous to compare the living style of others with your own relationship status. Everyone lives with his/her own living standards, so what’s so important in discussing such matters. Mostly the discussion ends with an inferiority complex and loads of disappointments.

The common reasons of relationship break mentioned above are the necessary elements that one should always keep in mind to ensure a strong and happy relation. In a relation, you’ve have to act like a grown up and let go minor mistakes of your partner. Undeniably this is the key solution for a healthy relationship.

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