20 Signs You Are Succeeding At Life (Even If It Doesn’t Feel Like It)

It is hard to define success, and happiness. It varies from person to person, but one thing is for certain, everyone around us is striving for success, at least his own version of it. Though your version of success may be a petty thing for the person next to you, but your targets as well as achievements have a particular significance for you.

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The measurement of what you have achieved and what you expect to get with your efforts is most of the time relative to your own concerns and not an objective scenario that can be seen and felt by others. Sometimes a note of appreciation from your very dear ones makes you feel well-rewarded for all of your strenuous efforts. Your importance in family becomes the best sign that you are succeeding in life even though it doesn’t feel like it to many people who don’t know you so intimately.

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It is in this ostentatious definition of success that we often oversee and ignore – the little happy moments in life. Moments which ought to make us more human and better persons. That is where optimism kicks in. Whatever you imagine success to be, it will be these little things which will determine how successful your life has been.

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So chin-up, and check out that you:

  • Appreciate your little victories that you often termed as insignificant.
  • Enumerate positives of your life instead of concentrating the negatives.
  • Follow an optimistic view of life to strengthen yourself to combat all odds of life.
  • Accept failures and learn from them.
  • Don’t allow grudges to embitter your life.
  • Focus on finding solutions of problems rather than getting depressed by them.
  • Have set your life targets
  • Observe tolerance and are ready to help others.
  • Have developed healthy familial relationship.
  • Have enhanced your standard of living.

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These are the most ostensible signs that you are succeeding at life (even though it doesn’t feel like it). Scroll down the page to have a detailed analysis of the success markers!

20. You Are Investing More On Experiences Than Possessions

You are Investing More on Experiences than Possessions

This is what successful people tend to do and most of the time, without realizing it. They invest on experiences which mark memories rather than on possessions to collect and to keep. These experiences make great memories, memories you will cherish and you will be proud of somewhere ahead in life. Successful people don’t go for the most lavish trip, but sometimes to far-off places for one time experiences, and these experiences refresh their view of life and make them see things in fresh perspective. That is something you ought to do.

19. Your Relationships Are Less Dramatic Than They Used To Be

Your Relationships are Less Dramatic than they used to be

Everyone has a past of drama-filled experiences. Some still have these unfortunate scenarios in their relationships, others have moved forward in life, and they have started investing on the better things in life. Unhealthy relationships can really ruin your progress in life. It is necessary to determine your position in life, whether you are on the road to success or somewhere down in the dumps. So, for once, sit back, review your current relationship and compare it with any you had before. Evaluate your situation and that will regale you as to the current scheme of things you are going through.

18. You Have Started Surrounding Yourself With The Right People

You Have Started Surrounding Yourself With The Right People

The right people meaning individuals of value, who have the right influence on you. They help you strive to become a better person than you were, and they accompany you through thick and thin of life. Once you start surrounding yourself in the right people, you will begin to see changes in yourself, and in no time, you will be able to look back at the person you were and realize how much you improved without even noticing it. Besides, you will start making new friends, better friends and hopefully true friends. If you are looking for signs you are succeeding at life (even though it doesn’t feel like it), this is one of them.

17. You Have Raised Your Standards

You Have Raised Your Standards

This sign goes both ways. Neither do you tolerate bad behavior and vulgarity among other people, nor do you encourage it in yourself. You can’t tolerate it and that is because you are aspiring towards a higher standard of intellect. Such intellect is an energy consumer, which leaves you with an air of pessimism and negativity around you which is difficult to wash off. So instead of hiding it, you try to remove it altogether from your subconscious. This is a sign that you are successful at life, and that you are becoming a better person than you were before, and that’s something to brag about.

16. You Are Not Afraid To Ask People For Help Anymore

You are not Afraid to Ask People for Help Anymore

This is one of the signs often ignored, but it is a good measure of the direction you are going with your life. Maybe there was once a time, you were afraid of asking others around you for help. Perhaps it was because of lack of faith in your relationship with others, or perhaps it was due to your egoism, both are devastating virtues and need to be dealt with. Compare that with the person you are today. Do you have friends, you can really trust with something important, whom you are not afraid or ashamed to ask for help, and whom you often rely on, that only implies that you have improved a great degree in life, and that is something you ought to be proud of because you are succeeding at life.

15. You Are Working Towards Overcoming Your Fears

You are Working towards Overcoming your Fears

It is natural to have fears, but where a weak person would shy away from them and try his best to hide them from himself and others, a mentally strong and successful person will face these fears. He will not let his confidence deviate in such circumstances. Look into your behavior for the past few years. If you spot any attempts you unknowingly made towards facing and attempting to overcome your fears, that’s grand news because it indicates that you are on the road to success and improving your confidence level gradually. It is one of the most consistent signs you are succeeding at life (even though it doesn’t feel like it).

14. You Revel In The Success Of Others

You Revel In The Success Of Others

A person successful in life tends not to indulge in the devastating habit of inspiring jealousy from successes of other individuals. On the contrary, he truly ravishes in their good news, and enjoys the happy moments with them. This kind of happy people gets positive energy from other people’s happiness and transforms it into optimism, which is the road to bliss. And bliss defines your degree of success in life. It is one of the most important secrets to live life happy and successful. Such is the property of true leaders, who celebrate the glory of others with them, without letting any kind of hatred muster.

“There are ways to tell whether you are fulfilling any purpose in your life or you are just like the many around you, who are aimlessly passing through their life. A person succeeding at life is always purposeful, always self-aware and aware of his surroundings. This awareness motivates him to think reasonably and sometimes out of the box to do certain things that an unsuccessful person would never dream of doing.”

13. You Don’t Do Things Just for Money

You Don't Do Things Just for Money

Successful people spend their time on things which are too valuable to be bought. Be it experiences or friends, there is a world of a difference between successful people and unsuccessful people, and the way they perceive life. Successful people are freed from the desire and lust for money which is so common among us these days. They do what they enjoy the most, and they do it so well that people can’t take their eyes and their minds off them. That also suggests that successful people know themselves, their value, their strengths and they use them more often. It may sound unlikely, but this is one of the signs you are succeeding at life (even though it doesn’t feel like it).

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12. You Look Forward To Learning Something New As Much As Possible

You Look Forward to Learning Something New as Much as Possible

Everyone has made sacrifices to be the person they are today. If you had to let go of something you always wanted to do or learn, it’s common. But a successful person makes the use of every opportunity he can get to master that skill, or to do what you always craved. Be it learning to play the guitar, reading a new book or any new experience, you feel excited about it and do your best to do what you can to add something to your bank of skills whenever you can.

11. You Let Go Of Things That Don’t Make You Feel Good

You Let Go Of Things That Don't Make You Feel Good

This is an elaboration of the previous sign. Since you are not shying away from change, you tend to welcome it and when you see something going downhill, you change it before that thing has any effect on your life. This is not the same as narcissism. It is a practical version of self love, which is often the common feature among successful men and women. If something drags you down and you let it go off, you have done yourself a huge favor. Only successful people are conscious enough to take such daring steps. If this sign defines you, count yourself one of the people succeeding at life.

10. You Are Open To Change

You Are Open To Change

Change can be productive and it can be unpleasant and there is only one way to find that out. Showing some degree of reluctance towards this change is natural. Completely shying away from it is a sign that you lack confidence in your abilities to adapt to change. However, successful people tend to overcome that doubt, and they are ready to expect the unexpected. Being open to change enables you to ease the burden of expectations, go easy on yourself, start thinking flexibly and questioning newer options every day. A constantly changing person is likely to be the most successful one because he is always ready to react to whatever life throws at him.

9. You Are More Determined Than You Ever Were

You Are More Determined Than You Ever Were

Determination to achieve higher originates from a strength of character, only seen among mentally strong people, and this strength of character is abundant among individuals who succeed at life. Perseverance dictates that you don’t look for shortcuts, and you do all you can to meet your target. Compare your determination of today with that before, and any degree of positive change indicates that you are on the road to success, and this is one of the signs you are succeeding at life (even though it doesn’t feel like it).

Success does not mean big achievements; filling coffers with money or making long professional strides. It is even more! A joyful life begins achieving the confidence of your family, their appreciation for the endeavors you employ to make them happy and win their confidence on your potential to support them.

8. Failure Propels You Further

Failure Propels You Further

Failure is supposed to be disheartening, but for the successful person, it is an excuse to put in even more effort than before to eliminate any chance of failing on your next attempt. If you are successful at life, you embrace your failure and you use it to propel yourself further than before and to exceed what you perceived to be your limits. Deeming yourself unfit because of your failure is wrong and it is unproductive, so if you want to be successful in life, next time try to absorb as much positive energy from that failure as you can. It is one of the signs you are succeeding at life.

7. You Have Developed Empathy For Others

You Have Developed Empathy for Others

Empathy is a cherished part of your personality which should be the crown jewel of any man’s personality. Only a self satisfied person is able to show empathy to others. Successful people have become so by enduring pain and surviving many harsh situations, which is why they understand the problems of others and want to help them through hard times. This is why successful people show a deep and loving concern for those around them.

6. You Have Stopped Comparing Your Life With That Of Other People

You Have Stopped Comparing Your Life With That Of Other People

Comparing yourself with others is something every jealous person indulges in. A successful person understands that it is never productive, which is why he will not see himself in life in comparison to someone else. He will compare himself to the person he was some time ago. If you have started focusing on your own life, and made efforts to improve without comparison to someone else, it is one of the signs you are succeeding at life (even though it doesn’t feel like it).

5. You Don’t Let Yourself Be The Victim

You Don't Let Yourself Be The Victim

You often become the victim of a disaster because you never made any pre-emptive preparations to avoid such a scenario. And that is probably due to the fact that you tend to blame others for any problems. A successful person can avoid such scenarios of desperation by ensuring a better life for himself, and by evolving to anything life throws at him. If you know this to be something you have in you, it means one the signs you are succeeding at life.

4. There Are Future Goals You Anticipate

There Are Future Goals You Anticipate

There is only one way to stay successful, maintain perseverance, and try not to stop midway in doing something. This is something mentally weak and unsuccessful people tend to do. Instead, have something you cherish dearly and intend to achieve because such an aim will push you to stay in the game, and work harder every day. In the long term, these achievements bundle up and they make you realize how successful you have been at your life.

3. You Have A Support System

You have a Support System

And that system includes people you have faith in, and you know would do anything for you. Some people have your back, others only pretend to do so. If you can spot out the latter, you are lucky because it is one of the signs you are succeeding at life (even though it doesn’t feel like it). When in need, you rely on these friends, and they get you through the thick of it. Having such company is essential and it is a common sight among all the mentally strong people out there. Any signs of betrayal, and you let go of the people that can’t be trusted.

2. You Keep Yourself And Your Family First

You Keep Yourself and Your Family First

This originates from the fact that your personal wellbeing holds more importance than anything else, and it is a key to satisfaction and bliss in life. You strive for your family to thrive, and yourself to be a stronger person than yesterday. In our lives, hectic work routines can often keep us away from our families, but a successful person does the math, and understands the importance of spending quality time with his family. Make sure to give proper time to your family and don’t hesitate to plan a tour to the best places to take your kids every now and then. Developing strong familial relationship is tantamount to be one of the most conspicuous signs you are succeeding at life.

1. You Don’t Fear To Take Risks

You Don't Fear To Take Risks

No billion dollar business in the world ever reached that status without the difficult stage in growth where you have to make some pretty difficult decisions in life. The same goes for the life of successful people. With the right calculated understanding, they are not afraid to take risks because they understand that there is always a chance things could turn out to be a lot better than you even anticipated. If you don’t shy from taking risks it is one of the signs you are succeeding at life (even though it doesn’t feel like it).

There are certain virtues in your personality which work as accurate markers to indicate where your life is headed. This list of some of the signs you are succeeding at life (even though it doesn’t feel like it) includes these markers, which are easy to read and they will help you understand how good are you actually doing, and how much potential you still have for improvement.

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