40 Spectacular Braided Hairstyles

Braids are believed to be there for centuries and are considered as part of traditions in many societies around the world. They were also acknowledged to be the most vibrant style couple for decades. The braids were not limited geographically to any specific part of the world; they are found in Africa, America, Indo Pak Subcontinent and other parts of the world. With the advent of times, these braids have been manipulated creatively to craft thousands of new possibilities in the world of hair styling.

The braids are thought be evergreen in the history of fashion and still make perfectly immaculate choice for hair styling.  Here are some spectacular braided hairstyles that will enlighten you on how to look gorgeous using simple techniques of hair plaiting!

40. French Braid


French braids are extremely stylish and trendy and they don’t seem to be out of fashion in near future also. A striking braid beginning from the temple area gives a graceful cover to your head and looks great when you have thick hair. It’s not difficult to make and it is one of the evergreen braided hairstyles yourself; you just need a little practice to make it neat and perfect. You need to take a section at top of your head and divide it into three sections.

Start the overlap as you would do to make a basic braid i.e. overlap the right section over the middle one and then grab the left section over that strand. After the first fold of the braid; add a little hair section from the right side of your head to the right strand and cross it over the middle one, followed by taking a small section from left side and adding it to the left strand and then crossing it over the overlapped strands.

Continue the same process till you reach your nape, followed by simple braid till a level you want it to be. You can also stop braiding when you reach nape, secure it with rubber band and smooth the loose strands of hair with comb to finish the look.

39. Cascade Of Enchanting Braids


This is undoubtedly splendid among the braided hairstyles. Although its time taking as you need all your hair in the form of small braids but it is worth spending time. You can always take help of others if you have less time. You can also tie some braids at the top with pins and leave the rest on your shoulders to get a luxurious and rich outlook.

38. Braids And Pony


Pony tails and braids make excellent chic combination. You can start off with a French braid at the top and end it with a pony tail in the middle of your head. You can do a fish braid or a rope braid coupled with a sleek and smooth pony tail to get an amazing blend of modern and traditional hairstyles.


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