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10 Natural Grandma’s Remedies For Hair

Searching out the beauty tips of the past can prepare specific treatments for the hair, making use of common everyday products and natural preparations.

Here are some remedies passed down by the wisdom of grandmothers for healthy and beautiful Hair and skin.

nourishe HairTo nourish the scalp, apply with a mixture composed of the content of some capsules of Vitamin E combined to olive oil. It should be applied on the skin previously moistened with warm water. If you can, let the mixture stay for a whole night and do a mild shampoo the next morning. It will serve to give a burst of energy that will fight the autumnal fall.

oily hairIf you have oily hair, after shampooing massage your scalp for a few minutes with flour, potato starch emulsified with fresh pineapple juice. Then rinse thoroughly. Repeat 2-3 times a week.

healthy HairTo enhance the effect of any shampoo, add to it cold vodka, wine and vinegar. It serves to make the hair more shiny and bright. Also remember that the white vinegar is an excellent remedy to disinfect the skin and have shiny and healthy hair.

Life lessHairWith a mortar, crush a dozen aspirins and pour into the bottle of shampoo. It is a magic for dull and lifeless hair.

HOT OIL MASSAGESA massage with very concentrated lukewarm coffee improves the conditions of the scalp and reduces hair loss. You can do the same with the coffee grounds, provided that the massage lasts at least 10 minutes and the mixture is lukewarm.

Massage HairMassage your hair with fresh juice of apples for a few moments after the final rinse. Do it twice a week and you’ll have a full-bodied, lively and docile hair to all kinds of bends.

shampoo HairThe fresh yogurt and coffee grounds, mixed together and massaged into the skin, are a blessing to have soft and hydrated hair. To be repeated after every shampoo before last rinse.

Banana Hair MaskReplace the coffee grounds with a mashed banana and reduce to a soft mush if you want to give softness and vitality to dry and brittle hair. Before each shampoo, it would be good to apply some lemon juice on the scalp and on the whole length of the hair, avoiding the spikes.

Coconutoil...Every 15 days make a mixture of almond oil, coconut and castor in equal parts. Apply it to dry hair before shampoo. Keep it on for at least 2 hours with a wet towel and heat on the head. These blend of oils restore strength and shine to even the most fragile and opaque hair.

dull HairIf your hair is dull and lifeless apply a smooth paste of cocoa with coconut oil which is an excellent nourishing rejuvenation for dull and lifeless hair. Once a week massage the hair and scalp with the mixture for 5 minutes, after every shampoo and before the last rinse.


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