What You Don’t Know About Beets – 13 Health Benefits Of Beets

As the nature provides us with the best of everything, it surely provides us with the best food too. Every food that nature has bestowed upon us is sure to have benefits which we know not much about. But with the passage of time science has made it very easy to understand what are the benefits and hidden nutrients that are just perfect for the body.

Beets are vegetables that are envelopes vitamins and minerals inside it. Vitamin C, vitamin B6, folate are counted amongst the list nutrients present in beets. Here you will get to know how beets could be useful for you in many ways and provide you with the best wherever required.

13. To Reduce The Blood Pressure


Blood pressure these days seems like a major health issue. Youngsters are also a target of this disorder. It’s usually concluded that the diet provided is supposed to be one of the few reasons for this disorder. Well, apart from diet if we see, this is also related to the depression and anxiety of various different levels. Considering the medical treatments, there are different medicines available to cater different types of bodies with different medicines. Apart from talking about just the medicines, there are home remedies as well. These home remedies were introduced way before the medicines even existed.
Various vegetables, spices and fruits have been used over the years to help with the blood pressure disorder.

  • Beets contain nitrates that are oxidized in the vessels.
  • The oxidized contents of nitrates help to enlarge the blood vessels.
  • As the vessels get enlarged it gets easy for the blood to flow with a reduced pressure. Hence beets are helpful in reducing the blood pressure successfully.

12. For Healthy Bones

Healthy Bones

Bones are the element on which the whole body is structured. We need to have a strong bony skeleton in order to have a concrete structure for the body. A fragile body structure is merely the lack of proper nutrients that help to contribute in the making of a strong bony skeleton.
Although bones are could be regenerated, but, once a bone is broken due to its high risk of fragility there are again chances for the newly generated bone to be construct as a weak one again if not given proper nutrients.
Hence it is very important for the bones to be provided with the best nutrients through diet. People who do not intake a proper diet are directed to have supplementary pills that will help them to fill in the needs of the body.

  • Calcium, phosphates and magnesium are one of the major minerals that help to build be bones strong.
  • Silica present in beets is helpful in the utilization of calcium.
  • It helps the bones to absorb calcium and besides this it also has other minerals and vitamins.
  • Folate, vitamins C, magnesium are the best nutrients that are used to make the bones strong.

11. As An Antioxidant


Antioxidants are substances that help that are helpful in eliminating the harmful substances form the body. Those substances that could be dangerous to the body and that can cause damage progressively. If these substances are not evacuated from the body it can lead to cellular destruction which no way is acceptable to the body.
Food substances naturally provide with such antioxidants which can help degrade the free radicals. It’s basically the free radicals that are released from the toxins which release free radicals. Free radicals that have the potency to interact with the cells around and lead to undesirable changes are then broken down by antioxidants derived from the food items we eat.

  • Beets are supposed to contain belatin.
  • Belatin is an antioxidant; hence beets are counted as one of the foods that are antioxidant in nature.
  • One should incorporate beets in diet to get the benefits of antioxidants out of it.

10. Nutritional Value

Nutritional values

A good nutritional value is required for the body to work efficiently. Vitamins, minerals and other elements are supposed to meet the needs of body and hence are very important to be taken as a part of diet.
Nature has provided us with the best! And we must make the most out of it. Everybody has a different body and the needs of the nutrients are changed accordingly. Hence one must take care of the food intaking. Eating what is needed rather than what is liked are two different things. So, one must focus on the nutritional values more than anything.
Beets are supposed to be naturally filled with vitamins and minerals which are healthy and nourishing. Following given values will elaborate the inside package of it:

  • Beets enclose folate (34 %), potassium (15 %), manganese (28 %) and phosphorous (9 %) in every 175 gms.
  • Along with these it contains fibers (14 %) and iron (7 %).
  • Vitamin C (8 %) and vitamin B6 (6 %) as well.

9. High In Fiber


Fibrous diet is considered as a healthy one for the bowel. People who do not have fibers are likely to have problem with their bowl. For a smooth movement of the GIT a lubricated wall throughout is required.
Fibers are the one that provide with such lubricated walls and hence are really important in terms of being an essential part of diet.

  • You can consume a big glass of beet juice in order to fulfill the needs of fibrous contents of the body.
  • These fibers will help lubricate the intestine and also work to flush out the other toxins from the body.

8. For Blood Sugar

blood sugar

The required blood sugar level randomly is 200 mg/dl where as on fasting it is below 108/dl. A proper maintenance of blood sugar is a need for a healthy body. One must make sure that all the bodily requirements are met and the level of sugar is maintained accordingly. This is totally a misconception that consumption of too much carbohydrates and sugary stuff will lead t diabetes. Infact, the role in diabetes is not of sugar itself but it is that of insulin. Insulin is a biochemical substance that is responsible to regulate the blood sugar level. Hence, in case of irregular blood sugar level depends on the availability and amount of insulin production. Beets are used to control the blood sugar like many other food items available naturally.

  • Beetroot juice is beneficial for the diabetics.
  • It is recommended to the patients to intake its juice thrice a day to stabilize the blood sugar.
  • Hence beet root could be one of the foods that can be taken by the diabetics easily.

7. Prevents Inflammation


Inflammation is a body’s reaction to toxins and substances that are not favorable to the body. This is basically an immune system of the body that works to protect the body. There are different medicines and food items that help to get away with this, but, amongst many beets are supposed to be one of the reliable one.

  • Beets contain betaine which helps to protect cells and enzymes against the external stress.
  • Basically beets are enveloped with anti-inflammatory properties that will help to protect against a number problems.

6. For Managing Weight


Who doesn’t want to have a well managed weight? I’m pretty sure about the fact that it is the dream of every lady to eat simply anything to everything without getting those carbs and fats show up on the body. But, it’s kind of a little difficult to follow this dream until you are following a strict workout routine, then you’re good to go with almost anything.
Apart from choosing a good fatty diet there are other potions as well. Options like having such food which is not having a high content of calories yet is supposed to have a nutritional value.

  • Beets are said to contain soluble fibers which are helpful in management of fats in the body.
  • They help to flush away the fats and toxins out of the body leaving it healthy.

5. Helps With Cancer


Cancer these days have become much of a curable disease. After a wide research in medicine, cancer is now supposed to be treated with different ways. Like working up with chemotherapy or passing through a radiation therapy. Whereas, in certain cases it might also be treated with a surgery, but that’s usually the case with benign tumors/cancers.
Well, the other part to it is the natural food items. These foods have naturally present substances in them that are used to fight cancer producing cells.
Beets are supposed to be one of the many food items that carry substances which are helpful to fight cancers in individuals.

  • It is said that beet root juice shall be very helpful in treating the patients with colon cancer.
  • Hence those who are suffering from it must try this juice along with the medications recommended to them.

4. Helps With Cholesterol


Cholesterol is the deposits of fats that are of two kinds. One of it is known as the good cholesterol or good fats namely HDL (High Density Lipids) and the other one is known as the bad cholesterol namely LDL (Low Density Lipids). So there are foods that elevate good fats while there are certain foods that help elevate the good fats in the body.
Bad cholesterol is not at all favorable to the cardiovascular system, while the good ones work oppositely.
Beets are supposed to work with the lowering the level of bad cholesterol.

  • Beets have soluble fibers that help to eliminate the bad cholesterol out of the body leaving the cardio vascular safe form atherosclerosis.
  • The ones who have a high cholesterol issue must try beets or its juice for better results.

3. For Better Skin


A glowing skin is all you want! A good skin needs a good a diet; people who fulfill all the requirements of skin have a flawless skin. Nature has provided with foods which are perfect for the skin, we must utilize these instead of going for chemically formulated creams. It’s always better to keep as natural as possible!

  • Beets are supposed to benefit the skin because of its anti-oxidation qualities.
  • It helps to help fight the toxins that could lead to aging of the skin.
  • Hence beets are a really good treasure!

2. Hair Health

hair health

Hair free of dandruff is a choice to be picked by everyone! But most of the people have a scalp which is prone to have dandruff. Such people must go for home remedies which are amazing for to get rid of it.

  • Beets are supposed to help with dandruff! Its juice is basically used in such case scenario.
  • It helps to nourish the scalp with its contents and also helps to remove the dead skin form the scalp.
  • Thus, washing hair with its juice is one of the safest and effective home remedies.

1. As A Hair Dye

As a hair dye

Using beetroot juice to color hair is another example which is counted under the benefits of beets.

  • Beets are actually very dark in colour and hence this ability of them makes them to be utilized as colouring agents.
  • Beets could be used to colour hair as well foods and beverages.


  • The ones with high blood pressure should make this a practice of having beet juice daily.
  • To regulate the blood sugars naturally drink beet juice (with doctors consult).
  • Be careful while holding beets because they leave marks on clothes.

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