The Ultimate Bucket List: 25 Things To Do Before You Die

In every phase of life, and probably with the every passing moment, we wish for something new and plan our level best to materialize it. But scarcely a few of us succeed in doing the same as they wish. From getting huge sums of money, land and power to do charity work and visiting new places, a list of things to do before you die can be extensive and varied too with different persons.

Bucket List-04

However, within a brief span of human life, it is not easy to do everything you want. Ultimately you have to select things that are humanly possible and comparatively more inspiring, thrilling and informative. Apart from career achievements or your contribution for your family, there are myriads of things to do before you die. They are simple, easy and doable things within the access of almost every one yet imparting great innovative experience that you had had never before. For an instance, think of…

Bucket List-10

  • Visiting the most fascinating places on the planet like the grand canyon, Petra’s Treasury, the great wall of China, Taj Mahal or the Australian beaches
  • Spend time with nature; watching cherry blossom, Bolivia’s Salar de Uyuni, a day in woods or a night on the seaside
  • Try some thrilling adventures like swimming with a dolphin or skydiving
  • Helping others without expecting any reward
  • Saving lives by giving donations or physically helping others
  • Working as mentor for someone
  • Watching something unique like the launching of a space shuttle or see marine life
  • Giving pleasant surprises to your dear ones
  • Learn something amazing like a new language, ikebana, cooking etc.

25. Travel All Around The Globe

Travel all around the globe

Travelling is informative, pleasing and inspiring. It introduces you to new people, regions and obviously cuisine as well. You find a number of new things that you didn’t know already. Being at new places also provides you the opportunity to make comparison with what you have already experienced and knew. However, the most remarkable aspect is the excitement that all new places impart you. Start from visiting the places that are easily accessible and within the range of your financial constraints. This is one of the essential things to do before you die. If you’re married, you can plan to see some new places or you can also try to visit the best honeymoon destinations once again to rekindle your love life.

24. Learn A Lingo

Learn a lingo

It is like opening a door to an entirely different world to that of your own. Learning a language is never simple yet it’s so fulfilling and exciting when you talk with somebody in a foreign language! Individuals who are multi-lingual are always appreciated all around the world.

23. Build A Home Of Your Own Choice

Build a home of your own choice

To many people, building a home of their own likeness is one the most essential things to do before they die. Everybody has romanticism about his or her home where we have to spend most part of our lives. A beautifully decorated house according to our taste nourishes our soul. It is not necessary that you should go after expensive furnishing or costly appliances that certainly not everyone can afford. Your own creative ideas can decorate your house superbly.

22. Volunteer At A Hospice

Volunteer at a hospice

All forms of volunteer work are spiritually soothing and noble. Working in a hospice as volunteer provides you great opportunity to help the suffering humanity. It is beyond any question that it is one of the noblest things to do before you die. There you can help patients who have been declared hopeless and have no chance of survival. You can uplift them emotionally and spiritually making their final stage of life easier.

21. Go On a Trip without Preparation

Go on a trip without preparation

We usually go on pre-planned tours and do a thorough preparation for it; booking hotels in advance, arranging a conveyance and heap up luggage with all necessary things we need during the trip. Think of going on a tour that is liberated from all formalities and enjoy the real fun. Such a spontaneous trip is the best venture particularly in the company of close friends and imparts you many memorable moments.

“The things to do before you die mentioned here may look insignificant as far as your monetary gains are concerned but they are enough to enrich your experience about life. They help you understand your own self and provide you the opportunity to spend time with your own being. You can get the most beautiful moments of your life that will develop into very sweet memories.”

20. Try Out A Triathlon

Try out a triathlon

A triathlon is a “rivalry including the completion of 3 constant and consecutive disciplined sports which test your endurance and stamina.” Modern-day triathlons are swim/bicycle/run occasions that are done in a specific order. There are numerous triathlons of differing lengths that are totally achievable so you can go for any option you feel comfortable with.

19. Express Love For Your Parents And Siblings

Express Love for Your Parents and Siblings

It is important to strengthen ties within your family. There is no doubt that you have deep love for all of them but the expression of it will make the bonds strong and sweet. Love for your dear ones makes life easy and when you show good gesture, it is often reciprocated. Moreover, your love for your parents and siblings renews those sweet memories of your childhood that are now distant past. So add it up to your bucket list of things to do before you die as one of the essentials of your life. It won’t be an exaggeration but a truth expressed in the sweetest accent that they are all mean a lot to you.

18. Go Scuba Jumping

Go scuba jumping

We spend the majority of our lives ashore. Yet there is an entire world under seas that we’re not aware of! Do you realize that 71% of the Earth’s surface is water? Due to the immense expanse of seas, they contain around 300 times the liveable volume of the physical territories than that of Earth. Another most exciting feature is that numerous sea species are still to be found? With scuba plunging and snorkelling, you have the chance to get very close with the marine life — and see, feel, and observe the most amazing phenomenon.

17. Do A Compelling And Exciting Sport

Do a compelling and exciting sport

One of the items that must be on your list of things to do before you die is trying out a daring sport like skydiving, swimming underneath water to see marine life or a helicopter ride etc. The experience would be tremendously remarkable and one that you’ll always remember. While it might just last for a few minutes but this brief time will be definitely be of paramount value throughout your life.

16. Meet With Your Favorite Celebrity

Meet with your favourite celebrity

It would be immensely exciting to see the person whom you admire a lot. The time spent with your favourite icon will be inspirational for you and worth-remembering for the whole life. Whether these are young celebrities whom you used to admire in your teen years or seasoned ones, they can be an important part of your personality development. It is a fact that your beloved personalities leave indelible prints on your memory. Their company soothes you and helps you learn a lot about life and your own tendencies. Prepare a list of people who inspired you and try to get a chance to sit with them for a few moments.

15. Forgive Enemies And Make Friends

Forgive enemies and make friends

Conflicts are part and parcel of life. You cannot develop understanding on all issues with family members, friends and co-workers. The important thing is that whether you permit these conflicts of views penetrate in your life and take the form of estrangement and even developing into causes of disconnection with people or you have the courage to condone them and adjust with various contradictory situations. The best thing to do is obviously not to allow grudges to be deep-seated or permanent part of your memory. It is a bit difficult thing to forgive others for their mistakes but it certainly beautifies your life and helps you win friends rather adding up your enemies.

14. Meet Your Past Teachers

Meet your past teachers

It is to recognize their great contribution to build your life. You certainly can’t pay back the debt of their great services but you can at least acknowledge their contribution by visiting them and telling them what role their efforts played to help out you to achieve successes in your life. It would surely make them happy and they will feel rewarded for their endeavours.

13. Climb A Mountain

Climb a mountain

Mountain climbing is more than a sport. This arduous venture has a symbolic significance. Some people discover happiness in the game; others consider it to be a stage in their self-awareness. Whatever it is, mountain climbing requires perseverance and mental determination to reach he target. Unquestionably it imbibes and consolidates these remarkable personality features in you. It should thus be added to your bucket list of things to do before you die!

12. Learn To Play A Strategy Game

Learn to play a strategy game

Strategy games like chess, reversi (also called Othello), checkers, and minesweeper are awesome tricks to enhance your problem solving capabilities and find out immediate solutions. They will also sharpen your skills to respond quickly and to think before you act!

11. Go Horseback Riding

Go horseback riding

Taming horses for transport is ages old in human history. They have been kept as meat animals. Today, horse riding has become an interesting sport to unwind and lighten up from the busy occupied life. Unlike the regular games where you struggle all alone, in horseback riding, you have to develop a rapport with the animal — an enthusiastic, grounded and unspeakable bond that is entirely different and exclusive that you develop with your co-payers in other games.

“The most important thing is to remember always that you have certain things to do before you die despite your engagements and busy schedule. Chalk out your plan to accomplish them. It would be even more amazing if you ask your friends to accompany you. Refresh your list if you do a few from it and cross out if something becomes irrelevant, giving place to new ideas.”

10. Avoid Being Victim Of Remorse; It’s Devastating!

Avoid being victim of remorse; it’s devastating!

Sometimes it is so destructive that it affects the whole fabric of life, makes it dull and devoid it of all colors and enjoyments. Yes, we must learn from our mistakes but falling a victim to remorse is to erode life and weaken yourself. It snatches from you the pleasures of life that you are blessed with. One of the best things to do before you die is to kick off your remorse and start living with optimistic and constructive attitudes.

9. Go Crazy To Break The Stillness Of Routine Life

Go crazy to break the stillness of routine life

Earnest Hemingway says: “Every day is a new day.” But with the routine schedule of life most of us do not see a ‘new day’ sometimes throughout their lives. Routine work heaps up dullness on you and often turns into drudgery that is lifeless and annoying. The best way is to break the shackles of routine and go crazy some day, doing something out of character and beyond the clichéd routine. Plan a trip out of routine, meet people who are not in acquaintance to you already, post wish cards to colleagues, go for a movie or a long walk. This change will fill you with happiness.

8. Pursue A Cause You Believe In

Pursue a cause you believe in

It provides direction and meaning to your life and a spiritual satisfaction too that you’re striving for a noble cause. The subject may be any whether associated for the welfare of a particular community or it is concerned with the well-being of the entire humanity. Moreover, it doesn’t matter whether it is already being practised by others or it is a very new idea. Your sincerity to your cause empowers you to work holistically and materialize your objectives. Such an endeavour is definitely one of the most important and worthwhile things to do before you die.

7. Living With Nature

Living with Nature

Nature inspires us, energizes and relaxes our exhausted bodies and tiring brains with the surprises it cascades! There are many options available to enjoy nature; spend a day in woods, valleys or in mountains. Even a ride in desert areas is inspiring. Think of visiting a ripened cherry orchard or meadows and gardens in their prime time. It would surely be a wonderful experience for you that you will remember always! Living close to the nature is the best way to learn If you want to know how to get rid of stress, as it fills you with hope, energy and happiness.

6. Give A Pleasant Surprise To Somebody

Give a pleasant surprise to somebody

Surprises bring sudden smiles on the faces of your dear ones. When was the last time you gave somebody a shock? It’s always exciting to come home with pleasantly cooked supper, or send someone a bundle of blooms at work, or present to your kids the most beloved thing of their choice. It is not only heartening for your dear ones but also elevates you feel rupture in their joys. You may want to look at some of the most amazing family and best friend gifts that will give them a pleasant surprise. Think, what astonishment would you be able to provide to family or friends?

5. Perform A Kind Deed Without Expecting Any Reward

Perform a kind deed without expecting any reward

We do most of the things in life for rewards. What’s bad if something is done without expecting anything in response – just for the sake of humanity? Isn’t it noble? Beyond question it is! Then add it up too your bucket of things to do before you die! Marvellously, it is something that can keep you alive even after you pass away!

4. Be A Mentor Of Someone

Be a mentor of someone

Though it involves the will of someone else who selects you as mentor but if you have such a chance, this is certainly an amazing thing to do in life. You feel satisfaction and a sense of solace guiding others on the path of life, sharing your insight into life matters and distinguishing between good and bad to others.

3. Pursue Your Passion

Pursue your passion

Most of the people seek after their passion part time while only a few make it their vocations. If you are obsessed with something, the best course is to transform it into your all-consuming purpose. It would definitely be soothing for you and will help you to utilize your best potential constructively. Truly, life is too precious to be spent accomplishing something you don’t love. Try to do instead those things that you love and observe a very positive change in your life.

2. Sing To A Crowd Of People

Sing to a crowd of people

If you adore singing, don’t hush up about your enthusiasm! Whenever there is an occasion, offer to sing and garner appreciation for your talent. If you aren’t appreciated, even then it would be a marvellous experience to face a huge crowd. Adding this to the list of things to do before you die wouldn’t be a bad idea!

1. Charitable Work

Charitable work

Engaging yourself with volunteering work is the best way to pay back to the world. There are a number of opportunities to do charitable work out there, from helping the elderly at the old people’s home, working with reprobate children, being a tutor to kids at halfway houses, shoreline cleanups, etc.

This selective list of things to do before you die is sure to impress you. Attempting them means to experience something marvellous, unique and hilarious! It would be good if you add up more things to this bucket list of things to do in life like bungee jumping, getting a tattoo, plan a world tour etc. Just manage your schedule and spare moments to accomplish some of them. You will get a new consciousness and feel bucked up to try more from your bucket list.

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