7 Fabulous Being Single Quotes

Being single past a certain age in your life is still considered disgraceful, even though society is becoming more and more accepting of single people. However, even now they are somewhat sneered at and considered lower than married people, which can be very bad for their confidence and self-esteem. Here are some quotes on being single to prove otherwise!

 7. “Single Is Not A Status, It Is A Word That Describes A Person Who Is Strong Enough To Live And Enjoy Life Without Depending On Others.”


Even though society may suggest otherwise, being single literally proves the fact that a person is mature and independent enough to lead their own lives without a partner.

 6. “Being Single Is Getting Over The Illusion That There Is Somebody Out There To Complete You And Taking Charge Of Your Own Life.”


Most people dream of a young age, inspired from books and movies. They dream of someone who will complete them. This quote on being single signifies that you don’t need anyone to complete you.

 5. “Being Single Doesn’t Mean That You Know Nothing About Love. Sometimes Being Solo Is Wiser Than Being In A False Relationship.”


There is no need to be in a relationship just for the sake of being in a relationship! You don’t have to throw yourself into a romance just due to the fear of being single.

 4. “If You Are Not Happy Being Single, You Will Never Be Happy In A Relationship. Get Your Own Life First, Then Share It.”


Being single is an opportunity to live life on your own terms, with no one dictating you or forcing you to change.

 3. “The Longer You Are Single, The More You Think That Something’s Wrong With You”.


This quote on being single highlights a vital problem faced by single people. You have to stop beating yourself up, quit trying so hard and develop a more positive outlook towards life and love.

 2. “Hope For Love, Pray For Love, Wish For Love, Dream For Love… But Don’t Put Your Life On Hold Waiting For Love.”


Being Single is not a destination, it is part of a journey. Live your life, fulfil your dreams and don’t be afraid to go out and find that adventure you always wanted. Don’t wait until you find the right person to share everything with.

 1. “Single Is No Longer A Lack Of Options – But A Choice. A Choice To Refuse To Let Your Life Be Defined By Your Relationship Status But To Live Every Day Happily And Let Your Ever After Work Itself Out.”


This quote on being single is for the mothers out there who pressure their children into getting settled. Single and in a relationship are just titles that don’t really define anyone. Busy and independent women are much happier than women who wait their whole lives for a man to validate her existence.

Remember not to listen to the critics; they would criticize you whether you were single or married! You have to stop considering being single as a negative thing for yourself. Hope these quotes on being single helped you restore your confidence and self-worth!

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