19 Best and Unique Ideas For Rustic Wedding Cakes

We all know that decisions of wedding décor; selection of dresses, wedding location, meals, flower patterns etc are difficult to take. Nevertheless, one of the most fun moments is picking the suitable wedding cake, especially if you are planning a rustic wedding. A rustic wedding theme is never complete without mason jars, birch wood, and a barn reception so is the case with rustic wedding cakes.

Usually rustic weddings are filled with such natural beauty including leaves, flowers, colorful backdrops and outdoor wedding fun locations. If you are planning a fall wedding, pumpkins and leaves will look perfect or perhaps pine cones and greens for a winter wedding. However, no matter what the season is, choose one of these 19 designs of rustic wedding cakes to complement your theme and impress your guests……

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19. Woodland Themed Wedding Cake

Woodland Themed Wedding Cake

Wedding cake that was designed to highlight a woodland theme and is surrounded by some pretty amazing decorations that gives refreshing effect. This rustic wedding cake would definitely be a classic choice to make this day memorable one.

18. Birch-inspired Wedding Cake

Birch-inspired Wedding Cake

Birch-inspired wedding cake is one gorgeous fete that has every style element one could ever ask for – all nestled perfectly in the grooms’ childhood backyard with cutest top ever. Hearts give it a romantic touch altogether.

17. Floral Twirls Cake

Floral swirls wedding cake

Wow what an amazing rustic wedding cakes idea! Sweet metallic looking twirls around the white creamy flavored cake. It is a perfect match for stylish couples out there.

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