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14 Lovely Braids For Long Hair

Long hair make you look more beautiful and give you a handsome leverage over women with short hair. They give you a lot of liberty to experiment different styles with them. In doing so, you have the advantage of defining your look. Braids for long hair are a perfect method to do so.

There is a variety of braids which can be worn on long hair depending upon your wish, style and mood. Braids for long hair give you a feminine and more attractive look than any other style for long hair. Different braids complement different skin tones and hair textures. See the given detailed list of braids for long hair and see for yourself which style complements your looks in the best manner.

Feel free to experiment more with these braids using your own fashion sense, imagination and creativity. Put your skills to work as well.

14. Simple Side Braid


The simple side braid is one of the easiest braids for long hair and doesn’t require much time as well. It is a loose and three stranded braid which should begin at the nape section of your head. All you have to do is to tease your long hair at the crown section, then make a side part coupled with a side sweeping fringe after which you should plait your hair.

At the end secure them with a hair tie which should be transparent preferably so that the look of your beautiful side braid doesn’t get disturbed.

13. Halo Braid


In braids for long hair, the halo braid is simple, classy, elegant and gives you a feminine look as well. It accentuates the beauty of your face by bringing to it the attention you need and deserve. Moreover there are multiple ways to make a halo braid so it depends on your liking which way you follow.

Divide your hair into equal sections and then braid each section separately. After you have braided these two divisions of your hair, pull them forward above the crown section of your hair and over your ears. Lastly, secure them to form a gorgeous halo.

12. Loose and tousled side braid


This braid complements every type of hair, but the most benefited is thin or fine hair. Because the waves and the messy locks in this type of hair give the on looker an illusion of thicker and fuller hair. To create this look for your hair, braid them loosely, and then secure the braid by using a section of your hair. You can do a lot of variations with these braids for long hair. Just let your creativity do it for you and wear it with confidence.

 11. Messy Fishtail Plait


This braid gives you a very delicate and beautiful look. It reveals the sober and delicate you. Furthermore, it works completely fine for both casual and formal events. All you have to do is to make a messy looking plait and then let some strands of hair loose so that they may help in framing your face. Treat your hair with oil treatments and masks to keep them healthy, shiny and beautiful.

 10. The Braided Updo


This braid is a completely awesome and one of the most beautiful braids for long hair. It gives you an elegant and royal look. This style takes some time and effort but once you have given it what it requires you will thank this style for giving you the look it will give. It can turn many heads wherever you go. It is specially designed for formal events and parties. It also gives you a very versatile look.

Create braid using different sections of your hair and then updo them in a fashion that complements your hair texture and skin tone. You also have to secure the braids with the help of some pins to make them stay where you’ve put them. If you want it to be more expressive then you should leave some hair flying away.

 9. Half Up With Halo Braid


This style revolves around a thin halo braid coupled with a half up hairdo. This styles best complements dark, thick hair. To create this look, start with prepared hair, i. e, shampooed and conditioned hair. First of all take your long hair back into a half hair updo.

After this braid a section of your long locks behind one ear. Then take this braid across your crown towards the other hair and then secure it there behind your other hair to create a thin, delicate and beautiful halo. To make the most out of this look, keep your hair in a middle parting. This will also help framing your face and drawing more attention to your halo braid and eyes.

8. Ponytail With Braided Detail


The braids for long hair are always preferred only when they give you a contemporary, trendy and vibrant look. The ponytail with braided hairstyle detail is a style that meets all the above stated criteria. It also gives you the chance to incorporate your own fashion ideas into established braiding styles. On top of all it’s a very simple and easy to do braid which requires minimal time as well.

All you have to do is to make a ponytail of your long hair, and below the nape section decorate the pony with a beautiful simple braid. Either it is your day at office or your night at party; this braid will add fun to both.

7. Regal Halo Braid


On the list of braids for long hair, the Regal Halo Braid is a graceful, elegant and classy addition. It reveals the lady inside you. It is no less than an ornament for your hair. As it exhibits a royal look, so it makes you look and feel like a real queen. You can add more spice to this braid by complementing it with different hair accessories of your liking. Some women have been spotted carrying a flower in their hair with the Regal Halo Braid.

 6. Two Tone Crown Braid


Some of you might be thinking that after mentioning halo braid what is the need of crown braid? Many pseudo stylists say that both are one and the same thing but they are not. They have technical differences which only a woman of taste can understand.

The crown braids are worn further back on the head than halo braids and are mostly two toned. The dual toning gives you a retro and classy look. You can also do some experimentation with this braid by streaking it, or changing its position further back or trying different hair partings with it. It all depends on your own creativity, imagination and your desire to look the best and distinguished.

5. Braided Side Bangs


Braids for long hair are of no good unless they give you the glamour and shine you need. The Braided sided bangs have the capability to do wonders when it comes to glamour and fashionable looks. All you need to do is to pull your bangs to one side, then make braids out of them and lastly secure the braids with the help of pins.

But wait, it doesn’t end here. For the touch of glamour you’ve always wanted you need to do a little more with this style. Let loose your beautiful long lock, keep them in a middle parting so that your face is framed in the best way. Experimentation based on real fashion sense is always welcome.  Wear it with confidence and your day will be awesome.

4. Thick Messy Side Plait


Long hair have found heaven since the discovery of this Thick Messy Side plait. Apart from the look it gives you, one more advantage is that it makes your long hair perfectly manageable and easy to handle. It gives your hair a tamed and defined appearance. There is no rocket science in making a side plait.

Just use your fingers a little more to make that messy. Women with thick hair look the most adorable in this style. Well if you don’t have thick hair and still want this style then you don’t have to worry. You need to apply any volume enhancing product on your hair and then wear this style. It gives you a flirty, trendy and vibrant look. There is no doubt that wherever you go wearing this style, some eyes are going to roll and heads are going to turn.

Wear this style and enjoy the attention you are going to get.

3. Fishtail Halo Braid


Braids for long hair are all about innovation, trendiness and vibrant looks. Fishtail braids and halo braid have their own distinctive, elegant and beautiful look separately. Just imagine what magic they will do if combined together. It would be beauty doubled. Beauty doubled means attentions quadrupled.

So if you can’t handle that much attention then don’t go for this style, but if you can, go for it and you will be experiencing heaven. What will astonish you is that this braid is very simple to do and easy to wear.  All you have to do is to make a fish tail braid and then halo it around your crown area, starting from the behind of one ear and ending at the behind of the other ear. You can also make this braid more beautiful by ornamenting it with different hair accessories.

Trying different streaks with this braid will also make the look very new, trendy and funky.

2. Quirky Side-Braided Updo


The look Quirky side-braided hairdo gives you is beyond comparison. It is one of the finest braids for long hair. Apart from the cool look it gives you, it also makes your hair look more voluminous and thick. It seems a bit complicated to do, but it is just a deception. Easy to do and fun to wear is how this braiding style is categorized.

First of all organize your hair into a middle parting, now start braiding them across your temple. Remember to keep these hair out of your face. You should consider using a hair holding spray which would keep your braids in place. The rest of your hair must be curled. This way you will acquire the happening, raunchy and romantic look you crave for.

This style will also enhance the beauty of your eyes so you must consider wearing outstanding makeup on your eyes also. Whether it’s a formal event or a casual one or a date, this style will bring out the best of you.

1. Medieval Braid


Looking for a retro look to complement your long locks? You have landed the right place. Braids for long hair are very versatile and diverse. So they also have this retro and elegant style on the list. This style gives your long hair a chance to enjoy the look of the good old times, i. e, the medieval look.

This look can work on a formal occasion very perfectly. Moreover, if it is a theme party or a costume party, then medieval braid is the best choice of flaunting your long locks than the Medieval Braided Babe look? This style gives your hair definition and it looks the best when worn on long and thick hair.

You don’t have to work very hard to get this look. Start by parting your hair in a side part. Then arrange all the hair on one side of your body and start braiding them till the end. This is it. Simple, classic and retro! You can also add to the beauty of this style by putting a retro-looking headband on your hair or by doing any other experiment which your fashion instincts suggest.

Braids for long hair give your long hair definition, great look and also enhance the beauty of your face by framing it in multiple ways. You have different styles in the above given list, pick the one which your heart tells you to pick and then work on it a little. Remember long hair have to be dealt with care and delicacy. If you don’t give them the care they need, soon you will perish not taking care of them. You must also treat your hair with different nourishing treatments so that every style looks good on them.

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